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Ensign Lia Circe

Name Lia Alexi Circe

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Halanan 1/2 Betazoid-Human
Age 32
Date of Birth December 8, 2359
Place of Birth Quazulu VII

Starfleet ID

Serial Number XB-255-0300
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 5 - Intelligence Office
Quarters 04-0803 JO
Roommate Calin

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 123 lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description Lia's piercing gold eyes are her most unique feature. While at work, she likes to wear her hair up, either with a clip or in a ponytail, She is graceful and has a shapely figure; cool, reassuring eyes and, among others, her endearing and disarming smile. When not in a clip her brunette hair typically falls to her shoulders.
Body Art =^= PNPC owned by Evelyn Coleman =^=


Spouse None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lia is an outgoing individual who has been previously described as a 'charming' and 'sophisticated' person with a warm and informal attitude towards fellow colleagues and encourages them to join her in her hobbies and interests; in all respects Lia is approachable and friendly towards others, even when they act hostile towards her. Forgiving in nature and a brilliant listener, she takes her professional duties and sense of collective responsibility strongly and is fiercely protective of her friends and crew-members.

She is prone to teasing and bantering with close friends and colleagues and frequently makes jokes to people to feels secure that she would not offend, though takes caution and restraint around acquaintances and unfamiliar persons. Furthermore, Lia is a respectful and patient officer and openly embraces other cultures, races and viewpoints.
Strengths Good listener and approachable
Quick-thinking and adaptable under pressure
Brilliant problem-solver, especially in emotional situations
Advanced Telepathic and Empathic abilities
Advance Immunity - Immune to most toxins and poisons.
Weaknesses Opinionated/Blunt
Chronic Insomnia due to Telepathy
Autoimmune Disease due to Genetic Makeup requires routine medication to keep at bay.
Potentially Hearing Impaired, unknown if Lia can actually hear.
Ambitions Generally, Lia does not exactly perceive the idea of ambition the same way that a lot of people do. If anything, she would like to aspire to an orderly manner of living. Simply be the best she can be.
Hobbies & Interests Athletic and highly competitive, Lia thrives on intense holodeck simulations, ranging from team sports to combat simulations. Desiring the thrill of actual danger, she often does these simulations with the safeties disabled. As well as challenging herself phsyically, Lia also enjoys mental challenges, such as the occasional game of chess or a mind-bending puzzle.
Vernacular Soft calm voice unless tempered.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard.

Personal History Most of Lia's childhood she was in a catatonic coma due to a genetic abnormality that had her Telepathic ability turned on when she was born.

She was abandoned and found by local authorities on Quazulu VII and was labeled LIA, Lost Infant Abandoned, by the Medical staff at the hospital.

On December 8, at the age of 10 Lia emerged for her coma. When she awoke she had been transferred to a pediatric hospital on Betazed that specialized in children with her condition.

The two physicians assigned to her case, Doctors Elison Circe and Alexi Klein were the closest thing to parents to her that her name was in their honor. Her development both mentally and physically were remarkable that she was already meeting, if not succeeding most of the milestones of her age.

Lia quickly embraced the society and environment of Betazed and even enrolled into school and became more social than before. In 2374, at the age of 15, Lia took and successfully passed the Starfleet Entrance Examination. When she was preparing to leave for Earth at the end of the year, the Dominion conquered Betazed.

The Dominion Occupation of Betazed lasted for only seven month however much happened to Lia in those months. The Dominion instituted curfews and many of the populations were put into labor camps. Dr. Circe was killed when he joined the resistance, and she was separated from Dr. Klein.

During the occupation, Lia used her telepathic abilites to help the resistance learn about troop movements and other tactical information that lead to successful strikes against the Dominion occupiers.

When the Federation reclaimed Betazed, Lia felt a new sense of purpose. Not to take anything for granted and to embrace life.

Following the attack she volunteered to help at the local hospitals. Most of her time was spent in the recovery ward, sampling listening to the patients allowing them to express themselves and then offering comforting reassurance that everything will be ok. Sometimes a mere touch helped relax them.

It was from that moment on, Lia knew she wanted to be a Counselor.

A year later in 2376 she was accepted into the summer psychological program sponsored by the University of Betazed on Starbase 293 and earned a certificate of excellence from the program.

The program left her feeling unchallenged, and unsure if a career in Psychiatry is what she wanted to do.
Starfleet History By the fall of 2382 she was accepted into Stafleet Academy and majored in diplomacy and psychology and due to some persuasion of her peers minored in security. She also took courses in basic leadership and one semester of field medics. During her second year at the academy, she and a few of her classmates were participating in a holodeck away team simulation. This simulation was to test the under classmate in security and combat skills. Lia was well prepared, however what her instructor was impressed with was not how she handled the hand-to-hand combat but how Lia handled aiding a fallen comrade who needed minor medical care. After the simulation the professor approached her suggesting she would make a better career decision to change her minor from security to medical. After weeks of thinking it over, Lia took her professor’s advice and switched her minor.

Lia graduated at the top of her class in 2386 and was quickly offered an assigned as Diplomat’s Aid to the Diplomatic attaché to the Darsaean Alliance. Just as quickly she was offered she accepted.

A year with the attaché was an overall a dull experience for Lia. Most of the time was spent being a glorified assistant to the assistant of the Diplomatic officer. She spent most of her time collecting data on local government officials that visited the compound and the local population. The Intelligence officer was impressed with her database and recruited her to join him on his new assignment on Starbase 723.

In the early year of this assignment, Lia found the work to be enriching, even fun. However, the old stonewalling slowly made itself apparent when the station's chief of intelligence clung to his position, rejecting transfers and promotions in favor of remaining on the ship. Indirectly, this action locked Lia in the deputy position with no opportunity for advancement. This led her to investigate the possibility of going undercover in the field. In 2385, her request to go undercover was granted.

Lia excelled undercover, a massing useful data for the Federation. While most of her missions were successful, that luck didn't hold.

In 2389 a Ferengi informant betrays her to the Orion Syndicate and she was taken to one of their outposts. She was stripped of her communicator and its universal translator, depriving her of the ability to protest the treatment. Intrigued by her admittedly unusual heritage, their scientists began to experiment on her, looking to see what type of being she was. Lia learned she was immune to most toxins via the experiments. She spent several weeks in captivity, with multiple rounds of experimentation, before she was extracted by an infiltration team.

The nightmare was over and despite her protest, Starfleet recalled her from the field and placed her behind the desk at Starfleet HQ doing more light duty.

In 2390 eager to get back out on the field, a positioned opened up on the USS Galileo and she quickly applied.
Service Record 2382 - 2386: Starfleet Academy
2386 - 2387: Diplomatic Attaché to the Darsaean Alliance, Diplomatic Aid
2387 - 2388: Starbase 723, Inteligence Officer
2388 - 2389: Starfleet Intelligence Field Operative
2389 - 2390: Starfleet Intelligence HQ
2390 - Present: Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Galileo

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