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Theo Winters

Name Theo Winters

Position Crew Family

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Herosian
Age 15
Date of Birth May 21, 2377
Place of Birth Heiros IV

Character Type

Category Secondary Character (PNPC)
PNPC Owner Serran

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CV-240-5719
Rank Class Civilian
Security Clearance Level 1
Duty Watch Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 145
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Theo stands just a shade over 5’8" and weighs in at 1r5 pounds. He may have another growth spurt in him, or that he’ll fill out more But, he’s okay if that doesn't happen.

He has a lithe sinewy build with a strong core and it is clear that he takes care of himself. He doesn’t take care of himself by lifting anvils though. Rather he spends lots of time either swimming or tumbling. As a result, he’s not bulky but he has developed the beginnings of a six-pack.

His hair is the color of dark roasted coffee beans. It’s worn medium long. It’s wavy, sometimes unruly and it often falls into his face. He has a habit of running his hand through it and flipping it back into place.

His eyes are grey, usually slate grey, but they can shift shades of grey depending on his mood. They are slightly larger than a human with a feral appearance to them.

He’s been described by some as easy on the eyes and he is fortunate to have inherited the best features from both of his parents and bloodlines.

He’d prefer comfortable clothing rather than royal, fancy, attire, but as long as he is in court and his father’s house he doesn’t have much choice.
Body Art None


Spouse None
Children None
Father Micah Winters (deceased)
Mother Abigal Winters (deceased)
Brother(s) Noah Winters (deceased)
Aaron Winters (deceased)
Sister(s) Namoi Winters (deceased)
Katelyn Winterss (deceased)
Other Family All known relatives are dead
Pets A Terran gecko named Sam

Personality & Traits

General Overview Theodore doesn’t go by his full given name, he doesn’t like it at all. He likes Teddy even less. He is okay with Theo though. He tends to leap before he thinks and fix his mistakes along the way rather than sit idly by and wait for things to happen, or come up with contingency plans and escape clauses.

He’s a bit of a risk taker, diving right into the middle of a situation, often becoming the eye of the hurricane.
He has his own moral compass, which mostly points to True North, but he doesn’t follow the rules very well.

He has a unique ability to notice the smallest changes. Facial expression, body language, a new clothing style, etc.
He doesn’t hesitate to call those things out, or if the shift in facial expression or body language causes him to think a person is lying, he won’t hesitate to let them know.

He is full of passion and energy.

He is gregarious, something of a social butterfly, comfortable in almost any social situation.
Strengths Bold – He is full of life and energy. There is no greater joy for him than pushing boundaries and discovering and using new things and ideas.

Rational and Practical – He loves knowledge and philosophy, but not for their own sake. What’s fun for him is finding ideas that are actionable and drilling into the details so he can put them to use. If a discussion is completely arbitrary, there are better uses for his time.

Original – Combining his boldness and practicality, He loves to experiment with new ideas and solutions. He puts things together in ways no one else would think to.

Perceptive – This originality is helped by Theo’s ability to notice when things change – and when they need to change! Small shifts in habits and appearances stick out to him, and he uses these observations to help create connections with others.

Direct – This perceptive skill isn’t used for mind games – He prefers to communicate clearly, with direct and factual questions and answers. Things are what they are.

Sociable – All these qualities pull together to make him a natural group leader. This isn’t something that he actively seeks – he just has a knack for making excellent use of social interactions and networking opportunities.

He has virtually no fear of heights. Leap from one third-story roof to another? No problem. Walk that tightrope across the chasm, just make sure the rope is secure.

He usually cooks for himself and Serran and has become pretty adept at it for someone his age.

Serran is teaching him to fly, but so far he has only the very basics down.
Weaknesses down because someone else “doesn’t get it” or having to stay focused on a single detail for too long is extremely challenging for the rogue.

Risk-prone – This impatience can lead him to push into uncharted territory without thinking of the long-term consequences. He sometimes intentionally combats boredom with extra risk.

Unstructured – He sees an opportunity – to fix a problem, advance, have fun – and seize the moment, often ignoring rules and social expectations in the process. This may get things done, but it can create unexpected social fallout.

May Miss the Bigger Picture – Living in the moment can cause him to miss the forest for the trees. He loves to solve problems here and now, perhaps too much. All parts of a project can be perfect, but the project will still fail if those parts do not fit together.

Defiant – He won’t be boxed in. Repetition, hardline rules, sitting quietly while he is lectured at – this isn’t how he lives his life. He is action-oriented and hands-on. Entry-level work can be so tedious that it’s intolerable, requiring extraordinary effort from him to stay focused long enough to get to freer positions.

Heights may hold no fear for him, but tightly confined spaces, especially if he is alone, cause fear, and anxiety and if it’s really tight or he’s in that position for a while, it can cause him to panic.

He is still dealing with issues of his family's death.

He has an aversion to seeing blood, so he will never be a medic like his adoptive father.
Ambitions Theo is rather lukewarm about pursuing a career in Starfleet. He doesn't dream of becoming a great captain with a command of his own.

Professionally he'd like to either be a chef or a pianist.

On a personal level, he'd like to find a nice girl to marry.
Hobbies & Interests He likes spending time in the holodeck, playing strategy-type games. He works out when he can, but can take it or leave it. as long as he keeps himself fit.

He has a passion for cooking and playing the piano.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Herosian, Vulcan Federation Standard

Personal History Theo has royal blood in his veins. He was third in the line of succession, so would probably never become king, but he was trained in proper etiquette as though he was.

When he was ten a new cult arose on the scene on his planet, which spread like wildfire. His own brother, Noah was even caught up in it.

Some members of the council conspired with Noah to usurp the throne so they could sell the planet's dilithium crystals and other sources to the highest bidder.

The coup was successful initially Theo had been sent to another city before the coup took place. Noah was killed once the Klingons had gained control of the planet.

When Serran and his fellow Starfleet crew arrived they found Theo as the lone survivor.

Serran felt empathy for him and rescued him from a very dangerous situation

Starfleet History N/A
Medical History Theo's anatomy is almost identical to a human with three exceptions. His eyes are slightly larger than a human's which gives him exceptional eyesight 20/10. His heart and spleen are in opposite places than a human and his blood is cobot based.
Service Record N/A

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