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Chief Petty Officer Torgeir Naes

Name Torgeir Naes

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ardanan-Human
Age 30
Date of Birth 2362
Place of Birth Lejico, Ardana

Starfleet ID

Serial Number ES-519-3950
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Gamma
Office Deck 3 - Security Office/Brig
Quarters 04-2421 EN
Roommate Crispin Snow

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 190
Hair Color Mahoghany
Eye Color Dark Hazel
Physical Description The thing people most notice about Terje is his size. Standing just an inch shy of six and a half feet, he has the muscular build of a fighter – or, as his father would say – a Viking.
Body Art Terje has a red & black Mammen-style wolf tattooed along his upper right arm and shoulder.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Kai Naess (Deceased)
Mother LCDR Elin Ahlberg
Brother(s) Haakon (Deceased)
Lukas (26)
Sister(s) Toril (30 - Twin)
Pia (23)
Pets Signy (Saarloos Wolfdog)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Terje – as his family affectionately calls him – is a gentle giant. Easy-going and personable, he has a slow-burning temper with a considerably long fuse. That being said, he can burn hot when something gets under his skin, and his size brings a lot to the fight, if matters move that far.
Strengths Social: While not a social animal, Terje is comfortable in groups of various sizes. He adapts well to new environments and individuals.

Technical: Terje’s expertise leans towards weapons of all sorts. He knows the ins and outs of various firearms and takes great pride in maintaining the weapons in his care.

Physical: Physical strength is Terje’s greatest playing card. He’s well-developed and a trained fighter, able to utilize hand-to-hand as well as armed combat in his favor.
Weaknesses Academic: Terje has never been the best student in his class. He generally falls in the middle of the stream, so to say; maintaining an average result but failing to impress. It was this reason that he forwent formal Academy training pursued the Enlisted track.
Ambitions To his way of thinking, Terje would say he has reached his ambition – to be a member of Starfleet. Beyond that, he’s mostly just interested in seeing how far up the line he can travel before age gets the best of him.
Hobbies & Interests Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Weapons, Rugby
Vernacular Terje's speech is rather clear standard, though he has a slight Nordic accent when relaxed.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Common, Ardanan, Norse

Personal History Born to an Ardanan Father and a Human mother, Terje spent his formative years growing up in Lejico on the planet Ardana while his mother served as a Fleet representative with the local government where his father - descended from the Troglyte faction of Ardana - served as a councilman. With both focused on the well-fare of the planet, it seemed only natural that a union would happen.

His childhood was a pleasant one - 2nd oldest of five children, Terje was the one who took most after his mother's Nordic forebearers, towering over his parents and siblings as he surged into his teen years. He harboured dreams of joining Starfleet as a boy, thriving on the stories told to him by his mother and the other officers who made Ardana their home, and as he reached the final years of Secondary school, that dream seemed quite within reach.

It was this time that the underpinnings of the Ardanan government began falling apart. What had been a decades long state of tentative peace crumbled under growing pressure between the two main factions 'Cloud Dwellers' and 'Troglytes'. Though the ancient city of Stratos still hovered above, the Government base had moved surface-side to First city years before; the descendants of the original inhabitants still saw themselves as better than the surface-dwellers; they constantly chafed against the unity Star Fleet worked so hard to maintain.

Terje was in his first year of secondary when the Anti-Grav engines keeping Stratos afloat finally failed. For days his parents were tied up in discussions on how best to handle the situation. When Starfleet Engineering offered their expertise in attempting to repair the engines, his father and older brother - Haakon - were among those Ardanans who joined in the effort. Terje's mother spent most nights in council, leaving him and his twin sister Tori to mind the younger children still at home.

For weeks uncertainty reined; then the impossible happened. When the attempt to repair the engines failed, Starfleet made the decision to secure a landing of Stratos onto the Ardanan surface. Unbeknownst to them, a rebel fringe of Troglytes accquired enough armaments to fire on the city as it descended into range, destroying Stratos and sending the ruins - and those still occupying - plummeting to the ground. Terje's father and brother perished along with the rest.

Heartbroken over the loss, LCDR Naes made the decision to remove her remaining family from Ardana and return home to Earth.
Starfleet History Terje finished his schooling in his mother's hometown of Bergen, Norway. Upon graduation, he was ready to make his Fleet dream a reality; unfortunately, when he applied to Academy he was disappointed to find his scores did not qualify him for admittance. Disappointed but not deterred, he researched his options. He could take the tests over again in a year if he wished, or he could try other avenues.

He did not like the idea of just enlisting - wanting to be something more than just a grunt. At his mother's suggestion he considered the Warrant track, but the decision was made moot when he was informed that open enrollment had just passed and the next opportunity would be six months away. Unwilling to wait, he went ahead with enlistment.

Terje's first assignment - oddly enough - was a rescue effort on his home-world. His maiden vessel - the USS Cyrin - had been dispatched after news of a Borg Attack reached command. As his ship was closest, they were sent to assist. Though the Cyrin arrived too late to stop the Borg, they were nonetheless able to help in the recovery effort as a Romulan vessel had arrived in time to stave off the worst of the attack.

Though the thought of a home-coming had intrigued him at first, as Terje saw the effects of not only the attack, but nearly five years of brutal civil war, he found it hard to connect with the planet he had known for so many years.

Sometime later, he transferred to the USS Wyvern. Though his initial course of service had been Operations, experience had shown Terje was more suited toward Security. As the Wyvern had a surplus of Operations officers, the shift was not difficult. He had become intrigued by the Master at Arms while on the Cyrin, and sought to learn as much as he could about the position. Unfortunately, the first requirement was Warrant Officer rank - something of a kick to Terje's pride, though he refused to let it get the best of him. Instead, he focused his attention where he stood, keeping himself open to assist where needed.

When his duty on the Wyvern was complete, Terje found himself without an immediate assignment, and received a transfer to Earth for Shore Duty. Rather than let the time go wasted, he took some courses in Security training to further acclimate himself with his new track. During his time, he
Medical History Though he's been in his share of scuffles over the year, Terje has never received any truly serious injuries. There are more than a few scars here and there - trophies in their own right - but generally he manages to avoid out-right brawling.
Service Record 2380 - 2385: Enlisted with the rank of PO3 and received assignment to the USS Cyrin, Operations Department. Achieved PO2 prior to completion of his assignment.
2385 - 2388: USS Wyvern, Achieved PO1 rank and transfered to Security Department.
2389 - 2391: Shore duty - furthered training in Security.
2392 - Present: USS Galileo - Security Officer with rank of CPO

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