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Charlotte Franklin

Name Charlotte Marie Franklin

Position Crew Family

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 16
Date of Birth April 12, 2375
Place of Birth London, England

Starfleet ID

Security Clearance Pending
Duty Shift Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 110
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Charlotte has long, brown hair that rests just past her shoulders. She is tall and lanky and maintains her weight through constant working out. Her brown eyes convey an extra sadness behind them despite bringing out the smile on her face, as she has learned to mask any feelings that she doesn't want people to see.
Body Art NA

=^= PNPC Franklin =^=


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Gideon Franklin, 61
Mother Ellen Franklin, 60, deceased
Brother(s) Ethan, 33; William, 30; Devin, 28
Sister(s) Amaranai, 26; Lily, 25; Isabelle, 21
Other Family Commander Nara Doteen - adopted mother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite being out of the environment that created her, Charlotte still holds some anger inside. Because of this, she can be prone to bursts of anger at whomever happens to be within her radius. She usually will feel guilty for the outburst, but she does mean what she says when she lets the insults fly.
Strengths Charlotte is strong-willed and because of that she is confident.
Weaknesses Her over-confidence sometimes leads to arrogance and selfishness.
Ambitions Charlotte's ambitions have changed over the past several months. Initially, when she agreed to join her sister on the Galileo, she figured she would just spend time getting to know her older sister again and having fun sister adventures. Charlotte, of course, didn't expect her sister to have a girlfriend that she spent more time with than her own flesh and blood. But it did give Charlotte an opportunity to make time for actual ambitions - like learning more about the Galileo-A and what opportunities she could avail herself to. Charlotte might not be ready for Starfleet, but she wants to at least feel like she can contribute if necessary.
Hobbies & Interests Working out, Reading, Writing, Holo novels
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard

Personal History Charlotte spent the past two years living on the campus of Starfleet Academy. Two years ago, Amaranai removed Charlotte from their parent's care and took her to San Francisco to live with one of her former instructors. Since then, her life has turned around considerably and she no longer thinks of the family that was left behind in London. Based on what her sister has told her, they haven't even missed her. And while that saddens Charlotte, she is happy that she can at least build a proper relationship with her sister.
Medical History Charlotte has had her right forearm broken as well as three broken ribs from jumping off a building in an attempt to jump in her family pool. She also has a scar on her left arm where she sliced herself accidentally with a knife.

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