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Lieutenant JG Serran

Name Serran

Position Operations Manager

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 28
Date of Birth November 17, 2364
Place of Birth San Francisco CA, Earth

Character Type

Category Primary Character (PC)

Starfleet ID

Serial Number OW-101-7922
Rank Class Junior Officer
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Watch Team 2

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 175
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Serran has a somewhat atypical look for a Vulcan, both because his hair is blonde, an almost unheard of phenomenon, and he wears it long, past his shoulders. He does, however, have the upswept eyebrows, almond-shaped eyes, and a slightly green-tinged complexion. His hair is the golden blond of Terran wheatfields and his eyes are a bright electric blue.

He is equally at ease wearing traditional ceremonial robes or Terran jeans and polo shirts, though normally, when not in uniform, he favors Vulcan clothing. He works out regularly and this becomes clearer when he goes shirtless.
Body Art He has a small tattoo of a shuttlecraft on his lower right thigh and two interlocking wedding bands on his left shoulder.


Spouse Finn Swift (divorced)
Children Theo Winters 15 years old
Father Sorek 68
Mother T’ Ria 48
Brother(s) S’Jens 25
Sister(s) T’janikrel 23, T’Lar 17
Other Family Various Aunts, Uncles, grandparents, and cousins on both sides, but no one close.
Pets 27 saltwater fish.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Serran’s mother was an ambassador, and his father was an instructor at Starfleet Academy. So, Serran grew up on Earth far away from Vulcan. Aside from his family and a few of their friends and colleagues, Serran did not have a lot of interaction with Vulcans growing up. So while he still is very much a Vulcan, he is not as stoic as many of his race. Logic does of course play a very important part in his life, it does not, however, rule his life entirely. There are emotions there, usually under the surface, but sometimes the emotions come out.

He accepts that, as just part of who he is. He doesn’t see the need for logic to control one hundred percent of his life, but he does struggle with balancing logic and emotions.

There were no great tragedies as he was growing; no deaths, no debilitating or long-term illness or disease, and there was no fear of his parents separating. That did not mean that his family life was perfect. His parents, especially his father, were very conservative and wanted their children to follow in their footsteps, not just professionally but in their philosophy and the traditional discipline of their homeworld. They saw anything that deviated from what they considered to be the true path as a personal affront. So, Serran would let any emotion put a distance between him and his father, especially as he got older.

In addition to the issues surrounding logic, his parents found it difficult to comprehend when he told them he was gay. Though they say they have come to terms with both anomalies, there is still some, albeit underlying, estrangement and standoffishness.

He would rather talk his way out of a situation than fight. He does not believe in violence and force on a personal level, he is a pacifist. Only under dire circumstances, in self-defense will he use force, and even then he will only use that which is necessary and equal to the force he is facing. He understands that sometimes force and violence are needed, and he doesn’t judge others who find it necessary to use force in their profession, like security and marines.

Perhaps the most important area where logic comes into play for him is his ability to at least look as if he is cool under pressure and in tense situations.

Like most Vulcans, he is primarily a vegetarian by choice. He would only break from his diet to preserve his life.

Serran is a Vulcan with physical attributes and weaknesses. Even though he is fully Vulcan, his spending so much time around Humans and other emotionally charged races has made him less stoic than others in his family and their colleagues and so he has been subject to mild rejection, just like he might if he was bi-species. In addition, he sometimes finds it difficult to balance his emotional and logical sides. Being a pacifist, or at least reluctant to use violence, limits his career choices in Starfleet. He is loyal to his friends but doesn’t make friends easily.

He and his family have formed a truce, but they do not have the best relationship with them. his father an older man finds both Serran’s sexuality and more importantly his abandonment of logic troubling, so in recent years there has been some estrangement and even though it is relatively minor it is troubling to the young Vulcan.

He does have a strong moral compass, but he doesn’t always color inside the lines.


He tends to carry around a sense – whether conscious or not – of being different from most people. With his rich inner life and his deep, abiding desire to find his life purpose, he doesn’t always fit in with those around him. This isn’t to say that he can’t enjoy social acceptance or close relationships – only that he sometimes feels misunderstood or at odds with the world.
Fortunately, this sense of being out of step doesn’t diminish Serran’s commitment to making the world a better place. He is troubled by injustice, and he typically cares more about altruism than personal gain. He often feels called to use his strengths – including creativity, imagination, and sensitivity – to uplift others and spread compassion.

Nothing lights up him like changing someone else’s life for the better.

He sees helping others as his mission in life, and they’re always looking for ways to step in and speak up for what is right. He also aspires to fix society’s deeper problems, in the hope that unfairness and hardship can become things of the past. At times, however, he may focus so intently on his ideals that he doesn’t take adequate care of himself – a pattern that can lead to stress and burnout.

Connecting with Others (and himself)
He may be introverted, but he values deep, authentic relationships with others. Few things give him as much joy as truly knowing another person – and being known in return. He enjoys meaningful conversations far more than small talk, and he tends to communicate in a way that is warm and sensitive. His emotional honesty and insight can make a powerful impression on the people around him

A few close relationships provided that they’re genuine, can fill Serran’s heart to the brim.
Thoughtful and compassionate, he pours a great deal of energy and care into his relationships.

This doesn’t mean that he always feels appreciated in return. He tends to act with great thought and care, and it can frustrate him when other people don’t recognize his good intentions. As a result, even constructive criticism may feel incredibly personal or hurtful to him.

A Personal Mission
He feels that his life has a unique purpose – a mission that he was put onto this earth to fulfill.
One of the most rewarding aspects of life is seeking out this purpose – and then, once he finds it, striving to do it justice.

When he encounters inequity or unfairness, he rarely gives up – instead, he consults his intuition and his compassion to find a solution. With his innate ability to balance the heart with the head, he is hardwired to right the wrongs of the world, no matter how big or small. He just needs to remember that while he’s busy taking care of everyone else, he needs to pause sometimes and take care of himself as well.
Strengths Creative – He isn’t exactly like everyone else – and that’s a wonderful thing. He embraces his creative side, always on the lookout for opportunities to express himself and think outside the box.

Insightful – He knows all too well that appearances can be misleading. He strives to move beyond superficiality and seek out the deeper truths in life. This can give him an almost uncanny ability to understand people’s true motivations, feelings, and needs.

Principled – He tends to have strong beliefs and values, particularly when it comes to matters of ethics. When he talks about topics close to his heart, his convictions and heartfelt idealism can inspire and persuade even the sternest of skeptics.

Passionate – He craves a sense of purpose in life. Rather than living on autopilot or sticking to the status quo, he wants to chase after his ideals. He doesn’t shy away from big dreams – in fact, he is energized and impassioned by the beauty of his vision for the future.

Altruistic – He isn’t happy to succeed at another person’s expense. He wants to use his strength for the greater good, and he rarely loses sight of how his words and actions might affect others. In his heart of hearts, he wants to make the world a better place, starting with the people around him.

Sorren's intuitive thinking is a big benefit to his role as Operations Manager. It enables him to see the big picture and come up with creative solutions while those more analytically inclined would still be contemplating the steps in determining the issue and what the problem is.

Before he decided on the operations track he was considering being a trauma nurse and took two years of medical courses (electives) He is a trained and more than competent medic

Additionally, primarily because of his ex-husband, he is an adequate small craft pilot.
Weaknesses Sensitive to Criticism – He isn’t averse to feedback – that is, unless he believes that someone is challenging his most cherished principles or values. When it comes to the issues that are near and dear to him, he can become defensive or dismissive.

Reluctant to Open Up – He values honesty and authenticity, but he is also private. He finds it difficult to open up and be vulnerable about his struggles, not wanting to burden someone else with his issues.

Unfortunately, when he doesn’t ask for help, he may inadvertently hold himself back or create distance in his relationships.

Perfectionistic – He is all but defined by idealism. While this is a wonderful quality in many ways, it doesn’t always leave room for the messiness of real life. He sometimes finds it difficult to appreciate their jobs, living situations, or relationships when he fixates on imperfections and wonders whether he should be looking for something better.

Avoiding the Ordinary – He yearns to do extraordinary things with his life. But it’s hard to achieve anything extraordinary without breaking it down into small, manageable steps. Unless he translates his dreams into everyday routines and to-do lists, he may struggle to turn his grand visions into reality.

Prone to Burnout – His perfectionism and reserve leave him with few options for letting off steam. He can exhaust himself if he doesn’t balance his drive to help others with necessary self-care and rest.

While his intuitive thinking is an asset, it can also be a liability. His intuition is not always right and his lack of analytical skills makes the more technical aspects, especially the more difficult ones problematic if he is unable to delegate those responsibilities.

Much to his father's chagrin Sorren is not a scientist. He doesn't have the mindset. This is one reason he decided on operations and not taking more advanced medical courses.

While he will defend himself and those he loves and sees the need for aggression when needed, he is something of a pacifist personally. Putting him in a security uniform would be a serious mistake. While he is more than competent with hand-to-hand fighting and martial arts, he is a lousy shot with a phaser and won't carry one unless ordered to.

While Serran might be the choice for piloting a shuttle craft on an away mission, even a dangerous one, the same could not be said of his abilities on a star ship even one as small as a Defiant.
Ambitions Professionally, he wants to pursue a career in Starfleet, rise in rank, and eventually one day teach. On a personal level, he wants to move on from a failed marriage and find love, while being a good parent to a teenager, he doesn’t fully understand.
Hobbies & Interests He plays the Vulcan Harp and has a decent singing voice. He likes to play Parrises Squares, enjoys time in the holodeck, and is a helpless romantic. (picnics, surprise dinners, and getaways, etc.) He enjoys reading and games of chance, especially poker.

He also took up an ancient Terran hobby of juggling and is quite good at it. He has a saltwater aquarium.

Vernacular While Serran doesn't speak in a monotone, his voice is usually cool and calm. He rarely raises it.

When he does become angry he lowers his voice rather than raises it.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Vulcan, Romulan

Personal History Sorek like many of his race has a scientific mind. He became a Starfleet Officer and rose to the rank of Commander He was the Chief Science Officer on the Yorktown where he met his first wife, a quiet unassuming woman. She was killed on an Away Team that he commanded. He was not found negligent, but he requested to be reassigned as an instructor at the Academy. T’ Ria was a Vulcan diplomat to Earth They met when she attended one of his classes. They became a committed couple and reasoned that it would be beneficial and logical for them to be married and form a family.

They both rose in their chosen professions and became leaders in their respective fields and among the Vulcan community on Earth.

Their firstborn child, S’jens was the spitting image of his father both in appearance and temperament. (laid back, reserved, and very driven by logic). T’janikrel was their second born and looked more like her maternal grandmother than either of her parents. She was however outgoing and gregarious like her mother, perhaps even more so. Though of course she was still governed by logic.

Serran was the next born. No one quite knows why he was born with blonde hair, an almost unheard-of anomaly with Vulcans, but it happened. Other than his unusual colored hair, his appearance is an even mixture of the features of his mom and dad. The youngest member of the family was T’lar who was as spoiled as a Vulcan child could be.

Even from an early age, Serran had an immense curiosity He wanted to know everything about everything. He was a voracious reader and was an above-average student in the majority of his classes. Much to his father’s chagrin, the one area where he did not excel was the sciences.,

Of all the members of his family, he could be described as the least Vulcan, the most Human. More stoic than humans, but less than most Vulcans. This set him apart at school, not always in a good way. Some kids didn’t get it so he was something of a loner.

From an early age, he knew there was something beyond his blond hair and difficulty in balancing the emotional and logical sides that was different about him. It took him a few years to figure things out. But by the time he reached puberty, he was able to connect the dots. He was only interested in girls as friends. He was emotionally and physically attracted to boys.

Coming out to friends was easy, especially the human ones. His siblings were understanding and supportive, his mother was at least understanding. Homosexuality was still rare among Vulcans and his father was somewhat old-fashioned. Being Vulcan there was never a real display of anger or raised voices, but he did withdraw even further from Serran.

Primarily looking for an escape Serran applied for early admission to the Academy and was accepted.

After a pickup game of Parrises Square Serran was crossing the Quad and chanced upon a human boy roughly his age who was wearing an Academy tee shirt. They struck up a conversation and found that they had a lot in common, especially as it related to distant fathers.

Their friendship grew despite the fact, or perhaps because of it, that they were also very different from each other. The adage that opposites attract was true in their case. They made each other stronger. Serran helped Finn mature and calm down. Helped him to get a better grip on his emotions. Finn drew Serran out of his shell and his penchant for being a loner. Serran’s original intent was to be an intelligence analyst. But thanks to Finn’s encouragement and influence he found himself becoming more comfortable with other people.

Finn chose to play to his strength and trained as a pilot. The two boys grew even closer together during their time at the Academy. They became roommates and lovers. They matured, becoming, at least in their own eyes, men instead of boys. Things went smoothly for them their first three years there, though not without incident. They once borrowed an Academy shuttlecraft, and there was an incident with an Admiral’s son, that involved a lot of drinking and a pretty graphic display of public affection. There was also an unproven accusation that Serran had effectively hacked into the school’s computer system. It was a mostly harmless prank that reset every clock on campus to a different and wrong time.

Fingers pointed to Serran who certainly had the skills to do so, but there were multiple suspects including Finn. In the end, since no real harm was done and there were too many potential culprits, the school closed the investigation.

In the summer after their junior year, Serran took Finn to meet his family and they made no secret of their relationship. While his father remained somewhat distant, he was at least a little less so. Finn wanted to return the favor when his father returned unexpectedly to Earth, but that attempt backfired when Finn learned a disturbing truth. He was ready to leave the Academy, but Serran was able to talk him out of it and they planned to finish their Academy career and join a ship together.
Starfleet History 2382-2386 Starfleet Academy
2386-2388 USS Resolute
2388-2392 Deep Space Six
2392-Present USS Galileo
Medical History Broken collar bone and left femur fracture. As well as Pon Farr every seven years, the later episode came a little over six years ago.
Service Record Serran asked Finn to marry him a week before graduation, and the human cadet agreed. They even served on the same ship together for their first assignment, the USS Resolute. After two years on the ship, both men went to separate billets. That was the beginning of the end for their relationship as distance did not make the heart grow fonder.

The Resolute was a Galaxy class ship and had six operations officers: a chief, an assistant chief, and four junior officers including the newly minted Ensign Soren.

Soren did well while on the ship, but due to the seniority of his fellow officers, there was little chance of advancement.

So, when the opportunity to transfer to Deep Space Six, he not only accepted. He pushed for it, which did not go well with Finn.

They tried to have a long-distance relationship, but it just didn't work out. Six months after arriving on the space station he was served with divorce papers. Three months later the divorce was final.

Two years after coming onto the station, he was promoted to Lieutenant and Asst Operations Manager.

He continued to work hard and build a reputation as a capable and experienced officer, and also an intuitive one that often came up with original and creative solutions.

The most significant change wasn't professional, though he did do very well there. While on an away mission three years ago where they were investigating a cult on a planet called Herios IV

While there, Serran came across a twelve-year-old boy.

Theo grew up on Herios IV which technically makes him Heriosian rather than a human, but other than a few internal organs being in different places he passes for human.

He was a member of the Royal family, fourth in the line of succession. The Herosiians were in the very early stages of warp engine development.

Their world is rich in natural resources like dilithium and there was a group from the Ruling Council that wanted to sell to the highest bidder, which the Royal Family opposed.

So some leaders by certain members of the Ruling
Council wanted to sell those crystals to the highest bidder, which happened to be Romulans.

By the time they got there, a coup had taken place and Theo was the sole surviving member of the Royal Family He was 12 at the time.

He has lived with Serran for three years now.

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