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Petty Officer 1st Class Unit Cu-47 "Copper"

Name Unit Cu-47 "Copper"

Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender N/A
Species Exocomp
Age 26
Date of Birth 2367
Place of Birth Tyrus VIIa

Starfleet ID

Serial Number EN-933-8691
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Gamma
Office Deck 7 - Main Engineering
Quarters 04-2219 EN
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 15"
Weight 25-35lbs (Varies with component/tools
Hair Color None
Eye Color None
Physical Description Copper is a little boxy compared to his more contemporary brothers and sisters, but still shares a slight triangular shape. His outer casing, made of Rodinium makes him 21 times tougher than diamond. Though this material is one of the hardest metals known to the Federation, the scratches and dents that are present shows evidence of Copper’s intense mining past. Copper, unlike newer models has a fully developed personality and as such, he is known to decorate himself or allow others to decorate him as a form of expression and pride. He has various stickers and emblems stuck in various places on his outer shell from people he’s worked with in the past.

He has a copper colouring to some of his components and a brownish tint on certain panels. Which is more due to age, replaced parts and certain parts being more worn than others. He has three sensor appendages that rotate and move, as they constantly scan his surroundings. One on either side and one on the top. He is known to use them for communication as well, in the way he waves or blinks the lights on them. He has two sturdy wheel tracks to give him locomotion ability, but also has built in anti-gravity panels to allow him to hover and fly. In 2372, small thrusters were replicated and installed to allow movement in space as well.

Copper’s most prized component is the mini-holopgraphic projector installed in the front of his outer casing. He uses this to project both 2d and 3d holograms for various uses. He also uses it for expression and communication. Copper is covered in various coloured lights that seemingly flash in random sequences, but is actually used to communicate with other exocomps as well as biological colleagues. Among other useful components and systems that have been installed into Copper’s axionic chip network, is a boridium power converter and a mini-replicator. The raw materials in his storage unit is limited, and needs to be refueled manually or by having Copper dematerialize things.
Body Art ==/\== PNPC owned by Langdale Wiggins ==/\==


Mother Doctor Farallon

Personality & Traits

General Overview At first, Copper seems like any other machine tool. Those that work with him daily however, see a personality that is cheeky and light-hearted. He seems to genuinely enjoy fixing things, and seems to be excited when he completes a particularly difficult repair. His problem-solving skills at times can seem to even outperform shipboard computer systems. He enjoys other people, and shows pride in his ability to help people perform tasks.
Orientation Asexual

Personal History Copper was created by Doctor Farralon on Tyrus VIIa. His initial purpose was to help maintain and repair mining equipment, but within a year of service it was discovered that Copper had more uses. His ability to determine problems within a system outperformed even some of the other exocomps.

Some of his early history isn’t known, however in 2371, Copper was seen in use for the first time on a Starship vessel, the USS Exeter.

Copper has been serving various roles on Starships since then. Presently he is currently deactivated and is sitting in the Engineering section on the USS Atlas. He isn’t happy about his assignment as the crew don’t seem to use him as often as he’d prefer, and waits for the day he’s reassigned to a ship that can appreciate his problem solving skills.

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