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Lieutenant JG Rahl Tyton

Name Rahl Navon Tyton Ph.D.

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 157
Date of Birth July 2, 2233
Place of Birth Unknown

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SI-840-3923
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 4 - Chief Science Officer's Office
Quarters 02-3216 SO
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 6'7"
Weight 260 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall for one of his race and though large he is not really bulky. Wirey would be more of a fit. His muscles have definition but they are not overly large. His blue eyes pierce with a raptor-like gaze whenever he looks at someone.
Body Art Tribal/Celtic design running in a half sleeve from his shoulder to his elbow. All done in pictish knotwork. Can't tell where it begins or ends.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Vedun Tyton
Mother Cysa Tyton
Brother(s) Younger brother: Suvan Tyton
Sister(s) None
Other Family None
Pets None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hard working, almost driven. What happened to his people and his homeworld haunts him. He is quick to make friends though he never drops a grudge. Holds everyone at arms length, even friends.

Aesthetically he is an oddity. He collects things from many different cultures whether they fit well or not. This being due to his early life as a refugee. That also extends to food. He isn't afraid to try a new cuisine or almost anything else.

He has a saying. He'll try almost anything once and if he likes it....then may the higher powers help you.
Strengths Tenacity, perseverance, quick thinking
Weaknesses Blinding hatred for the Borg. Will go out of his way to bring about the none peaceful annihilation of the Borg whenever possible.

When he is focused he tends to block out all else til the job is done. Hurting any relationship he might have with others.
Ambitions Driven by the destruction of his people's homeworld his goal is to rid the universe of the Borg if possible and to ensure that nothing like it happens again to his people. To that end, he studies all he can through Starfleet in advanced R&D.
Hobbies & Interests He loves puzzles of the mind. Philosophy, history, science.

However his one true passion outside of all Both instrumental and vocal. He has learned how to play several instruments through his life and his deep bass voice can make a resounding opera or any other music he puts his mind to. That is if he ever let anyone hear him play or sing.
Vernacular His voice much like himself is hard to place. There is almost no discernable accent. However one can detect a hint of a cajun accent as he speaks. His words, are often direct and well thought, though a bit reserved.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, French, Vulcan, Romulan

Personal History Rahl's life, in the beginning, was on of great upheaval, to say the least. Though it didn't quite begin that way. He was born much like any other child. He grew up knowing the love of his parents and even saw the birth of his younger brother. He enrolled in a university at the age of 18. He was intending on a double doctorate. However, that was not to be.

In 2265 his people's homeworld was destroyed by a force of beings known as the Borg. He spent the next 28 years as a refugee traveling from one place to the next. In the year 2293 at the age of 60, he was aboard the USS Lakul as a refugee on his way to earth. Yet again however disaster struck. A ribbon of energy that has been named the Nexus caught both ships. He was one of the 47 that the USS Enterprise was able to save. A resenting anger and hatred started within him that day. The one thing he had kept hearing, again and again, was about the Borg. Mostly it was in fear. However, as he aged he began to understand more and more. At that point, he made a vow to himself to help rid the universe of the Borg whatever the cost may be.

To that end, he studied hard. He settled on earth in the region of North America that had been called Louisiana. He threw himself into the studies of science and combat as much as he could. Though for the later outside of being in Starfleet it was mostly personal defense and martial arts. In 2300 he enrolled at the best university he could find on earth. He had no record of his studies from home as his world had been destroyed. He completed his schooling 15 years later in 2315 with a double doctorate in Quantum Mechanics, and Cybernetics/Computer Engineering. He went through a couple of jobs before he realized that if he wanted to proactively have a hand in the design and implementation of weapons and other things to be used against the Borg. He would have to join Starfleet. He applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy in 2328.
Starfleet History He entered Starfleet Academy with a vengeance. He knew that he would have to make a mark and graduate with honors if he wanted a chance at the type of R&D he was looking for. He attacked his studies in the sciences with vigor using what he knew to advance his own personal research as much as he could.

Part of his research led him to the other possible uses of warp technology. He surmised that the encapsulation then quick implosion of a warp field could be used in a military principle as a weapon. Granted no one wanted to lose a starship just to have another possible weapon on hand if needed. He started to refine and try to miniaturize the warp fields and how they could be created. For his purpose they didn't have to last long. Only a second or two. Then a quick implosion and one would get the destructive power of a photon torpedo on the magnitude times a hundred. In 2331 he presented his findings and research. His idea for weaponry at the time was dismissed. He was counseled that his animosity of the Borg was understandable. It needed to be kept in check. Still his ideas applied to more then just weaponry. The refinements he made to warp fields and there structure could be implemented in probes. To allow probes to go further and faster into deep space or wherever they needed to be sent. As such he was awarded the Cochran Medal of Excellence for his work In 2332 he graduated as valedictorian of his class with specializations in warp theory and variant energy theory. He was assigned to the USS Princeton as a science officer with the rank of ensign.

His work life and career were on the move so it seemed. However his personal life was far from perfect. While he didn't keep himself away from socializing he never really fully engaged either. He kept everyone at a distance. He enjoy intellectual conversation. Debates in theory, philosophy, history. He also listened to his fellow students and crew members about there histories. Especially the myths and legends of there individual people. Despite the horrors he had seen he still had the El-Aurian penchant for collecting and preserving the stories and histories of other cultures. He would regularly write down all that he had heard to preserve it for future times. Though unknown to almost everyone was his penchant for music. Music had been the one thing in his childhood that had never led him astray. In a better place and time he might have become a musician and singer. However these were not better times. Yet he kept up with his practice in the holodecks whenever he could get the time to do so.

While on board the Princeton he continued his research during his off-duty hours. He went from weaponry this time to defenses. In this case, shields. The Borg so far had been able to pass through any defensive measures that any other civilization had thrown at it with relative ease. He thought perhaps that if the shield frequencies and structural values were put into a phase from one into another that it would throw off the Borg weapons. He got to try his theory though not against the Borg. The USS Princeton had been sent to study a new forming nebulae. It was of a large variety but it was close enough to another star system that it might disrupt the balance of life on the federation colony there.

However the Princeton could not get close enough to the nebula for any concrete readings as the radiation and pulses coming from it were leaking through the shields even at maximum power. Rahl took his idea to the chief science officer. He was brought to the CO and Captain and he explained his idea again. He was granted permission to implement his idea. He took charge of the array and made the modifications needed. When the shields came back up he entered the multi-phasic variants into the computer. The time of truth was at hand. As they approached the nebula. The ship didn't rock with the pulses coming from the nebula and radiation levels were below acceptable limits. However the surprise was just coming. With the variances that he imputed and with the shield able to quickly phase to another variance they were able to go deeper into the nebula then any probe. They were able to get concrete readings upon the forming of new nebula and possibly how to predict the variances that it might take as it aged.

After the mission report was sent to Starfleet. His research was asked for and his nuances in shielding was sent out to all science vessels and any other vessel that might be called upon to research possibly hostile stellar phenomenon. A year later in 2351 he was given the Daystrom Award for his research. He got some good-natured ribbing from the Chief Science Officer saying he better watch out or Rahl would take his job. He found he was enjoying his work in the science department and could almost forget his driving hatred for the Borg...almost. Despite the joking and ribbing however by 2360 he was the asst chief science officer on the Princeton. However it would come crashing down all to soon.

In 2366 a fleet-wide yellow alert went out to watch for possible ships of an invasion. A possible invasion by the Borg. Genix tried to keep his mind on the task at hand but it was difficult for him. Old hatred was coming back to the front and in his dreams, he saw his family on the starship as refugees from having their homeworld destroyed by the borg.

One short year later in 2367 the Princeton was ordered to Wolf 359 to take part in a battle group being formed to repel a borg invasion. They made all haste to the designated coordinates. They made all the preparations that they could. However it would all be in vain. When the borg arrived it was one ship. One borg cube against an armada of forty starfleet vessels. The battle was engaged. However it became soon apparent that the forty ships would not be enough. Early in the battle the Princeton took a shot to the engineering section. While glancing due to the evasive maneuvers taken by the captain it was enough to blow several conduits near where the chief of engineering was. Thankfully he was killed instantly. Using his research and other ideas and out of the box thinking he helped acting chief of engineering keep the Princeton in the fight longer then would have been thought possible, but it was not enough. With the ship crippled and badly damaged the captain gave the order to abandon ship. Rahl waited til the last possible moment trying to help keep the ship together long enough to give everyone the chance to escape. Finally he got in an escape pod and jettisoned out just before a final blow from the borg took the ship out completely.

Fortunately, his pod was not one of the ones captured by the borg for assimilation. He was picked up after the battle. The Princeton and most of its crew were gone. There was no ship for him to go back to. Though it seemed that was not in the cards at any rate. He was awarded the Star Cross for his heroism and bravery for saving as many as he did allowing the crew to escape the ship.

He was reassigned to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards to help with the design and development of new starships to fight the borg menace. He was placed on the team that was working on plans for the Defiant class starship. He put forth his ideas for the shields and phasers. His ideas for the warp weapon had long since passed. It was something that would only be useful in ground combat and as Wolf 359 showed him. There was very little chance of it coming to a ground war with the borg.

He stayed at the ship yard even after the ship design was put into storage as the threat of a borg invasion seemingly diminished. He continued to work in the ship yards on new designs and systems for Starfleet vessels. Then in 2371 the ship was pulled out of storage due to the threat of the Dominion. He was sent along with the ship to Deep Space Nine to help with the ship as he had been on the design team. He worked along side the engineering crew of Deep Space Nine with the retrofit and upgrades to the Defiant staying on board as a science officer.

A year later the Defiant proved it's worth during the first battle of Deep Space Nine when the Klingons attacked. Though the ship did take damage the ship made it through the battle and made it back to the station running and intact. The following year however was to be a fight of a different kind. The second battle of Deep Space Nine came in 2373 when the Dominion attacked. This time Rahl was not able to make it to the ship before it left the dock. He had kept up on his combat training as much as he had been able to with his other duties and research. The things he learned while speaking with and training with security in the academy came back to him. He assisted in the repelling of Jem'Hadar forces that beamed onto the station after the shields went down. He fought along side security instead of being in the science department though there was little need as it wasn't needed in the middle of a battle. Finally however the call was given for starfleet personnel to evacuate the station. He made his way to the docks and boarded the Defiant. He took his place on board as the ship left orbit and headed off.

For his efforts in both battles, He was awarded the Karagite Order of Heroism. He was briefly given leave on starbase 375 to recuperate from the ordeal. However hearing about a plan to retake Deep Space Nine 6 months later he canceled the remainder of his leave and boarded the Defiant once it arrived.

Rahl stayed on the Defiant during the rest of the Dominion war. Including the attack on Cardassia Prime. After the end of the Dominion, war life returned to as much normalcy as could be had. He helped with the repairs on Deep Space Nine implementing new scientific designs and practical upgrades to the multi-phasic shields on the station. For his work and previous efforts, he was promoted to assistant chief science officer.

Yet after all this life became boring for Rahl. It seemed life was getting to normal on the station. For all intents and purposes, it was not the ship yards or even a research station where there was something new to work on. It became the same shift day after day. He enjoyed working with the people that he did. However, there were to many memories in the station.
Medical History Any doctor reading his medical history would think he was a veteran marine, not a Starfleet science officer.

His history lists several wounds and broken bones. Some requiring surgery. All due to ship to ship and personal combat during Wolf 359, the first and second battle of DS9 and the Dominion War.
Service Record (2328-2332) Starfleet Academy: Graduate, Valedictorian

(2331) Cochrane Medal of Excellence: Theoretical research and development in the miniaturization of warp fields and subspace theory.

(2331) Science officer, USS Princeton up to the battle of Wolf 359.

(2351) Daystrom Award: For advanced theoretical research and design in the field of multi-phasic arrays and emitters.

(2360) Promoted to asst chief science officer, USS Princeton

(2367) Star Cross: For heroism and conduct above and beyond the call of duty while serving on the USS Princeton during the battle of Wolf 359 helping the engineers keep the ship together long enough for the crew to escape.

(2367) Transferred to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards after the destruction of the USS Princeton to work on new designs, weapons, and shielding for starships to combat the borg threat. Placed on the team for the design of the Defiant class starship.

(2370)Transferred to Deep Space 9 upon transfer of the Defiant Class starship USS Defiant to see to it's continuing evolution.

(2373) Karagite Order of Heroism: For heroism and bravery in saving the lives of fellow crew members by repelling attackers during the first and second battle of Deep Space Nine.

(2373) Promoted to asst chief science officer, Starbase DS9

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