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Ensign Miriam Kallan

Name Miriam Kallan

Position Xenobiologist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 26
Date of Birth 2364.12.23
Place of Birth USS Austen

Starfleet ID

Serial Number IE-551-8261
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 4 - Multipurpose Labs
Quarters 04-0803 JO
Roommate Luke Wyatt

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 134
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Miriam is average in height with a slight frame and naturally bright red hair. Her bright green eyes are a bit unnerving to some people and she always seems to be smiling.
Body Art N/A


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Vanak (Adoptive), Tronan Kallan (birth)
Mother T'Nara(Adoptive), Quarra (birth)
Brother(s) Veran (Adoptive)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Unknown
Pets N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Miriam is an abnormally cheerful woman, sometimes to the point of being annoying to some people. She will always put on a smile and look on the bright side of any bad situation. She likes to try and cheer people up when they seem down and enjoys making new friends no matter their species, age, or sex. She is very interested in other cultures and loves listening to people's stories. Miriam loves a good clean joke or prank. She would never put anyone in danger with her playfulness, but when it's appropriate and sometimes, when it's not appropriate but she feels it's needed to cool down a tense situation, she is open to games and a smile.
Strengths -Patience - Miriam is insanely, irritatingly, patient. If someone asks her to wait a minute, she'll wait a day or however long it takes them to get to her. Even when she is being playful she is patient, waiting for the most opportune times to tease or joke with people. Contrary wise, if she is upset with someone or in a battle situation she will wait as long as it takes to handle the situation. Though this does not mean she is utterly incapable of loosing her temper, on the contrary, like anyone, she can be pushed past her breaking point resulting in a very terrifying result. Though a full break down is very rare and only tends to happen under extreme circumstances. On the whole, however, her calm anger tends to be far more dangerous than her obvious anger.

-Determination- Miriam is not one to waiver in her resolve. Once she sets her mind to something she will not back down until the task is complete.

-Loyal and Trustworthy- Having been raised in a Starfleet environment, Miriam was taught the value of loyalty and trust and holds herself to high expectations in both.
Weaknesses -Flirt- Another element of her playfulness is flirtatiousness. Oftentimes, she doesn't even realize she's flirting, even with females, sometimes leading to awkward situations.

-Stubbornness- Her determination often reaches the point of stubbornness or obsession, making getting in her way, a dangerous place to be. She can even go far enough to put her own life at risk for the sake of that which she is determined to do.

-Hatred for the Dominion- While Miriam, is congenial and kind to most people, she has a completely different outlook toward the Dominion and in a small part, toward Cardassians as well as they were stupid enough to get themselves tangled with them. Her hatred for the Dominion and Cardassians is very clear and she doesn't bother to hide it.

-Naive- Miriam is still a young El-Aurian, and in her idealistic mindset, she is often too easy to trust others, which, lucky for her, had yet to get her into any substantial trouble.
Ambitions Miriam's only real ambition is to learn and explore as much as she can. She knows very little about her own people and so she seeks knowledge wherever she goes.
Hobbies & Interests Miriam love's learning about other peoples and cultures, that much is obvious by her choice of study, but beyond that she loves the outdoors or at the very least, simulations of the outdoors and spends much time rock climbing and hiking in many a holo-program. She also adores games and will try any game she hears about.

Miriam also loves pretty fabrics and clothing and will collect such from any new cultures she comes across. She loves to sew and experiment with cross cultural fashion.
Vernacular Miriam is exceedingly casual with most people. Though she does know how to speak formally in appropriate situations, if the other person indicates that formality is unnecessary, she readily drops formal speech. On the whole, she talks to most everyone as if they were an old friend.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Vulcan, Romulan, Cardassian, Bajoran, Trill, Betazed

Personal History Miriam was a Starfleet baby from birth, born on the Starfleet science vessel, USS Austen, to Starfleet Officer Tronan Kallan, and civilian artist Quarra Kallan. She spent much of her early years walking the halls of the science vessel with her mother, surrounded by uniforms. When she was eight years old, while on a survey trip to the Gamma Quadrant, their ship was attacked by the Dominion. While they managed by some miracle to limp their way back through the wormhole to DS9, it was not without a price. Both Miriam's parents died in the attack.

By her father's last request to a close friend of his, Lieutenant Vanak, a Vulcan scientist, Miriam was adopted by the male and his wife T'Nara. He sent her to be raised in safety on Vulcan with his wife and young son. It was admittedly awkward for such an emotionally outgoing person such as Miriam to be raise on Vulcan, but she grew to love and admire the people who became her family. She was soon happy to call Vulcan her home.

Ignoring the rude comments from Vulcan children she didn't let it stop her from being a productive and dedicated student and worked her butt off to keep up with Vulcan children in test scores for her age group. She quickly learned that she had a great capacity for the retention of information, she assumed it was due to her species' long lives and from that moment, decided she would dedicate her life to learning everything she could.

As soon as she was allowed, her first pit-stop in life became the Vulcan Science Academy where she studied Exobiology and Xenolinguistics and graduated with high scores. From there, Miriam decided, that her next step, should be Starfleet, to give her lust for knowledge a direction as opposed to aimless wondering. Perhaps, the idea came from the logic of her Vulcan family.
Starfleet History Upon joining Starfleet Acedemy Miriam double majored in Xenobiology and Exoarchaeology and made a fun time of the Academy, within reason, of coarse. Her time in the Academy, merely served to remind her, how fun the rest of the universe was, and how frustratingly dull Vulcan's could be, despite her affection for them. She graduated with honors and was assigned fresh-faced and eager to the USS Galileo right out of the Academy.
Medical History Miriam is a surprisingly healthy person. Having been raised, for the most part on Vulcan, she has a higher tolerance for similar harsher environments, though not to the extent of the natives.
Service Record 2390- Graduated Starfleet Academy and assigned to the USS Galileo

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