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Specifications - USS Galileo NCC-80010-A

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USS Galileo-A is a Nova-class Mark II vessel, a Federation science and scout starship in service during the late 24th century first entering service in 2391 and currently in its initial production phase. The class is designed for short-range and limited-duration research missions such as nebula, planetary, and system surveys. The Mark II is also tasked with executing extensive in-depth research and analysis on a chosen region after a larger explorer vessel has made the initial discovery. The Mark II is the successor to the Nova-class Mark I, now referred to as the 'legacy' Nova, and incorporates the latest Starfleet technological advances to further its scientific mission capability.

Notable improvements in the Mark II design compared to the legacy Nova-class include a streamlined internal configuration allowing for a reduced crew compliment; an improved matter/anti-matter warp core and fusion drive; and bio-neural gel pack integration necessary to support an improved computer core assembly. In addition, heuristic analysis of legacy Nova-class deployments and operations has led to a decreased torpedo compliment. In place of many of the quantum and photon warheads, the ordinance casings have been reconfigured to allow an increased probe compliment more suitable to mission profiles requiring sustained scientific investigation. Upgraded phaser arrays (Type X) and EWAR fleet support capabilities have also been added, allowing the Mark II to serve as a front-line support vessel during times of hostilities.

Nova II Project Details

Development Project Start Date 2388
Production Start Date 2391
Production End Date In Production
Current Status In Service
Construction Locations Avondale Production Facility, Rigel II
San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth

General Overview

Hull Classification Frigate (FF)
Primary Starfleet Role Survey
Secondary Starfleet Role Scout
Expected Service Life 75 years
Time Between Refits 10 years
Time Between Resupply 3 months

Hull Dimensions

Length 180 meters
Beam 43 meters
Draft 35 meters
Displacement 2.1 x 105 tons
Decks 8

Crew Compliment

Officers 20
Enlisted Crew 32
Civilians 8
Skeleton Crew 6
Emergency Capacity 200

Sublight Propulsion

Impulse Reactor Type T2-16A Fusion Reactor Drive
Reactor Manufacturer Toyota Propulsion
Cruise Impulse 0.20c
Maximum Impulse 0.25c
RCS Modules 4 Version-III gas-fusion quads
RCS Output 3.9 million N/quad

Warp Propulsion

Warp Reactor Type F2-Type Enhanced M/AM Drive
Reactor Manufacturer Ceries Industries
Cruise Velocity Warp 6
Maximum Velocity Warp 8.75
Burst Velocity Warp 9.09 (30 minutes)
Emergency Velocity Warp 9.01 (12 hours)

Computer Mainframe

Computer Core Type V-110 Primary Assembly
Core Manufacturer Viscosity Computing
Number of Cores 2
Core Memory 5,040 Megaquads
Memory Speed 4,600 Kiloquads/sec
Subprocessors 76

Science Systems

Long-Range Deflector Arrays 2 (1 primary, 1 secondary)
Lateral Sensor Arrays 11
Dedicated Sensor Suites 8 (2 fore, 6 ventral)
Multi-purpose Laboratories 4
Dedicated Laboratories 5
Probe Compliment 30

Utility/Aux Systems

Personnel Transporters 4 (2 primary, 2 emergency)
Cargo Transporters 1
Cargo Bays 2 (1 main, 1 aux)
Total Cargo Capacity 11,750 mT
Tractor Beams 2 (ventral)
Personnel Airlocks 3
Escape Pods 20

Personnel Facilities

Crew Berths 27
Administrative Offices 9
Holodecks 2
Food Service 1 Mess Hall
1 Bar/Lounge
Recreation 1 Workout Room
1 Observation Lounge
1 Arboretum

Internal Security

Brig Cells 2
Brig Capacity 4 (10 max)
Armories 1
Armory Inventory 60 Type II Phaser pistols
15 Type IIIc Phaser rifles

Support Craft

Shuttlebays 2 (1 main, 1 aux)
Primary Bay Compliment 2 Type 6 Shuttlecraft
Cargo Bay Compliment 1 Brunel-class Workbee
1 Type 15A Shuttlepod
Specialized Auxiliary Craft 1 Waverider-class Shuttlecraft

Weapons Systems

Phaser Arrays 11 Type X arrays
Torpedo Launchers 2 Type 6 Pulse-fire (fore)
Torpedo Compliment 16 Photon torpedoes
8 Quantum torpedoes
Torpedo Ordinance Mark XXV (photon)
Mark Q-II (quantum)
Offensive ECM 2 Mark IV Threat Jammers

Defensive Systems

Deflector Shields Auto-Modulating Shield System
Metaphasic Shielding
Shield Grids 11
Combined Shield Strength 1,670 MW
Hull Plating Duranium-Tritanium composite
Defensive ECM Mark V Self-Protection Jammer
ECM Burnthrough 100 km