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02 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What kind of game is this?

  • Star Trek: Galileo is an online play-by-web (PBW) roleplay game. We write fan fiction within the Star Trek universe for enthusiasts and fellow writers to enjoy.

How do you play?

  • Players log in to the website and collaborate to write scenes within a larger episode. These scenes (also called posts) are then published online once the authors have finished writing the content.

How can I join?

  • Prospective players are encouraged to submit a Player Application Form. The game masters will then contact the applicant to begin the character creation process.

Can I borrow your images/writing?

  • No rights are granted to reproduce our website's content. Please contact the game's administrators to receive specific permission to redistribute.

What types of missions does Galileo undertake?

  • USS Galileo is a Nova-class planetary survey simulation, therefore our missions focus on exploration, science and adventure. Specifically, Galileo is an asset belonging to Starfleet's Planetary Sciences Division. We typically conduct planetary, nebula and system surveys. However, our vessel also undertakes other duties including (but not limited to) research and development, humanitarian aid and fleet actions.

How long has this game been running?

  • USS Galileo, in its present iteration, has been an active RPG since February 2012.

What is the current in-game year?

  • 2392.

How active are other players?

  • Very. Most players log in and write daily, and those who don't, respond within 48 hours. Out-of-character chat is also very active. Players interact with each other to coordinate their writing and discuss a variety of topics on a daily basis.

What age range are Galileo's players?

  • The average age of our players is currently 37 years-old. Our writers vary in age from the late 20s to the 60s.

How do I write on the game?

  • Our website utilizes a special RPG-focused content management system (CMS) called Nova. When a player joins, they are granted access to a control panel which allows them to access the software's built-in word processor to collaborate their literary works with other players. All of our writing takes place within our website. We do not use forum or chat-based mediums for our role-play.

How do players communicate?

  • Players utilize the website's private messaging (PM) system which is integrated into the Nova software. In addition, our private mailing list is used to disseminate important out-of-character information. Finally, our Discord server is available for casual chat and off-topic discussion. Galileo is a community, not just a game.

How fast does the gameplay move?

  • The main storyline moves at a consistent pace regardless of the episode. At any given time there are multiple A, B and C plot scenes under development. The average time to complete a mid-length episode is approximately six months. Longer and more developed episodes resemble full-length feature films and can take nine to twelve months to complete.

What freedom within the main plots will I have with my character(s)?

  • As a general rule of thumb, as long as you don't interfere with the main storyline plots then you are free to do as you please with your character(s). This does not mean your character can violate protocol, steal a shuttlecraft then expect to get away with it -- but for the most part, you are free to explore your character and any themes you see fit. We encourage character development and creativity and we rarely say no to subplots. If a player wishes to tie one of their characters' subplots into the main storyline, please consult the game masters. (Please Note: your characters are responsible for their in-character actions and will be held accountable.)

When does shore leave occur?

  • Shore leave episodes usually occur once every three episodes. These missions take place in a variety of locations and are typically shorter-length episodes, lasting between two to three months.

What are the activity requirements?

  • All players are required to publish a minimum of one multiplayer post (JP) per month and one personal log per month. In addition, all tags must be answered within 48 hours. Please view our Game Rules for complete details.

What happens if I can't meet the activity requirements?

  • USS Galileo promotes a fun and active role-playing environment. All players abide by the 48-Hour Rule which states that 48 hours is the maximum acceptable response time between active players. This includes responding to joint-post tags, PMs, emails, and any other form of communication. Players who extend this into 72 or 96+ hours will quickly find themselves falling behind in their writing. They will be unable to keep up with the game's publishing requirements and are ultimately given warnings then removed. If, for any reason, a player knows they will be away from the game for a while or simply needs a break, they may freely take a leave of absence (LOA) or extended leave of absence (ELOA) and will be exempt from the activity requirements until they return. Life catches up to all of us sometimes; all we ask is to be informed with a quick email or PM. Please view our Game Rules for complete details.

What does the 18+ rating mean?

  • Galileo is an 18+ role-play game. We occasionally write and publish mature content depicting graphic violence, nudity, sex and drug use. Because of this, no player under the age of 18 is permitted to join. For full details of our content policy, please refer to our Game Rules.

Why are some positions available to play and others are not?

  • Our game's player manifest has been curated to reflect the most plausible crew positions. The Nova-class is a small planetary survey vessel with a maximum crew compliment of only 60. The ship does not have the resources or personnel to support additional departments or specialties. In many cases, there are only a small limited number of some positions (i.e. Security Officer) yet numerous available other positions (Science Officer). This is done to balance the game's player base with the game's mission focus and to ensure all players are able to stay involved and experience the most enjoyable gameplay possible.

Can I play a character in a position/department that is not listed?

  • You may not play a character in a position within a department that is not listed (i.e. Intelligence, Strategic Operations). If you would like to play a position not listed in one of the current departments, please consult the game masters prior to creating your character. We are happy to work with you to accommodate your request as long as you stay within the realm of realism. (Please Remember: Our ship is a small and cramped Nova-class, not a large and luxurious Galaxy-class.)

Can I play a Marine?

  • No. In our game world, the Starfleet Marine Corps was disbanded a decade following the Dominion War and no longer exists.

Does Galileo accept custom races?

  • Yes, we accept custom races. In fact, we have five of them currently being played. However, custom races should be reserved for advanced players. The amount of time and skill that it takes to accurately and realistically detail a custom species is lengthy. The custom race must be created from the ground up, and the physiology, culture and society must all be written and described in length before the character is even created. This is done to ensure other players are accurately able to interact with the custom species character with as little discrepancy as possible. In addition, it is always more difficult to play a race for which you have no canon references. We suggest prospective players think very carefully about this decision.

How are promotions handled?

  • There are two types of promotions: position promotions and rank promotions. An example of a position promotion would be a science officer being promoted to the role of Chief or Deputy Science Officer. Rank promotions involve a character gaining rank, such as advancing from an ensign to a junior grade lieutenant. Galileo does not promote based on time-served. Instead, characters are promoted based upon their player's overall activity and participation. We reward active players for their contributions which means the more a player writes and becomes involved, the quicker their character(s) will rise through the ranks and achieve seniority. Players who join and post the bare minimum requirements will find their characters taking longer to advance. Promotions are earned, not given. For full details of all promotion requirements, please consult the Promotion Guide.

I have a question that was not listed...

  • No problem! Please use our contact form to send any additional queries to the game masters and we will respond promptly within 24 hours. We welcome any and all questions from prospective players; our ultimate goal is to provide our writers with the most enjoyable role-playing experience possible.

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