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Commander Langdale Wiggins

Name Langdale Wiggins

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Unknown/Betazoid Hybrid
Age 36
Date of Birth February 2354
Place of Birth Unregistered & stolen civilian starship | Grew up in Rudyard, Montana

Starfleet ID

Serial Number EW-600-8370
Security Clearance Level 9
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 1 - Captain's Ready Room
Quarters 01-2105 SO
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2" (1.88m)
Weight 190lbs (86Kg)
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Various eye colour (species related)
Physical Description Langdale’s parents are unknown to him or the Federation. DNA results show conclusively that he is of Betazoid decent, but the results show that his heritage is mixed. One parent was of an unknown species to the Federation. He stands tall, but not lanky. His shoulders are wide and he holds himself with perfect posture. His light brown hair is usually kept short and it grows out quickly; however, he isn’t always as quick at having it cut. His eyes are his most striking feature. They change colour at what seems like random times, but it has been noted that his eyes change colour depending on his mood. The usual default colour tends to be grey-blue. The changes are subtle and not always noted by less observant people. It is believed that this is a unique trait, as a result of his unknown mixed heritage.


Spouse None
Children Cole - 16
Jon - 16
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Pets French Bulldog - Ophelia (4 years old)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Langdale has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and adventure. However, his deep need for family cohesion and unity keeps him grounded and focused. He has a need to keep a balance between his professional career and his family. By nature, Langdale is an altruist, always pursuing the right thing to do. He very rarely says no to friends when they ask for help. He has a deep faith in the Federation and its laws and principles. Langdale, known to his friends as ‘Dale’, is very social oriented. He enjoys large groups and is known for putting on some excellent parties.

He isn’t much for spreading gossip, but he does have a need to insert himself in the personal lives of others, more because he feels he has things to offer his friends and colleagues, especially to those that take him into their confidence and allows him to share their secrets and his experience. While some people that haven’t exactly been in Langdale’s good books have described him as narcissistic, his true friends have simply described him as having a nearly singular focus on family and his children and how his career fits with them despite how it might affect others in his life.
Strengths Managing and motivating people are among Langdale's biggest strengths though some would say it's his ability to stay focused on family as a loving young father. He is very ambitious and his career goals can seem obsessive but it gives him great results.
Weaknesses He is a narcissistic people pleaser though his career and his family come first above all else. He spends a lot of time on his appearance and comes across as vain (though not rude or arrogant). His self-esteem is directly tied to his need to have approval from others. His perfectionism, while great for technical aspects of his career, can push people out when he attempts to do things on his own rather than ask for help or delegate.
Ambitions His greatest ambition is to be a Fleet Commander. Not just a commanding officer of his own starship, he has his eyes set on commanding multiple Captains. He has career brass written all over his face.
Hobbies & Interests In his high school and SF Academy days, they were made less boring with the copious amounts of extracurricular activities. Mainly anything sports related, and preferably something competitive. He particularly enjoyed wrestling for the athleticism of the sport, but when he joined the Academy he fell in love with team sports. Usually finagling himself into Team Captain roles. He helped spearhead the Senior Varsity baseball, basketball, and rugby teams. He, however (and this hurt his narcissistic ego greatly), did not get voted for the Parrises Squares Team Captain and it irks him to this day.

Back home he would also be seen competing in rodeos. Barrel racing and bull riding were among his top favourite events to participate in. Most of the holodeck programs he uses for recreation are rodeo programs.
Vernacular Speaks with a very distinct Montana regional accent and occasionally slips in regionally specific slang on Earth. Acquired from his childhood home at a Federation school located in Montana.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken While he doesn't speak anything other than Standard, fluently, his knowledge of inappropriate jokes, anecdotes, and swear words in a variety of languages is usually what makes him the life of nearly any party for any species.

Personal History Langdale was a Ward of the Federation until his 18th birthday. In 2355 at the age of one, he was taken into protective custody after the ship he was on with his parents was attacked and boarded by a Federation vessel. Evidently, his parents were part of a pirate crew and their ship was discovered by a passing border patrol ship. Many of the crew were arrested and detained, though a handful managed to escape. Langdale’s parents were among the escapees, having left their child behind.

His childhood was uneventful. For the first year of his life, he lived in a Federation housing facility until either a willing family could take him or he could be placed in an orphanage. He proved to be a rather challenging infant. Crying fits, and refusal to eat made it difficult for him to be placed with a family who had a hard time bonding with him. He was eventually placed in a school for children of the Federation. Located on a large ranch in Rudyard, Montana. He seemed to respond well to the new home and the teachers and organizers of the school always reported positive comments. He was a rather precocious child, and he made a lasting impression on his teachers and guardians. They helped guide him into adulthood and he makes sure to visit them or write to them regularly even today. When he was 17, he applied to Starfleet Academy.

Once at the Academy, it was no surprise that he had a natural affinity to the diplomatic services of Starfleet. He initially excelled in this area and his instructors pushed to have him specialize. However, Langdale had his eyes set on command and he had very lofty goals set for himself. He studied hard and managed to stay focused enough to finish with a decent GPA. His fifth year at the Command School was the toughest. Having to make difficult moral decisions that were required of bridge personnel was personally difficult for him to pass. With determination, he managed to make it through with a renewed sense of purpose.

Due to his Betazoid physiology, Langdale is very perceptive of other people’s emotions and intentions. This gives him a heightened sense of intuition. He has honed this skill over the years and relies on it heavily. During his youth, Langdale used this skill to navigate his way through the political side of Starfleet. He made friends easily, but more importantly he made the right friends. It helped propel his career and fast track him for promotions.

Now that he has matured, and has a strong sense of his command style, he has become more comfortable with just being satisfied with being a good father. That was a hard lesson for him to teach himself. Especially when he’d found out he was a father. Nearly 10 years ago, during his posting as an Officer of the Watch on the Valiant, he was contacted by a woman he had a very brief relationship with when he was twenty during summer leave in the third year.

In 2379, during a brief stopover at Starbase 234, she reveals he has two seven-year-old fraternal twins. His seven year olds. She had been selected for a ten-year deep space mission, and children weren’t allowed (or so she claimed at the time). She was now asking for help in raising them. He wasn’t left with much choice after a DNA test confirmed him as the father and suddenly the fast paced career driven partier was left a single parent.

Raising them alone has been a bit of a challenge at times, but it hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his career while balancing his time to raising his children. With his sons in a private school studying to take the Starfleet entrance exams after summer 2391, he felt it was the right time to take the next step in his career and apply for XO position on the prestigious and infamous Galileo. While he had been serving as XO now for a few years on USS Liberty, securing a spot on a task force flagship was exactly what he needed on his service record.
Medical History Langdale is a unique Betazoid hybrid. While through medical examination has revealed one parent was Betazoid, the other parent's species could not be identified. Subtle differences in chemical and medication resistances have been noted with ongoing evaluations order to continue making sure Starfleet can continue to provide species appropriate care.

One unusual trait is the changing colour of his eyes. The colour changes seemingly at random, though it's theorized that it's mood dependant. There is unusual activity in the turbid medium in the stroma of his iris that can shift and make the colour change. It is believed this is a trait of the unknown species that make up his genetics.
Service Record 2354 – Born
2371 – Entered Starfleet
2374 – Sons born (unknown to Wiggins)
2374 – Cadet 3rd Year – USS Tripoli – Dominion War
2375 – Ensign (field promoted) – USS Tripoli – Dominion War
2376 – Ensign – Gamma shift Duty Officer - USS Tripoli
2379 – Lieutenant JG – Officer of the Watch – USS Santiago
2382 – Lieutenant – Second Officer – USS Barcelona
2384 – Lieutenant – Officer in Charge – USS Baldr, runabout – SB 234
2385 – Lieutenant Commander – Second Officer – USS Liberty
2387 – Commander – First Officer – USS Liberty
2390 – Commander – First Officer – USS Galileo

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