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Ensign Jonathon DeLaney

Name Jonathon DeLaney

Position USS Galileo-B Deputy Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Date of Birth 2362
Place of Birth Proxima Colony, Proxima Centauri System

Character Type

Category Primary Character (PC)

Starfleet ID

Serial Number PL-504-9003
Rank Class Junior Officer
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Watch Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 10"
Weight 92kgs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Jonathon has a rugged, weathered appearance with a strong build. He stands at around 5ft 6 feet tall with messy brown hair and piercing hazel eyes. His face often bears the scars of his adventurous life, giving him a tough and determined look. He typically dresses in the standard Starfleet uniform, albeit with a few modifications that hint at his rebellious nature.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Marcus DeLaney (Deceased) - Former Starfleet engineer who served aboard the USS Infinite.
Mother Miranda DeLaney (Alive) - Retired Federation diplomat.
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jonathon DeLaney is a complex individual with a mix of traits that often confound those around him. He possesses a sharp intellect and a deep understanding of technology, particularly in engineering systems, but his methods can sometimes be unorthodox and controversial. Jonathon is fiercely independent, often challenging authority when he feels it necessary, which has earned him a reputation as a maverick within Starfleet. Despite his rough exterior, he holds a strong sense of loyalty to those he cares about and is willing to go to great lengths to protect them.

  • Exceptional Engineering Skills: Jonathon possesses a natural aptitude for engineering, with a deep understanding of complex systems and a talent for finding creative solutions to technical problems.
  • Resourcefulness: Having grown up in a remote and challenging environment, Jonathon has developed a keen sense of resourcefulness. He is adept at making do with limited resources and improvising solutions on the fly.
  • Courage Under Pressure: Jonathon thrives in high-pressure situations, remaining calm and focused even in the face of danger. His ability to keep a level head and think clearly in crisis situations makes him a valuable asset in emergencies.
  • Independent Thinking: Jonathon is fiercely independent and unafraid to challenge authority when he believes it is necessary. His willingness to question the status quo often leads to innovative ideas and unconventional solutions.


  • Rebellious Nature Jonathon’s tendency to operate outside the boundaries of regulations and protocol can sometimes land him in trouble with his superiors. His rebellious streak can also strain relationships with his colleagues and make it difficult for him to work within hierarchical structures.
  • Impulsiveness HJonathon’s resourcefulness and quick thinking can sometimes lead him to act impulsively, without fully considering the potential consequences of his actions. This can result in risky decisions that put himself and others in danger.
  • Stubbornness Once Jonathon sets his mind on a course of action, he can be stubbornly resistant to changing course, even in the face of evidence or advice to the contrary. This can lead to conflicts and impede his ability to work effectively within a team.
  • Difficulty with Authority Jonathon’s independent streak and rebellious nature can make it challenging for him to respect authority figures who he perceives as lacking in vision or competence. This can lead to clashes with commanding officers and undermine his ability to function within hierarchical organizations like Starfleet.

Orientation Heterosexual

Personal History Jonathon was born and raised on the remote Proxima Colony, located in the Proxima Centauri System. Life on the colony was harsh and unforgiving, with limited resources and constant threats from the harsh environment. Despite the challenges, Jonathon’s childhood was filled with wonder and curiosity, as he explored the vast wilderness of his home planet and dreamed of one day venturing out into the stars.

His father, Marcus DeLaney, was a skilled engineer who worked tirelessly to maintain the colony’s infrastructure and ensure the survival of its inhabitants. From a young age, Jonathon was fascinated by his father’s work, spending countless hours by his side as he repaired machinery and designed new technologies to improve life on the colony.

Tragedy struck when Jonathon was just a teenager, as his father was killed in a tragic accident while attempting to repair a malfunctioning power generator. Devastated by the loss of his father, Jonathon vowed to carry on his legacy and pursue a career in engineering.

Determined to escape the confines of his remote upbringing, Jonathon threw himself into his studies, excelling in engineering and earning a scholarship to attend Starfleet Academy.
Starfleet History Jonathon’s career in Starfleet has been characterized by a restless spirit and a knack for finding himself in the midst of both triumphs and controversies. After graduating from Starfleet Academy with top honors, he was quickly assigned to the USS Odyssey, a Sovereign-class starship, as a junior engineer.

During his time aboard the Odyssey, Jonathon’s talent for improvisation and innovative problem-solving quickly became evident. He played a crucial role in resolving several critical engineering crises, earning him commendations from his superiors. However, his unorthodox methods and disregard for protocol also brought him into conflict with the ship’s command structure, leading to disciplinary action on more than one occasion.

Despite the challenges, Jonathon’s contributions to the Odyssey were undeniable, and he was soon transferred to the USS Endeavor, an Ambassador-class starship, as a senior engineer. His time aboard the Endeavor was marked by a series of daring engineering feats, including a daring repair operation during a battle with Romulan raiders that saved the ship from near-certain destruction.

However, Jonathon’s penchant for pushing the boundaries of Starfleet regulations continued to follow him, and his tenure aboard the Endeavor ended abruptly after a controversial incident involving the modification of the ship’s systems without proper authorization. This incident earned him a reputation as a troublemaker within Starfleet Command but also caught the attention of those who recognized his innovation potential.

Jonathon’s next assignment took him to the USS Pegasus, a Sovereign-class starship, where he served as the chief engineer. Despite initial skepticism from the crew, Jonathon’s unconventional approach to problem-solving soon earned him the respect of his colleagues. He led several successful missions to repair and upgrade the ship’s systems, earning him accolades from Starfleet Command.

However, Jonathon’s tenure aboard the Pegasus was not without its challenges. He clashed frequently with the ship’s commanding officer over matters of protocol and procedure, and tensions eventually reached a breaking point during a high-stakes diplomatic mission. Following a heated argument with his commanding officer, Jonathon was transferred to his current assignment, where he now faces the daunting task of proving himself once again in a new environment.

Throughout his career, Jonathon has witnessed firsthand the impacts of the Klingon/Romulan War, an event that has shaped the strategies and priorities of Starfleet. His experiences in dealing with Romulan raiders and navigating diplomatic missions in the aftermath of the war have added depth to his understanding of the complexities of interstellar relations and the challenges faced by Starfleet personnel in a post-war galaxy.
Service Record
Ship Name Position Class Achievements Challenges

USS Odyssey

Junior Engineer Sovereign Played a crucial role in resolving critical engineering crises. Faced disciplinary action due to unorthodox methods and disregard for protocol.

USS Endeavor

Senior Engineer Ambassador Led daring engineering feats, including saving the ship from destruction during a battle with Romulan raiders. Ended tenure abruptly after a controversial incident involving unauthorized modification of ship systems.

USS Pegasus

Senior Engineer Sovereign Earned respect for unconventional problem-solving and successful missions to repair and upgrade ship systems. Faced frequent clashes with commanding officer over protocol and procedure.

USS Galileo

Junior Engineer Nova Class Proving himself in a new environment after a demotion transfer following a heated argument with his commanding officer aboard the USS Pegasus.

Throughout his career, Jonathon has witnessed firsthand the impacts of the Klingon/Romulan War, an event that has shaped the strategies and priorities of Starfleet. His experiences in dealing with Romulan raiders and navigating diplomatic missions in the aftermath of the war have added depth to his understanding of the complexities of interstellar relations and the challenges faced by Starfleet personnel in a post-war galaxy.

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