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Tour - Auxiliary Cargo Bays

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Galileo has two secondary cargo bays, both the same size and configuration located towards the aft of Deck 3 behind the main cargo bay. They serve as the backup storage facilities for the starship, and as medical triage centers during emergencies.

Additional Information

Location Deck 3
Function Storage, Multirole
Description Cargo Bays 2 and 3 give Galileo substantial storage and resupply capability. The rooms are large despite the small size of the ship, and they can be adapted to serve a variety of purposes. Examples include space for personnel during evacuations, extra labs for various scientific experiments and/or research, and a hydroponics bay. Inanimate materials as well as supplies are transported into the cargo bays via the ship's cargo bay transporters. These are a combination of several larger and specially modified transporter arrays scattered throughout the ship.