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Chief Petty Officer Crispin Snow

Name Crispin Snow

Position Operations Officer

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45
Date of Birth 1st May 2345
Place of Birth London, Earth

Character Type

Starfleet ID

Serial Number UC-531-1746
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Watch Gamma

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 165lbs
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Starting to fight Middle aged spread, Crispin formally healthy physique is starting to desert him, but the ghost of it can still be seen if he breathes in
Body Art =^= PNPC Owned by Miraj Derani =^=


Spouse Vanessa Sharpe (Divorced)
Children na
Father Colin
Mother Harriet
Brother(s) na
Sister(s) na
Other Family na

Personality & Traits

General Overview Crispin is jovial and freindly, nothing is too much trouble, and he's cosiderate of others
Strengths Dedicated to his job, tenacious
Weaknesses Is not as social as once he was, thanks to a horrendous divorce
Orientation Heterosexual

Personal History Joining Starfleet after a vicious divorce left him alone at the cusp of mid-life, he is determined to enjoy himself and his new found freedom
Starfleet History Quickly showing ability, initiative and talent, Crispin has advanced steadily through the enlisted rank

2385 - Enlisted
2386 - PO3 - USS Anwin
2387 - PO2 - USS Zh'Req
2388 - PO1 - USS Zh'Req
2389 - CPO - USS T'Pau
2390 - CPO - USS Galileo
Medical History No significant medical history

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Skills and Perks

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