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Relax and Recline [18+]

Posted on 23 Mar 2013 @ 5:19pm by Anera & Captain Lirha Saalm
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Mission: Episode 03 - Frontier
Location: USS Galileo - Deck 2 - Anera's Quarters
Timeline: MD04: 2200

Note: For the uncensored version, please contact one of the writers.


Anera had excused herself from the late meal with Lirha when a crewman had approached needing to speak with her. Returning to her quarters, she'd reapplied netarrh to her neck, wrists, and sides, adjusted the heat in the room to just nigh of too warm, and lit sticks of faintly aromatic incense to soothe and calm the space. Candles flickered in glass jars and on top of ceramic plates. The lights were lowered. And as the doors opened to admit the captain, she'd just initiated a lengthy soundtrack of her brother's music played over the sounds of the Riki Ocean lapping against the beach of her home island.

After a satisfying meal in the mess hall, Lirha now found herself back outside of Anera's quarters. She wasn't exactly sure about the intricacies of the Deltan's relaxation techniques, and felt a twinge of anxiety as she tapped the door's keypad to signal her presence. Strangely, the door automatically swished open. Anera had no doubt been expecting her.

Stepping inside, she took notice of the dim lighting and warm air, then glanced around at the numerous candles which cast their yellow hues across the walls and furniture. A soothing blend of music began to play causing Lirha to already feel a bit more relaxed. "This is quite elegant." she said to Anera as she walked further into the room.

"There are many aspects to the practice of italri," Anera explained. "We take all of them seriously. The body and mind are temples and must be treated as such. Do you have any allergies?"

Lirha wondered what itlari was but decided that she would probably find out soon enough. As for her allergies, she paused to consider the question for a brief moment, the finally shook her head. "Only to large amounts of Earth pollen." she answered. "Why do you ask?"

Anera lifted a bottle of pearlescent oil. "Troka juice. Good for muscle tension. Would you care to disrobe? I have cloth, if you feel a need to be covered."

"No, a cloth is not necessary. I am not shy." the captain answered with a friendly smirk, then began to do as she was instructed. Loosening her belt, she pulled her uniform jacket over her head and placed it gently on the floor. Her distinctive red command shirt was next, and she removed it along with her thin undershirt. Several moments later she had taken off her boots, socks, pants and underwear, and finally stood in front of Anera in the nude. Her skin was tanned in various places from her time on the beach during shore leave, and her skin tone changed from a deep olive color to bright emerald green in her more private regions.

The Deltan smiled pleasantly, patting the padded table with her fingertips. "If you would lie face down."

Lirha moved to the table and climbed onto it, then laid down and wiggled herself into a comfortable position with her arms crossed lightly around her head. She waited with anticipation of what Anera had in store for her.

Climbing up onto the table beside her, Anera gently tipped some of the troka juice into her palms. It was warm to the touch, pearly and luminescent, and triggered mild, muscle-relaxing shivers where it touched skin. She smoothed it over Lirha's shoulders and the back of her neck. "Your hair is beautiful."

Feeling the warm oil being applied to her bare skin, Lirha let out a deep breath as the chemicals suddenly caused her muscles to tremble slightly. It was an incredibly pleasant sensation, one which caused her to close her eyes and let out a soft hum. "Thank you." she eventually replied, then reached up to pull her long dark locks out of the way and around the side of her head.

"I've never seen an Orion tan line before," she murmured, fingers pressing gently in a fluid pattern down Lirha's back, seeking out problem areas and storing them in her mind for later. "I'm glad you had the opportunity to avail yourself of Vega's shores. So dark... did you burn?"

"No." Lirha answered, "The chlorophyll in an Orion's skin protects them from most types of sun damage. My people evolved under a Spectral Class A star which produces high levels of UV radiation. We are quite resistant to sunburns, and radiation in general." she explained.

"Fortunate for you." Anera brushed her fingers back up Lirha's spine and carefully rubbed away the knots that the troka juice had already begun to relax. "You have beautiful skin. Is it naturally this soft or do you use something on it?"

The captain sighed softly and felt her body begin to relax as she focused on the delicate touch of Anera's fingers on her back. "No, I do not use anything...I think it has always been that way." she answered with a light laugh.

"Very fortunate," Anera repeated. "My elbows dry out," she admitted. "Water babies. I can never get enough of it." The sounds of ocean lapped under the harp. "How's the incense? Too light? Too much?" she asked as she moved on to another group of knots further down Lirha's spine.

Not having given much thought to the incense up until now, she realized that it had slowly been filling her nostrils and was quite pleasant. "It is perfect, I think." she replied in a soft voice. "Is it normal incense or does it have any chemical properties?" she wondered.

"It's italri spice. We use it to imbue us with relaxation and centered calm for the practice." Anera pressed the palm of her hand into a particularly wound knot and felt it balk, then give in, splaying under her hand.

Lirha groaned as she felt Anera reduce a rather large knot into nothingness. The Deltan was very skilled in her techniques, she thought. "Are all Deltans this well versed in massages?" she mumbled.

"It's italri - the gift we give to ourselves and others. The body is an instrument of communication, our home that we carry with us. We have to keep it finely tuned." She released another knot, then brushed her fingers lightly over the relieved muscles, rubbing in more of the troka.

"I think I would like you to teach me...over time." Lirha replied, realizing the benefits of such a practice. "Orions believe in a similar mindset, however it is not as well-developed as...italri."

"As you like," Anera murmured agreeably. "It is a neverending lesson, but I can start you on your journey with it. Happily." She played her fingertips up and down Lirha's spine, sprinkling tiny droplets of troka like rain.

Lirha felt the now-familiar tingle of the tokra oil as it dripped onto her back, and she felt an subconscious sensation of arousal as the lovely physical feeling began to overtake her emotions. She said nothing, and instead focused all of her thoughts onto Anera's touch.

Once the worst of the neck and spinal tension had been released, Anera closed her eyes and allowed herself to simply feel Lirha's body. She breathed the spiced scent of the incense, inhaling it deep into her lungs, and felt the rhythm of Lirha's breath through her hands. She increased the pressure slowly, visualizing a flow of positive energy through her hands into the other woman. Out, out, out - her breath deepened around by round until she felt a soft pressure form against her back. Reflective sensations. A balance of give and take.

Slowly, she scooted down to the end of the table, gently touching Lirha's body as she moved to let her know where she was and where she was headed, and took one of Lirha's feet into her lap. With slow, careful pressure, she worked the sole of each foot into a state of relaxation, then focused on each individual toe for a while, loosening the tendons. Gradually, she moved up through the ankles, calves, and thighs, seeking and releasing any new found tension in the muscles there. She stopped occasionally to reapply the troka oil and to simply press into a muscle group and reaffirm the sensations there. As she reached the upper thigh, she breathed deep. The muscles felt relaxed under her hands, but she'd learned through trial and error with non-Deltans, "Please tell me if there is any area you would like me to avoid."

As her lower body was massaged and tended to, Lirha's breathing became more deep and methodical. She focused on the soft music playing as well as the pleasant smell of the incense, and subconsciously spread her legs slightly to give Anera access to her most private areas. "No...please continue." she whispered.

Anera smoothed her hands over Lirha's inner thighs, lightly at first with increasing pressure. Then allowed her hands to travel upwards, finding and releasing tension as and where she found it.

Lirha reveled in the pleasurable moment and a soft moan escaped her lips. She was already quite damp between her legs, and the feeling of the Deltan's long fingers caressing and tending to her curves was enough to send a delightful shiver through her body. After a few long moments, Lirha rolled over and on to her back and opened her eyes to look up at Anera with a playful look. "You're going to make me climax..." she informed her with a soft smile. Not that she didn't mind...and perhaps that was one of the Deltan's forms of relaxation? Either way, she wanted for the woman to continue, and tilted her head back as she offered her neck, chest and belly for Anera to tend to.

Anera trailed her fingertips up Lirha's thighs, circling her hip bones and brushing up over her smooth belly. She had no particular plan to bring the Orion to climax; only to release her physical and emotional tension. But the prospect of the other woman's growing arousal was a welcome one and if that was what she wanted... Anera could give it to her. "Would you like that?"

"Well..." Lirha thought about the question for literally half a second before answering, "yes." she said with a shameful smile. "But all in good time. There is no rush." she added, content to let Anera finish the massage. Reaching out with a green hand, she affectionately stroked the side of the Deltan's pretty face.

Anera turned her face to kiss Lirha's palm, then lowered the arm to the table again. "For you. All for you." Her fingers continued a gentle journey up Lirha's body, soaking in the feelings flowing off of the Orion greedily. It hadn't been her intention, but she was more than happy to give pleasure as well as relaxation. She brushed her fingertips over the slopes of Lirha's breasts, spiraling up to her nipples and then massaging them gently with her thumbs.

The captain let out a raspy breath, one which was more similar to a soft moan. Twinges of pleasure coursed through her chest and across her sensitive green mounds, and she felt her face and chest beginning to flush with more ever-growing arousal.

Smoothing her hands down and over Lirha's shoulders, Anera cupped her shoulders and gently worked them downwards.
She took her time, carefully stroking one of Lirha's arms down to relax the joint, then down to her wrist. Taking Lirha's hand in hers, Anera gently rotated it, kneading her palm, then each finger individually. When that hand had gone limp and loose in hers, Anera rested it on the table and moved to the other arm.

Carefully, she caught Lirha's head in her hands and softly tipped it back and forth until Lirha gave her the full weight of her head in her hands. She rubbed her fingertips through Lirha's hair, kneading her scalp.

Resting her head in the Deltan's hands, Lirha murmured softly in her native tongue. She had not been tended to in this way for quite a long while and her body had gone completely limp as she surrendered herself to Anera's pleasures. "Do you want to kiss me?" she finally whispered with half open eyes, wanting to return at least some (if not all) of the woman's affections.

"Yes," Anera murmured, rolling her thumbs against Lirha's scalp. Her lips twitched into a soft smile. "Shall I?" She felt the answer, the swell of arousal at the offer, and bent to drop light kisses along Lirha's hairline. "Rest," she whispered smokily against Lirha's temple. "Let me tend to you."

Content to comply, the captain closed her eyes again and concentrated on the feelings of Anera's lips and fingers against her head. She breathed in the scent of the incense and oil, then let the calming sounds of the music relax her to an almost euphoric state.

Tender kisses trailed down Lirha's neck. Anera kissed her collarbone, lightly licking in the shadow beneath that bone. She tasted like troka; the oil sizzled on Anera's tongue. Every taste was one she could feel on her own skin. Her fingertips were gentle trickles down Lirha's arms and sides as her mouth closed over one of those dark olive nipples.

Lirha began to softly pant and her chest rose and fell in methodical waves. She had never felt so comfortable or aroused before; it was as if all of the nerve endings in her body had suddenly become hyper-sensitive. Briefly, she wondered if it was the effect of the oil or the Deltan's pheromones, but quickly decided that it didn't matter. When Anera's soft lips wrapped around her breast, she quivered uncontrollably and a gasp escaped her lips. She could feel every lap and flick of the woman's warm tongue, and the sensation caused her to roll her head to the side and bite on her bottom lip.

Anera lingered on one breast, then the next. Lirha's growing arousal and experience washed over her decadently. Every kiss was felt. Every lap of the tongue. Every gasp. All of it mirrored back against and over her. A low moan purred from the Deltan's throat as she kissed down the center of Lirha's chest. She kissed her ribcage, lapped at her belly button, nibbling lightly at the flesh there.

The sound of the music was slowly drowned out by Lirha's own mind, and all she could focus on was the soft sounds of kissing. Each touch of the woman's lips on her green skin brought the Orion to new heights, until eventually her entire body turned into one giant erogenous zone.

Muscles throughout her stomach and inner legs began to twitch, and the captain swallowed a wet lump which had lodged itself in her throat. Reaching down with one of her hands, she snaked her fingers underneath Anera's head wrap and pushed it to the side, then caressed her hairless head with much affection.

Anera lifted her head slightly, winding her fingers through Lirha's and pressing the Orion's hands into the padded table to either side of her body.

When her hands were pressed down into the table, Lirha finally realized what Anera had meant when she had said 'All for you'. The Deltan seemed happy to take care of her needs without reciprocation, and Lirha wasn't one to object...especially in her current state of mind. Submitting herself fully to Anera, the captain rolled her head from side to side as each lick and touch brought her closer. Reality seemed to fade and Lirha didn't know how much time had passed, but finally her over-sexed body couldn't take it anymore. Feeling a slow ripple begin to manifest in her core, she gripped the table tightly with her fingernails. She trembled and twitched uncontrollably and felt her mind consume itself with pleasure, a full-body and mind sensation unlike anything she had experienced before in her life.

Lirha was so engulfed in the moment that she couldn't open her eyes, let alone willingly move any part of her body. Secondary and tertiary waves continued to course through her body, causing her breath to become ragged and inconsistent. Beads of sweat dripped down her forehead, neck and chest. Lirha didn't understand much about what was happening to her and the other woman, but had no desire to complain or ask questions.

Anera smiled, stroking Lirha's hands, arms, and belly. Unwinding her rumbled headscarf lethargically, she used the soft cloth to gently pat the sweat from Lirha's skin. The Orion felt relaxed and sated and that had been the point of the venture; Anera was exceedingly pleased.

Finally opening her eyes, Lirha looked up at Anera with blurry and wet vision. She wanted nothing more at the moment than to embrace the other woman, and spoke in a barely audible whisper. "Lie with me...please."

Anera happily complied, lying down alongside Lirha and wrapping around her, sliding her robed arm beneath Lirha's head as a small pillow. "Is there anything I can get for you - water? Tea?"

Cuddling herself next to Anera, Lirha managed to wrap an arm around the woman's waist but was hindered by the abundance of fabric. "No, thank you. But I think you are overdressed." she playfully teased.

"I always feel overdressed, but it is expected," Anera chuckled. "One makes compromises."

Lirha's curiosity got the better of her and she finally asked the question which had been on her mind ever since she had met Anera. "Why do you cover your head? And wear loose clothing? You are no doubt a fit woman..."

Anera grinned. "It is less stressful for those around me if I make an effort to blend in and seem as others do. I allow myself Deltan fashions in this, but..." she shrugged. "It puts most at ease to see bright colors, sloping lines, and it's easier for them to accept my lack of hair when they don't have to see it. That's all."

"I think you are beautiful." Lirha replied with a genuine smile, glancing up at Anera's distinctive bald head. "There is no need to hide who you are...Starfleet is generally a very diverse and understanding organization." she said in the hopes of coaxing Anera into revealing more of herself in the future. "But I admit, I do enjoy your 'bright colors'." she added, then nestled her head snugly against Anera's arm.

"As do I." The Deltar smoothed Lirha's damp hair from her face. "I think you're beautiful too."

The Orion's heart fluttered after hearing the compliment and she leaned her head forward to kiss Anera. She pressed her gold lips against the other woman's.

Anera accepted the kiss, returning it languidly. Tongues twisting over each other. Past. Giving and taking. She smiled against Lirha's lips.

After returning the smile and planting a short series of kisses on her lips and cheeks, Lirha looked over Anera's fully-clothed body with mild disapproval. "Let me see you. All of you." she whispered, then gently tugged on her colorful garments to signal her desire for her to remove them.

Gently, Anera disentangled herself and rose to her knees with a quiet smile. With hands graceful as birds soaring on wind, she slowly peeled her robes off; they were one massive length of near transparent cloth. As it was unwound from her torso, she gracefully respooled it loosely around her waist. As the layers around her upper body thinned, her body beneath the thinning layers of ephemeral cloth became more visible. Taut, firm breasts - unencumbered. A slim, boyish build - narrow shoulders and hips. As the last of the cloth was unwound from her torso, she gathered the pooled cloth from her waist and took a kneeling step back. The cloth was left behind and Anera was revealed in all her sun-kissed and unhurried glory.

Lirha blinked several times and gazed in awe at Anera's nude form after she slowly revealed it. If there was such a thing as a perfect woman, she was indeed looking at her. Staring up and down over her frame, Lirha noted that while she didn't possess the same curves as the Saalm family, Anera was more toned and slim, and no doubt took great care of her own body. "Oh my. You are...perfect." she said with an airy voice.

"We are all perfect in our own way," Anera laughed, though she preened at the compliment. Brushing her fingers down one hairless arm, she smiled and continued the motion of her fingertips from her own skin to Lirha's without pause. It was a welcome pleasure to feel the Orion seemed to have none of the usual trepidation about her appearance or her species. The lights were dim and flickering. The scent of the incense mixed mildly with the smoke from the candles. So much pleasure, waves lapping waves, and she reveled in all of it. Her own. Lirha's. The scent of the incense. The harp playing over the ocean. The warmth of the cabin, warming the pooling sweat on their skin.

Unaccustomed to such immense pleasure, Lirha slowly began to drift away into a primordial state. She soon couldn't speak anymore and instead focused all of her energy on the sensations of taste, smell, and touch. Her head rolled from side to side and finally she went limp as she transcended into a state of mild unconsciousness and pure enjoyment.

Pleased, Anera slipped off to Lirha's side and lay against the woman's side. "Rest well," she murmured against Lirha's lips.


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