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Senior Chief Petty Officer Martin Caine

Name Martin Nelson Caine (KIA)

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 30
Date of Birth 17/06/2358
Place of Birth Betazed

Starfleet ID

Serial Number KE-640-3802
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 1 - Captain's Ready Room
Quarters Pending
Roommate Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 6” 216 cm
Weight 235 lbs 102kg
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Martin Nelson Caine, was much taller than most of his family, spends most of his spare time working on his physically fitness. Due to this in his early thirties he is a lean well muscled strong Betazoid male. He kept his hair buzzed quite short, which didn't help with his early baldness. He had many small scars on his hands and from an early mountaineering accidents one that has since been covered by his Phoenix tattoo. To make his home life easier he usually reduces gravity in his quarters. He has reduced his dependence of that from 75% When it first happened to a 25% reduction for about a year a half.
Body Art He is a long term owner of a Celtic crane around his shoulders and since just after his brother died a small Phoenix rising from the ashes that covers the indentation of the small of his back and surgery.

He had always liked the story of the Phoenix and it helped him carry on after he lost his brother.
Portrait Hugh Jackman (circa 1998)


Spouse Nil
Children Nil
Father Andrew Caine MD (Retired Medical / Surgical Officer) {Retired his commission after the death of his youngest son.}
Mother Maria Caine MD (Psychiatry) Ships psychiatrist chief counsellor {Retired her commission after the death of her youngest son.}
Brother(s) James Caine (25) Psychiatric Nurse (deceased)
Sister(s) Nil
Other Family Jamie Andrea Fraiser (Niece)
Stephanie Fraiser (friend from school.)
Pets Nil

Personality & Traits

General Overview Prior to the loss of his brother Martin was an easy outgoing personality with a raucous laugh. Since his loss he spent a year in counselling. As part of that he entered a time of extended leave, he took up the fleet suggestions of psychological and psychiatric counselling which allowed him a good time to grieve. He decided the best place to do the rehab was Riza. He chose to do it here because USS Courageous had stopped there for a shore leave and it was still away from his family. He left the ship to begin. Near the end of the process he felt it was maybe time to do some family bonding and mutual grieving, this helped his mother understand that Stephanie would be a good mother. (He returned to Risa to finish his counselling when his mother tried to finish the process. May change to meeting up and helping with Stephanie's physical and mental rehab.) At the end of his paid leave he was returned to service with a change of ship. USS Galileo was to be his new home. He knew it could be an interesting posting as his brothers fiancée Stephanie was also assigned to start at the same time, she could use a good friend, and would have family her daughter, Martin's niece.
Strengths Over the years of working his way through the command structure of the fleet and specifically his ship, through hard work and determination, Martin developed a keen sense for problem solving and the development of his personal network of friends, family and work colleagues helped develop his natural Betazoid mental abilities.
Weaknesses Martin has spent many years honing his strengths which has given him a natural pull toward those. His recent Tragic loss of his only brother had a detrimental affect on his ability to do the work for short time period, saw him almost lose control of his mental strength, which would have lead to a mentally unstable Betazoid. His instability has left him sometimes quick to anger.
Ambitions To move up the ranks with gentle kindness, for those below and respect for those above.
Firm direct action when needed for disciplinary action as needed for junior crew
To provide a stable male fatherly figure for his niece.
To find a nice respectable betazoid lady to settle down with.
Hobbies & Interests Aikido, Ninjutsu, Juijitsu, Krav Maga, Rock Climbing, Camping, baseball
Vernacular Quietly spoken, with a slight Australian accent, from school, when needed but willing and able to use his voice appropriately when the junior sailors have been sent to him for a re-alignment. Sometime quick to anger since the death of James.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Betazoid.

Personal History Born to loving parents the first of two boys to a fleet medical doctor and surgeon father, of the 3rd house and Psychiatrist mother of the 5th house Martin was on a large fleet ship until the outbreak of the dominion war. His mother's belief in her nobility of a ‘ruling house’ often makes Martin's mother very difficult live with.

He was named after Martin Luther King jr and Nelson Mandela, activists of the twentieth century Earth, whom his Father admired for the leadership.

With the outbreak of war his father was seconded to Fleet medical school to train surgeons and his mother was seconded to the fleet psychiatric unit to assist personnel injured in the combat to regain their mental stability. The boys started school, and due to hard times and long hours Martin and James were sent to a co-educational boarding school called Scotch College in South Australia's capital.

Martin wasn't as clued in with his science and mathematics, but he relished having something to fix with hands. He joined the cricket team not to play but would sneak off to learn how to make the team bats from the Fielke family, a long term family with cricket bat traditions. He was just as happy working with clay and metal. In his final year forged a bat’leth, honour sword and two Mek'leth, and a beautiful dinner, tea and platter set for his mother. He may not have liked her but she was his mother and good at her job at the same time.

As soon as he graduated from high school his mother tried pushing him toward a commissioned career, in starfleet. Martin's dyslexia led to scores too low to get into the Academy so it was General Entry training school that he headed of too. The first time she saw him after graduation his Red collar was completely unadorned at his Starfleet General entry passing out parade. She just about had a hissy fit but he said “Mother I didn’t get the marks to attend the Academy so you can like it or lump it. If you decide to lump it, this is goodbye.”
Starfleet History General Entry training
2376 Martin passed the physical fitness test and general entry training of starfleet before moving onto the command training school.

Command school

2378 to 2382
Crewman USS Pendragon NCC 72305

NCO training (Earth)

Mid 2383
Petty Officer ranks USS Courageous NCC 74512

In the year 2390, Martin took some time to stabilise himself mentally and took a temporary year long Hiatus from starfleet.

2391 - onwards: Chief of Boat USS Galileo -
Medical History *Martin was diagnosed with a learning disability which almost brought his Betazoid talents out early, (dyslexia) at age 10 and his mother started working hard at making Martin the best Martin he could be. This made no difference in the books department as he was much better with working with his hands.

*Has had all normal vaccinations and no major childhood illnesses - 2 fractured fingers and a fractured wrist as a child learning martial arts a broken back from a climbing incident at high school.

*Stiff and sore muscles in the hand, from many years of working creaky bones of his hands from fractures suffered as a child learning Martial arts.
Service Record General Entry training
2376 Martin passed the physical fitness test and general entry training of starfleet before moving onto the command training school.

Command school
Command & Control credit
Management credit
Negotiations High Distinction

2378 to 2382
Crewman USS Pendragon NCC 72305
After finishing command school Martin made his way out into the fleet on the USS Pendragon. He worked hard learning to fly first of all the small stuff and as he showed his abilities, while he learned to fly as a command crewman he learned a bit of every department as command junior sailors were expected to know some small part of everything on the ship. This pleased his Chief as it showed his willingness to be helpful in anyway. He was promoted through the ranks as man of many talents. He had kept his black and red smithing talents hoping making so bracelets and pendants for his lady friends. Eventually seconded back to Earth for the NCO training.

NCO training (Earth)
Martin returned to Earth in 2383 because the USS Pendragon didn't need NCO’s but the CO and XO and the Pendragon’s CoB recognised his abilities and decided to put him forward for the training knowing that often ships needed junior NCO at any time, through long term injuries and retirement. As part of the training he increased his decision making and management skills, as now part of the command structure and would now have people to command on safer away missions.

Command expectations were higher at NCO level
+Command & Control Credit
+Management Credit
+Problem solving Credit

Mid 2383
Petty Officer ranks USS Courageous NCC 74512
As Martin Caine completed his course the USS Courageous had a need of a Command Petty Officer. He worked hard and was now leading teams was new to him but so long as there wasn't much book work he was happy. He worked his way up the NCO rankings quickly and quietly as he worked his way up through the ranks the command staff of the Courageous saw the potential for being a chief of the boat.

In the year 2390, Martin had a promising career, then came the crash, literally. A shuttle accident in which his brother died and brought on his niece's birth as the accident almost killed his best friend from school, the baby's mother Stephanie Fraiser. He took some time to stabilise himself mentally and took a temporary year long Hiatus from starfleet.

As the year ended he got a special communication for fleet HQ. He was to join in a secret hunt for the crew of USS Galileo

2391 - onwards: Chief of Boat USS Galileo -

Character Progression System

CPS Option Enabled
Primary Band Command
Secondary Band Pilot shuttles / main bridge Charlee shift replacement pilot.

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Intelligence
+Command & control
+Problem solving


Department Skills Command
Department Perks +Negotiator

Skill Training