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Lieutenant Kiri Cho

Name Kiri Cho

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 22
Date of Birth 4/4/2368
Place of Birth Luna

Starfleet ID

Serial Number RS-547-7543
Security Clearance Level 6
Duty Shift Alpha

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 54kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kiri is a shortish woman, generally small all around rather petite. Skinny and light she doesn't have much muscle to her or much of anything. Her clothing due to her issues with self image tends to be plain, covering as much of her body as possible, attempting to hide her shape and her markings. Almost all the time she can be found in her uniform, regardless of the situation as it leaves her a very good reason to hide.

Shoulder blade length dark brown hair is normally tied into a ponytail with a small fringe. Her skin is pale and quite sun starved, her face young with soft features.
Body Art Natural Trill spots run from her forehead right down to her feet on each flank, other than that she is clear other than a pair of occasional study earrings.


Father Kenta Cho (adoptive)
Mother Holly Cho (adoptive)
Sister(s) Sarah McKenna [9] (adoptive)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kiri generally doesn't think of people but at the same time she tries to make as many of them as happy as possible. Her work comes first, something she cares passionately about and finds herself spending almost all her time doing. People scare her and do things she can't predict. The mathematics of the universe are much easier for her, in that respect work is an escape from social interaction. In small groups she finds herself able to cope, though she is still the quiet shy one. Luckily for her in command structures she finds herself quite at home and very able to function.

Exploring the stars was all she wanted to do when she was growing up, now she has that dream. Just about all she does it work on that fact, exploring space itself. At the detriment of everything else life has to offer. She does have some semblance of a social life though, Kiri likes predictable friends, finding herself getting along very well with most Vulcans. In a similar way to them, her first reaction to most situations is to do what Starfleet would want her to do, rather than what she wants or thinks.
Strengths She is extremely smart and very talented at mathematics as well as having a wide knowledge of natural space phenomenon. She is also skilled at computer programming and somewhat versed in warp theory. These also mix with standard Star Fleet Training in a range of other fields including a limited medical knowledge.
Weaknesses Dealing with people is hard for her, without the topic of work she has a limited range of interests. Finding public speaking almost impossible as well as generally getting quite socially anxious. In combat she has rather limited skills, despite being quite accurate with a phaser she gets quite panicky under pressure.
Ambitions When she was little Kiri already knew that she wasn't human and that she was from another planet. Ever since then she dreamed about the stars, the space between them and what else was out there. As she grew up her interest became more and more scientific. She doesn't really have any goals as far as research goes, doing every task as needed, enjoying the journey rather than where it is going.
Hobbies & Interests Most of Kiri's time is spent on work. It's very normal for her not to leave other than to sleep unless ordered to do so. When forced to take leave she even then tends to spend her time on small projects relating to space anomalies. To this end she has never visited the holodeck, barely visited the mess hall and normally only talks to her room mate and co-workers in her department.
Vernacular Kiri can stammer quite a lot when she is caught off guard and tends to have a very formal way of talking. She has a vague Chinese accent that has been quite diluted.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken English, Mandarin, Rihannsu, Klingon

Personal History Kiri was born on Earth's Moon in unknown circumstances. Both her parents were Trill though there is no medical record of her father nor indication of who he was. Her mother was believed to be a smuggler but there was no real evidence for it. Her name was recorded as Kris Tel and she was found dead with her baby on one of the lower levels. Attempts were made first to send the baby to Trillius Prime but with no family the process with very complicated, placement with Trill on other planets faired no better. So she was placed with a foster family on Earth, where she stayed. In a small village in Southern China where her adoptive father grew up. Most of the other children were human, leaving her feeling rather isolated at points. She always knew she was different from those around her, that she looked different. This was when she developed an aversion to showing her skin to people.

Life wasn't bad and she loved her adoptive parents very much, idolising her mother Holly. As she got older she retreated from people more and more. There weren't really any bad experiences, any bullying or mistreatment. It was all self inflicted, her own belief that people were making fun of her, little things blown far out of proportion. Locking away the social side of life she devoted herself entirely to the universe. The sciences and patterns that made it all up and learning as much as she could about them. Becoming an addictive and all consuming obsession that took over her entire life. This stunted her social skills as well as several other aspects of her life but Kiri felt quite happy about it.

Without distraction outside of school she was able to become top in her class, passing every test and exam with full marks. So much so that to get anything less than perfect to be seen as a failure. While polite when it came to other people she was often quiet short with people. Giving answers to what they wanted without much consideration for social norms. This did improve, much more so a high school. There she was able to meet and make friends with many more non-humans. Making good friends with two Vulcans, a Bolian and a Betazoids they made up her friendship group for the happiest years of her life. They promoted her in working hard while still having some social interaction. A feeling that she found somewhat different from her impression of humans. They helped her grow as more of a person enough that she found herself able to join Starfleet, along with three of her friends.
Starfleet History The academy was much the same as school. Almost all her time was spend on science and learning. Not going to parties or social events, most people didn't even notice she was there. For four years she went through the same cycle of all work and no play. Speaking with the few friends she did have, the odd calls to her parents. Meals were almost always ration bars, with those she only had to eat once every three days and let her get on with the complex matters. There were no major events. The only struggles she had were with the physical side, coming near last in most of those classes. Bringing her overall grade down. Still she excelled to an extremely high level in Astrophysics, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Programming and Cataloguing Natural Phenomena. So when she graduated as an Engisn she was assigned to the USS Galileo as a Sensor Analyst, bridging the gap between Science and Operations. Most of her work is done in the primary sensor suit but is on the bridge rotation.
Medical History Kiri has had the remarkable luck to never have visited a doctor for an ailment until her posting on the USS Galileo where she had a serve burn on her left arm. Since the academy though she has been living on personality tailored rations rather than normal food, to the dismay of the ships doctor.
Service Record 566224.65 Graduated Star Fleet Academy
566230.13 Assigned to the USS Galileo as a Sensor Analyst
566254.79 Promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer

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