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Ensign James Langley

Name James David Langley

Position Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 23
Date of Birth April 1, 2367; 2247 hours and 16.5 minutes
Place of Birth Hilo, Hawaii County, Hawaii, United States, Earth, Sol System, Sol Sector, Alpha Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CP-811-9130
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 5 - Intelligence Office
Quarters 04-2725 JO
Roommate Randolf Eklund

Physical Appearance

Height 177.8cm [5' 10”]
Weight 67kg [147lb, 11.36oz]
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description James is an average build human for one that does not exercise on a regular basis. His diet and activity bring him to acceptable levels of a healthy body and it is maintained through discipline and occasional exercise. He stands at about average human height and over all has an unimposing build.

His eyes and facial features exude an always focused demeanor. He is always focused on something. His dull gray eyes never dart about and are always locked on something. Anything. Reading and learning what they see. Though he may look outwardly cold it is only because he is trying to learn all that he sees. Once he is familiar with his surroundings he opens up, his face slightly more inviting.

Overall his body is still. Not due to sloth, but due to constant focus.
Body Art There are a few ciphers tattooed on his visible body, though most are small and unassuming. There are other details that are very difficult to detect, too. Small strips just under the skin with dots no more textured than perhaps goosebumps that are actually braille. There are only a couple of these, but their length and meaning are just as unknown as the rest of the ciphers.


Father David Langley
Mother Eleanor Langley
Brother(s) John Langley
Pets Nahash (Ball Python)

Personality & Traits

General Overview James is, for the most part, quiet and introverted. He is one to interact socially and can actually be quite amusing, especially in his endless wit, but he is never one to engage. He must almost always be approached, though he does (rarely) place himself into others' conversations or activities. Once people get to know him James can actually be quite entertaining, though for the most part he is always focused on something. Occasionally his focus is directed towards others or being fun, but usually his focus lays on the minutiae of any given situation.
Strengths Focused
Weaknesses Critical
Ambitions To break any code he comes across, but also and more importantly, to create unbreakable codes. He also aspires to be a talented artist, trying new mediums or styles otherwise unthought of. In a word, he wishes to be a 'pioneer.' The newest greatest art-form or the newest uncrackable code.
Hobbies & Interests Drawing (Crayon and oil pastel mostly). Codes in art. The art of codes. De-cyphering and Solving. Reading (books, people, anything).
Vernacular James is sometimes quick to speak what is on his mind but his vernacular is obviously deliberate. He is sure to use large and colorful words in his speech, mostly because since Federation Standard is the one language he knows he figures he may as well know it well.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Spoken: Federation Standard; Sign Languages: FSSL and KliSL; Braille: Federation Standard, Vulcan, Andorian, and Tellarite

Personal History James Langley was born in Hilo, Hawaii to parents Eleanor and David Langley. He would be the first of two brothers, the other being John, but for the most part his family situation did not and still does not matter much. They were always quite quiet and his parents gave their two children quite a lot of space. Perhaps too much so.

The two brothers became closed in and were never really ones to actively make friends, though they did come along from time to time. The lack of parental guidance made James learn to fend for himself at an early age in most matters, though it was certainly not perfect. As a result his personality is somewhat askew, though he is able to function normally, albeit quietly and perhaps a different pace than others.

Because of his attention being mostly inward and towards studies that didn't involve other people, James became quite the focused individual. He was able to set himself to any task and accomplish even tasks most people would find grueling. This was certainly not always something to brag about, though, as he found most people were unimpressed with things such as sitting down and reading every name of every person who had ever gone to his primary school from its inception to current date or the entire list of artificially derived ingredients used in late twentieth century Earth culinary exploits.

School obviously came easily to him as well, his sharp memory and focus on studies making most of his courses very easy. During his last year of school he was introduced to the problem that would end up deciding much of his future. A beautifully artistic cypher. It was a puzzle with no name and many parts. With very little goading from his few friends he set to solving the puzzle. He spent most of his free time that wasn't related to school work solving the problem. He learned art. He learned cryptography. Chemistry and even a bit of music! Each part of the puzzle taught him something new as he progressed and at the end of it he had a handful of talents and hobbies and a drive for more. To make a career from learning and solving.
Starfleet History And so he joined Starfleet. Naturally he chose to work in intelligence, specializing in cryptography and analysis. He was good at cracking codes but even better at sifting through mountains of information for small details. He was the man who could find a needle in a stack of needles. He could drag out some mundain detail that would lead to an epiphany in a case or some other enigma. He was even sure to keep his mind sharp with a few dull classes and even set himself to learning his family history all the way back to it's earliest records amongst other details that would no doubt bring a chuckle to any who would hear it. All information which is still stored within his mind. So it was with no surprise that he aced all related classes and moved immediately into the intelligence field. Fresh from the academy he was stationed at Starbase 84. Not a great place for action, but then again one could sift through files and decipher codes just about anywhere in the cosmos.

But traveling abroad certainly sounded lovely. Perhaps if a ship came around that needed new intelligence officers to fill a quota or need. He could be a mobile code cracker and data reader. All he needed as the right ship to take him along...
Medical History James has Myopia which is treated by the use of corrective lenses. He prefers this method over other methods of correction as sometimes seeing the world askew gives him new inspirations for his artistry.
Service Record 2385-2389; Starfleet Academy
2389-2390; Intelligence Officer/ Cryptographer; Starbase 84
2390; Assigned to USS Galileo

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