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Ensign Erica Hartmann

Name Erica Hartmann

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24
Date of Birth 20/05/2366
Place of Birth Berlin, Germany, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number HX-800-4781
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Pending
Office Deck 7 - Main Engineering/CEO's Office
Quarters Pending
Roommate Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Erica has a fairly light build. She has short blonde hair which is usually kept at shoulder length. She shares some Japanese heritage with her grandmother being originally from Japan, so her eyes are shaped slightly different due to that. She has pale skin and it is said that her eyes "twinkle in the light". She usually wears casual clothes when off duty such as a shirt and jacket, on duty her uniform is kept clean and tidy and she always keeps her hair short so that it doesn't bother her and get in her way.
Body Art None


Spouse None
Children None
Father Anselm Hartmann
Mother Tomoko Hartmann
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None
Pets Erica has a holographic kitten called "Salem". He is a black cat which can get into mischief.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hartmann is a young woman who can be rather strange at times. Generally she is lazy and loves to sleep. Throughout her life she has have to be woken up by people so she is not late for appointments or for duty. She is also a slight air-head, but that does not mean she is not intelligent. This means that she sometimes takes a little longer to understand certain things, especiallyy when they are ment in humour or sarcastic.

She is also a nice caring person and always looks out for her friends. When she is dedicated to the task or it has her focus she can focus soley on that task. This means that once she has something to do, she loves to do it and hates leaving things unfinished.

Erica also has a very strategic mind and mindset to duty. However she struggles with keeoping things tidy. Her room is always messy and she lives very carefree when off duty and even though she doesn't think this of herself, she can sometimes be a little rebellious mainly due to still being in her youth. She also enjoys a good prank.
Strengths Strengths include:

+ Competent Engineer
Erica is very good at her Engineering skills. She seems to have a natural ability with her hands when it comes to technology. She believes this is because she always spent a long time around technology as a child and she studied hard in Starfleet Academy.

+ Tactical/Strategic Mindset
Erica always see's things from a tactical or Strategic mindset. She see's things from a different perspective and being a little bit of a prankster at times. She can make things work to her benefit at times and this drives people crazy at times.

+ Quick thinking skills.
Erica can quickly identify a situation quickly and come up with a quick response. This has helped her in her Engineering training as she can put theory to practice and get things done quickly without endangering others.
Weaknesses Weaknesses include:

- Messy Person
Erica struggles with keeping things tidy. She believes in 'organised chaos' when it comes to her home environment. She has often been found sleeping on the floor surrounded by clothes because she has fallen out of bed, or couldn't get into the bed to begin with.

- Not a Morning Person
Erica is not a morning person. Therefore she struggles with early shifts. She also likes to sleep a lot. She has often had to be woken up early in order to get her ready for her shifts. In the morning she can be a little sleepy and dozy, but once she has had caffeine in her then she becomes quite fine. She also has a strange habit of falling out of bed or sleeping where she finds the most comfortable. As a person this has affected her as she finds it hard to wake up.

- Airhead
Erica can sometimes be a bit of an airhead. It takes a while for her to process jokes or work things out from time to time. For example someone may explain something to her and after thinking about it for a while only then will she understand it. It can lead to hilarious situations, not to mention it has broken some very awkward silences. She is mainly like this with common sense things, but when it comes to piloting she has the knowledge on hand. She also doesn't understand some puns or riddles, they baffle her and she can get a little frustrated when she can't work them out.

- Departmental Deficiencies
As for departments Erica isn't very good at, she isn't very good at Science or Medical. She can do some very basic science stuff required for Starfleet service. But if you give her a lot of numbers or data she will look at it and see just numbers. As for medical she isn't a doctor, she has basic first aid training as required. But she doesn't really know how to do much in sickbay. It doesn't help that she is squeamish and doesn't like the sight of blood or anything medical related. This has caused her a few problems as she tried to stay away from sickbay and medical areas as much as possible.
Ambitions Erica has several ambitions that she wants to do with her life. One day she wishes to find a boyfriend who will accept her for who she is and doesn't get 'put off' by her messiness. She is also aware that she is still a Starfleet officer and wants to progress in her Engineering career. She wants to serve and progress up to one day being a Chief.

She has thought about commanding a starship in the future, but she doesn't think she could do it. It would mean getting out of bed too early and when needed, she isn't sure if she is ready to sacrifice that just yet.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies Include

+ Playing with tools. Erica loves to fiddle with things, often she ends up breaking them and then putting them back together.

+ Model planes. She loves to build model planes and has several hanging in her quarters. She especially loves German and British World War Two Planes and haas a slightly unhealthy fascination with the Battle of Britain.

+ Reading. Seems like a fairly normal hobby, but Erica loves to read different things. She loves to read comic books and her favourite character is Iron Man. She has dreamed of one day making her own Iron Man Costume that works, but has never got around to it.

+ As an Engineer she has an interest in engineering subjects, especially engines. She is fascinated by how small parts can move such big vehicles from cars to Starships. She also loves anything that can fly.

+ Flying/Piloting. Erica has been learning to fly old planes and manual vehicles without the use of computers. Often on the Holodeck she would be taking a flying lesson in a propellor plane.
Vernacular Erica's accent is a little mixed. It is a cross between Japanese and German as she had parents from both countries.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken German, Japanese, Federation Standard.

Personal History Erica was born in Berlin in Germany, on Earth. Her mother was Japanese, but born in Germany and her father was German. Therefore she was a mix of nationalities. As a child she attended a local school on the outskirts of Berlin.

She showed no particually talent at an early age. She was a standard student and scored decent grades in languages, mathematics and sciences. She however did show some talent for technology as she was always messing around with her computer terminal. Her teachers became rather worried when at age eight years she programmed the school's computer terminals to sing Christmas Carols in December and a different carol each day.

During her high school education Erica became very focused on her technology. When she was fourteen a Starfleet officer visited the school to talk to the students about Starfleet and the Federation. She didn't really listen to him as she was far more interested in getting back into the computer lab. However later that day the officer found her alone in the computer lab and approached her after seeing her computer skills.

That officer was Captain Thomas Hardy who at the time was currently working for Starfleet Academy'sm outreach program. He observed Erica and kept an eye on her over the next two years with permission from the school. Hardy essentially shadowed Erica to try and recruit her for Starfleet seeing a potential Engineer or Operations officer in her.

Erica graduated High School at age Sixteen. She was accepted into a local college and took up mechanical engineering. She had recently got into building models and loved keeping her hands busy. She enjoyed being able to repair and mend things as well as rebuild stuff to be better. Overall she achieved a B grade in Mechanical Engineering. At age Eighteen she was unsure what she was going to do with her life. She was approached by Hardy again, who visited her at her home and offered her a place at Starfleet Academy should she pass the entrance exam.

Erica considered it for over two weeks before finally accepting it. She would be the first person in her family to venture into Starfleet. Her mother was objected to it, she didn't want to lose her daughter but however was supportive of her. Her father thought that it would do her some good and would teach her discipline and teach her to become a young lady and not an 'oversized teenager'.

Starfleet History Erica applied for the Engineering course at Starfleet Academy. She thought that she had messed up the entrance exam, however did get in. She didn't pass with flying colours, but scored enough to be safely in the acceptance mark.

When Erica put on the Cadet uniform for the first time she felt for the first time in her life that she was important. She was also proud to have come this far. She spent the first few weeks getting to know Starfleet and San Francisco. During her first year she shared a Dorm with another girl called Emily. Emily was a nice person and they got on well, however Emily had a few problems with how messy Erica was. It ended up with Emily asking to be moved to a different dorm because Erica was just so reluctant to tidy up after herself.

Her second year was better and Erica focused hard on her Engineering studies. Her first year had been mainly theory and basic space training. Erica was happy to finally be doing practical work and actually doing engineering stuff. She learned better from working with her hands than sitting reading through textbooks. Erica in her second year met a young man one night by the name of Paul. Paul bumped into Erica at a bar after one of Erica's exams and hit on her. It took her a while to realise she was being hit on, but eventually her asked her out. Erica dated Paul for the last half of her second year at the Academy. He eventually broke off the relationship because he couldn't cope with Erica's reluctance to take him home mainly becaus she was embarrassed about her room.

The third year of Starfleet Academy was interesting for Erica. She became very social and enjoyed being around her friends in her class. She was also known as the class clown and prankster. She was punished by her instructor when one of her pranks for her into a lot of trouble. She had spread industrial warp core sealant to one of the chairs in the classroom and it had been her instructor who had sat on it. However she had done the stupid thing of not covering her tracks. Even though the instructor found it a good prank (He had a good sense of humour) he had to discipline her regardless. The punishment was being woken up at five in the morning and ran around the Academy complex for two hours for a month. Erica hated it, however she did lose a little bit of belly fat.

The forth year was very different. Erica finished all of her finals and majored in General Starship Engineering and had a secondary in Computer Operations. After three and a half years she was finally allowed on a real starship and was assigned aboard the USS Belfast on her cadet cruise. The Belfast was an old Miranda Class Starship and was assigned to Starfleet Academy as a training vessel.

On her third day aboard the Belfast the ship was doing a standard cadet cruise patrol when it picked up a Distress signal. The ship was lured into the Paulson nebula and was violently attacked. Erica doesn't remember much about the attack, but she remembers the sirons and the flashing lights before hitting her head and waking up several days later.

When Erica woke up, she had been fastened down to a bed and stipped of her uniform. She later learnt that she was now on a planet and was one of only a handful of survivors from the Belfast. She was told that she was now apart of the colony called Kreanus. Erica was released and told that because she was an engineer she was needed around the colony to maintain its systems.

Erica asked if she could return to her home. She was denied and told that this was now her life. She would never see Starfleet again and would do as she was told. At age twenty two she hated being confined and told what to do. She found out the hard way not to rebel against the authorities after getting into trouble for overloading a conduit and wounding several people. She spent three weeks in confinement before being released again.

Erica is now twenty four years old and has spent the last two years on Kreanus. She has been keeping busy fixing and repairing technology around the base, from lights to old computers. The only reason she has not been assigned to a Starship is because the colony needs her more as a young woman and engineer.
Medical History Erica took a severe knock to the head when the USS Belfast was attacked causing her to pass out for several days.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Engineering Corps - Cadets. Majored in General Starship Engineering. Minored in Computer Operations.

USS Belfast - Starfleet Training Cadet Cruise. (Missing in Action)

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