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Lieutenant Commander Dea Mialin

Name Dea Mialin

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid, Trill (joined)
Age 33
Date of Birth April 2, 2356
Place of Birth USS Shadowrunner

Starfleet ID

Serial Number DS-565-8559
Security Clearance Level 8
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 4 - Flight Control Office
Quarters 02-2613 SO
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description She keeps herself very fit and has deep burgundy red highlights in her brown hair. Keeping fit is one of her priorities. On duty Dea keep her appearance within regulations.

Body Art Dea keeps herself looking professional although she had two small tattoos, one on her ankle and one in the small of her back. Both are in places that can't be seen when she's in uniform. They are a reminder of her days as a combat pilot. She also has both ears pierced twice but does not wear earrings or other jewelry while on duty.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Brendan Azumi
Mother Isabel Azumi
Brother(s) Hunter Azumi

Sister(s) Jessica Azumi
Other Family None listed

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dea likes to be challenged and her intelligence shows. She isn't arrogant but can be considered a bit aggressive at times for those that don't know her. It depends on the situation. Her wisdom and knowledge is greater than her hosts age. This is due to Dea retaining the memories and personality of her previous hosts.

Before being joined under emergency circumstances Dea was solely career focused. Now she's faced with adapting to her new way of life. One thing that hasn't change for Dea is her focused nature, if anything she'd become more driven. While she knows there is more to life than just her career she is always searching for a new challenge both on duty and off. Dea is having to get used to her telepathic abilities once again.

Dea's middle name became Azumi after she was joined with the Mialin symbiot. In a mixup during flight training one of Dea's instructor's misjudged the origins of her middle name. As such Dea gained the callsign Samurai which also fit her attitude in the cockpit and as a warrior in general.

Regaining her sense of confidence and loyalty is something Dea desires. She knows that her abilities as an officer have not changed as a result of her joining but the new entity within her is something Dea never expected. Being surprised is something she does her best to avoid.

Strengths Like Shayla, Dea has been trained in various forms of combat including hand-to-hand styles. She is a strong leader.
Weaknesses At times Dea finds herself less confident than she was before her joining. Its a vulnerability Dea doesn't particularly like.
Ambitions Dea wants to be a good officer and move her career forward
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Water Sports, Music, Astonomy

Vernacular Even though she has spent a good portion of her life on starships Dea grew with a lot of Betazoid traditions. Dea speaks and carries herself like a Betzoid but its also evident she's spent time among other species. Since her joining Dea has an insight that comes from her symbiont's previous hosts. She also conducts herself as someone who has been affected by her life experiences.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Betazoid, Various other languages

Personal History Dea Azumi was born aboard the USS Shadowrunner April 2, 2356. From an early age she proved to be a rather inquisitive child. Even though they tended to get into sibling arguments at times, Dea has been close to her brother and sister. Give their parents' busy careers the three learned to be independent early on.

It wasn't a suprirse she chose to join Starfleet like her parents. Academically she did well but also found an interest in a wide variety of hobbies and extracurricular activities. Many believed Dea might chose to become a Martial Arts instructor if she didn't join Starfleet.

Growing up she worked towards her goal. As Dea got older her sights were set on doing something that would allow her to fly. Both Academically and physically she became involved with activities that would help her reach that objective. At the same time Dea knew her dream was ambitious.

All of her plans changed in 2373 when the Federation went to war with the Dominion. Circumstances didn’t allow Dea to remain aboard the Shadowrunner with her parents. She was sent to a Starfleet Academy Prep school in San Francisco.

Starfleet History Once Dea was accepted to the Academy she chose to major in Flight and Strategic Operations. When she wasn't studying she chose to spend her time in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Her cadet cruise was served aboard the USS Daedalus. After graduation Dea's first active duty assignment was aboard the USS Valiant.

She accepted a transfer to the USS Shadowfire when a slot as Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer became available. Later she transferred to the USS Phoenix as Chief Intelligence Officer. Prior to her joining Dea proved herself in a variety of technical areas. She was serving aboard the USS Phoenix when the incident involving Shayla Mialin occurred.

Dea has only recently become the 6th host for the Mialin symbiont. Competition to become a Trill symbiont is very high. It surprised many when both the UFP and Trill authorities agreed to an emergency transplant into a Betazoid host for the Mialin symbiont. Given it happened rather abruptly she's still getting used to the major change in her life.

Recently Dea learned she's been transferred to the USS Aegir to fill the role of Chief Strategic Operations Officer.

Medical History Dea has maintained good health. Other than a few previous injuries in her medical file there is nothing that prevents her from being fit for duty. It should be noted that her unique physiology due to being joined with a Trill symbiont is something that is monitored.

The Mialin symbiont has an interesting history of hosts. Dea is currently the sixth host. More about each of them is contained in the Host History below.

Host History:

Tyr the first host was male. He spent his career flying shuttles. He enjoyed various recreational activities just as much as he did flying. Tyr's philosophy was work hard, play hard.

Cassandra found herself the second host for the Mialin symbiont after Tyr was fatally injured in a shuttle accident. She became the first female host for the symbiont. Prior to becoming a host she was a talented Atmospheric Barrier engineer. Her career continued after her joining with Mialin.

Mialin's third host was another female named Nephthys. While she happened to be a great diplomat, serving as an Ambassador’s Aide. Nephthys also had a good sense of humor.

Unlike the previous host the Mialin symbiont was given to a male host named Daylin. He was an Intelligence Officer. Daylin tended to be more serious than the Nephthys. After the previous host died of old age Daylin happened to be the next in line for becoming a symbiont host.

Shayla the fifth host was joined before entering the Academy at 18. She spent most of her childhood studying so she could become a symbiont host. Her parents encouraged Shayla to pursue her interests in technical fields. So she spent her time learning to deal with computers and their related systems. Due to her previous hosts she was able to utilize her talents as well to some degree. Shortly before Shayla entered the Academy she lost her father to a freak Engineering accident. She also lost her mother.

Service Record Starfleet Academy: (Major: Flight and Strategic Operations, Minor: Operations, Security)
Cadet Cruise: USS Daedalus
Strategic Ops/Fighter Pilot: USS Valiant
Flight Leader: USS Shadowfire
Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer: USS Phoenix
Chief Strategic Operations Officer: USS Aegir
Squadron Commander: USS Nagasaki
Transferred to USS Galileo (Nova) as Chief Flight Control Officer
Promoted to LT
Promoted to LCDR, assigned as Second Officer

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