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Name Anera

Position Sous Chef

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Deltan
Age 26
Date of Birth August 4, 2363
Place of Birth Te'leyas Island, Delta IV

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CV-609-0206
Security Clearance Level 1
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Decks 2, 7 - Mess Hall, Callisto Bar
Quarters 04-2523 EN
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 125
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Anera is boyishly slender, narrow hipped, with lanky limbs and long fingers. Her skin tone is sun-kissed, flushed, and olive. As is the case with many Deltans, she has no hair on her body except a small bit around the brows and a dusting of dark peach fuzz around the back of her head. Her eyes are pale blue, dark ringed, and she takes great pleasure in decorating them with liners, shadows, and lash adornments. The bridge of her nose is shallow and slender. Her lower lip is far fuller than her upper and she has a deep set of dimples that are nearly always in view.

The old Earth adage - 'the body is a temple' - is an undeniable truth for Anera. She sees to her own physical fitness because her own beauty pleases her and those around her. Her regimen includes a variety of limbering exercises, strength building from a form of dance called 'italri' which is similar to belly dancing/ballet/modern dance, and a variety of lotions and oils.

One of these oils - netarrh - is used to dampen her pheromones for the benefit of others. It smells faintly of cardamom.

Anera has an eclectic sense of style which can include almost any fashion current or past, so long as she can move in it and there is color. Nearly always, she wears head coverings known as 'trajinkas' to ease the culture shock for those around her.
Body Art pNPC Lilou Peers


Spouse None
Children Daughter - Klida, half-Terran, 4 years
Father Asalan (merchant)
Mother Klidaris (musician)
Brother(s) Asa, 26 (harpist)
Tro, 21 (dancer)
Pik, 17
Mav, 10
Sister(s) Chales, 24 (nurse)
Elene, 14
Vria, 10
Other Family Extended family on Delta IV

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anera is intelligent, open, and often verges on too generous. If someone appreciates something she has, she'll part with it willingly. She has no sense of ownership over anything but her own body, which she usually shares happily enough. As is the case with most Deltans, Anera is empathic and senses the emotional shifts of those around her continuously. Her concern is largely centered around the comfort, joy, and experience of others and will gladly go along with anything that is necessary to accomplish those goals. She is eminently cooperative. She isn't a perpetually happy person, can become frustrated and angry just like anyone else - especially so when those are the emotions she is absorbing - but acting on those feelings doesn't sit right with her view of how she should be contributing to the world so she usually seeks out counselor assistance when such burdens become too heavy. She has no trouble at all asking for help just as she sees no reason why others should not ask for her assistance.
Strengths Empathic - experiences the emotional states of others
Reads body language
Weaknesses No tactical skills
No medical skills
No Starfleet training
No military training
Very few personal boundaries
Ambitions To learn. To teach. To grow. To live. Anera has no end game in mind. She lives for the moment.
Hobbies & Interests Dance, music, food, society.
Anera has no taste for holodecks at all; she receives no measure of emotional stimulation from holographic technology. She would much rather spend her time near people, even if she's not directly interacting with them.
There are very few activities that Anera believes are better experienced alone. Everything can be improved by the company of others.
Italri: a Deltan physical fitness regimen, with aspects similar to belly dancing, ballet, modern dance, yoga, and acupressure.
She prefers activities that allow her to remain languid. A whole lot of rushing about or - stars forbid - running is distasteful, but she's willing if it's for the benefit of those around her.
Vernacular Anera's voice is slightly lower and smokier than most women. Her speech trips into a variety of phrasings. In her personal life, her language is far more poetic and exploratory than her day to day speech, which is casual, chipper, and generally aimed to put at ease.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Deltan, Federation Standard

Personal History Born on Delta IV, the first several years of Anera's life were spent swimming in the oceans and lakes, building spiraling sand castles, and looking after her siblings as they came one by one. It was a peaceful existence, pleasant and pleasurable. Rather than books and holodecks, she learned from a series of tutors and sages who would spend hours with her and a group of other children, talking and discussing every topic that came to mind. Their testing was oral and aural and visual. Language was a thing to be seen and heard and spoken.

The children would play instruments during lessons, draw in the sand, cuddle against each other. So long as the lessons were learned, they moved on to the next class. If not, they remained where they were until they understood. There was no pressure to absorb information, only to appreciate the learning process, but Anera was born hungry for knowledge. She skipped through the various tutors available on Te'leyas and when she'd been through all of them, her father began bringing in more and more to quench her unending curiosity. These weren't 'courses', merely experts who spoke with her until she'd emptied them of new information. What had happened and where and for how long? Why did the tides move the way they did? What made water green? Why was skin soft sometimes and dry others? How were clothes made? By whom? Who invented time and how did they know it was right? Why was the ocean salty and the rain not? What are dreams? How do we remember things?

As she grew older, the questions became more advanced and she learned numbers before she bothered to write anything else. All the while, she continued to help her mother raise her growing number of siblings.

In 2373, the Dominion War began, and the nature of her questions changed. Her father stopped trading, returning to their home, and everyone in her village spent a great deal of time listening to transmissions from other places in the Federation. Why did people hurt each other? How could they bear it?

At the age of sixteen, she left Te'leyas for the first time and traveled to the larger island of Quatom, where she joined an even larger gathering of fascinated youths. Her thirst for knowledge never abated.

In 2380, her father deemed it safe to travel again and this time, Anera went with him. She'd learned some basic skills in shuttle piloting and could be of use to him as he reinitiated his trade routes. It was her first time away from Delta IV and she was overwhelmed by the magnificence of space travel.

When an opportunity arose at one of the space ports her father docked in, Anera made her farewells and stayed on to teach the local commander's children. From there, she spent her time divided between a number of large Federation starships, offering her skills to those that needed them.
Starfleet History Tutored adults and children in a variety of subjects on SB175, the USS Kilcarron, the Fleris, the Tch'weason, and the USS Venture. Also hosts informal discussions, salons, facilitates education instruction in other fields, childcare, bedside assistance, etc.
Medical History Anera is in excellent health with no current or prior medical conditions. She uses an oil called natarrh to lessen the effectiveness of her pheromones on those around her.

Deltans pheromone production is so active that those around them may become aroused without any understanding of why. Deltans cannot just turn this pheromone production on and off. It only begins when they themselves become at least somewhat excited. When Deltans group together, this pheromone production can build to the point where everyone around them becomes aware of it - and involved in it.
This does not only happen when Deltans become sexually aroused. Fear, anger and other strong emotions can spark it as well. These pheromones draw attention to the Deltan, and those who have already taken note of the Deltan become more interested, sometimes to the point of obsession. This is good when the Deltan plans on reciprocating but can turn dangerous otherwise.
Deltan pheromone production also magnifies the entire sexual act. As Deltans become more aroused, their pheromone production accelerates. Their partners soon find that this heightens their own sensitivity. The slightest touch turns into a symphony of pleasure, and a kiss feel like the focus of the entire world. Deltan sex tends to be both passionate and languid, with participants taking a long time to enjoy their partners' bodies and reactions.
Service Record 2363: Born Te'leyas Island, Delta IV
2380: Travels to SB 175 and begins tutoring there.
2382: Transfers to a Galaxy-class starship to teach the ship's young - fourteen children under the age of 13.
2384: Gives birth to Klida, her daughter by Terran Crewman Ghalan Toss.
-Returns to Delta IV and spends a year with her family and her child.
2385: Leaves Klida with her family to be raised in the Deltan way when she is hired to do a year's pre-Academy training for a commander's son.
2387: Begins teaching cultural awareness exercises aboard the USS Venture

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