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Chief Warrant Officer 2 Anthony Duval

Name Anthony Edward Duval

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 2

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human - Colonist
Age 36 Years old
Date of Birth May 3rd, 2355.
Place of Birth New Shepherd City - Vega Colony

Starfleet ID

Serial Number EP-237-2909
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 7 - Chief Engineer's Office
Quarters 06-1002 EN
Roommate Lamar Darius

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color None - Bald
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Anthony spends a lot of his free time working out in the gym or running, he believes that a healthy body and a healthy mind are the core tenets of living well.
Body Art he has maori tribal pattern covering most of his body, from his feet to the bottom of his neck and everything in between.
Portrait Colin Salmon


Spouse None
Children None
Father Sergeant Major Jeffery Duval - Command Master Chief, Unto the Breach Battlegroup
Mother Rear Admiral Olympia Vale - Commanding Officer, Starbase Ninety One.
Brother(s) Marcus Duval - Twin
Suvak - 20 years old
Balin - Newborn (Twins)
Sister(s) T'Lee - 22 years old (Twins)
T'Kera - 22 years old (Twins)
Alex- Newborn (Twins)
Other Family Rear Admiral Heather Duval - Commanding Officer, The Sixth Fleet - Aunt
Pets None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anthony has some lingering daddy issues in that he's still getting to know his father who'm he felt abandoned him when he was born, but this wasn't the case. his mother didn't tell his father that he existed so his relationship with his father is a work in progress.
Strengths Anthony is relatively laid back as he knows he will sometimes be asked to assist in other departments as needed. Duval tends to want to fix broken things after a week of restoring an old shuttle to spaceworhty condition. It made him realize that he had what it took to be an engineer.

Duval carries his tools with him on duty, he has a massive pack and a second toolkit, sometimes he's nicknamed the North American Boyscout, or sometimes just 'the boy scout.'
Weaknesses Duval has an anger management problem that he's struggling to deal with. Also he struggles with depression and he also has survivors guilt.
Ambitions Duval wants to do the best he can for as long as he can. Other then that he has no serious ambitions.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies & Interests: Anthony is the kind who will try anything once, from orbital skydiving to windsurfing. Also he has a major interest in Earth's Third World War.
Vernacular Anthony is an Engineer at heart, he has also assisted in the Operations department, also he has his flight officers license so he can fly shuttles and small starships should it be needed.

He doesn't waste of lot of words, he also doesn't use acronyms, he feels they are wasteful and rather imprecise. He is not subtle as he tends to speak his mind regardless of who's talking to him
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken English with a smattering of words from various other languages.

Personal History The Twins, Anthony and Marcus Duval both thought that was in many ways, they were an aberration or so they believed because their father didn't know that either man existed, their mother said that their father had abandoned them, it was a lie but she never expected father and children to ever meet, however they did and it produced a massive falling out between mother and sons. Anthony and Marcus were born on March the third, in the year of our lord, twenty three fifty five and they went from place to place on various assignments, their mother, who in the epitome of her arrogance even gave her second son, his fathers name so he had a place to start, it was something she believed that Jeff Duval would have preferred.

Anthony grew up the second child of Olympia Vale who spent her life on Starbase Ninety one and never left. Anthony would have gone off to the academy at age eighteen but there was something about the all encompassing rules and regulations which he wasn't too keen about. In this regard he was much like his father but he didn't know it yet. Marcus also didn't care much for the rules either.

Anthony grew up not hearing about the virtues of the Federation but from the threat of its many enemies so when he graduated High School, he enlisted in Starfleet as an Engineer.
Starfleet History Anthony enlisted when it looked like the coming conflict with the Dominion might turn hot, things with the Cardassians had been deteriorating for months and thus he was in Starfleet, just heading out to his first assignment when the first shots of the Dominion War were fired at Torros Three and Deep Space Nine.

His first posting was to the USS Steadfast, a Galaxy class ship that saw a lot of fighting in the early part of the war with Anthony learning a lot in one sitting, he survived Tyra and the first fight in the Vulcan system and he was present for Operation Return.

It is said that in all things, luck plays a part and while the Steadfast gave a good accounting of herself, she was severely damaged in the battle, she had to be towed back from the field to a Federation starbase for some serious repairs.

Anthony was offered a transfer to another ship as he had indicated he wanted to be in the field, rather then in dock so he left the Steadfast and went over to the USS Nigeria, one of the newer Akira class ships to enter active service in the last few years, it was here that Anthony would carry on fighting the Dominion alongside newly commissioned ships like the Sovereign to century old Excelsior's like the Bill of Rights.

Anthony was present for the Battle of Coridan and later, the battle of Chin'toka, it was while recovering from wounds sustained from an exploding console thanks to weapons fire off of one of the orbital weapons platforms that Anthony met his father for the first time which was what caused the large issue between him and his mother which would only grow over time.

Jeffery and Anthony shared any of the same hobbies and interests, they were also able to share a seemingly endless hatred of the Cardassians as well as their new allies from the Gamma Quadrant, the Dominion.
For the second time in the war, the Dominion had managed to cripple another ship out from under Anthony's feet, this one however couldn't be saved and she was a complete loss, this blow was telling for Anthony as it only stoked the fires of hatred.

He was posted to the USS Rappahannock, she would prove to be his last posting in the war and it was here where his relationship with his father began to bloom, the two could stand to be around each other withiout harsh words said in anger but the war once again raised its ugly head with the battle of the three suns, just weeks before the final fight of the war which would see Anthony lose friends and almost lose his own life too.

He ended the war much as he had began it, in the bowls of a ship fixing it, he simply shrugged off the news citing work he needed to do to keep the Rappahannock flying, she had been badly damaged in the final battle to end the war.

But against all the odds, victory was theirs and life could go on, for those who survived. the dead were mourned and the peace treaty was signed, the ink was from the blood of the fallen so to speak and life went on.

Anthony for his part mourned the loss of his friends, but he remained on the Rappahannock for another six months before he, getting weary of endless patrol assignments, opted for reassignment and went off to the Chattanooga, she too was an Akira class starship and Anthony adapted well to life aboard her, with her various assignments from convoy duty to medical assistance missions with the odd exploration mission thrown into the stew for good measure, life aboard her was a wee bit more cheerful then the Rappahannock.

He also decided to expand his education here on this assignment so he decided to to an online course for warp field mechanics, a second followed for warp core repairs and maintenance, both of them took two years apiece to complete. He was midway through the second course when he was posted to a much older ship in the fleet, the USS Kingston, under the command of a friend of his fathers.

It was here that he again would come into contact with his father, now a Gunnery Sergeant assigned to the Pillar of Autumn-A, the two men would remain in contact quite frequently as Anthony decided to let the man prove his worth.

Father and son now get along quite well, it took a lot for Anthony to accept his fathers side of events and the fact that Jeff Duval was persistent but most important, his story never changed regarding why he was never there. In the end however Anthony realized that there was more to the story then he had been told by his mother, so he opted to give his father a chance.

In 2383, he was reassigned to Starbase 45, it was here that he would form several long lasting friendships and relationships with the personnel assigned to the base, none the least of which was the bases commanding officer, one Captain Talon Hunt as well as the sector Admiral, Rear Admiral Jerome Hunt.

He would call the base home, from that point going forward so for him whenever he went home, it would be to Starbase 45. While he was assigned to the base he gained the rating of Warrant officer due to his service record.

In 2389, he was assigned to assist in the shaking down of the refitted USS Nebula which had only now just been refitted up to state of the art specifications, including type XIV phaser's and the new heavy quantum torpedo, also the Nebula was fitted with a brand new shield system, in some cases this ship was better then brand new. He would spend a year shaking her down before returning to Starbase 45.

His next assignment was a temporary one, he was transferred from Starbase 45 to the USS Tempest, a Galaxy Class starship where he remained for several months because of a major manpower shortage aboard her.

In September of 2390, however he was reassigned to the USS Galileo as there was a need for experienced personnel to serve on this much storied vessel so Anthony packed a bag and off he went again on what he assumed would be another temp assignment. However as in all things, fate has a way of weaving her magic wand.
Medical History Anthony has been injured on duty several times. mostly as a result of the Dominion War.

However he has few lasting effects of the war, most notably several scars he has opted to keep rather then have removed. So I might as well certify him as fit for duty, However I have concerns about his mental state but he does not see fit to share anything with me, I will keep an eye on him. - Commander Lisa Bolton, USS Nebula.
Service Record Boot Camp - Vega Colony
2373 - Engineering student
Cadet Recruit

USS Steadfast - Galaxy Class
2373 to 2374 - Engineers Mate
Crewman Recruit / Crewman

USS Nigeria - Akira Class
2374 to 2375 - Engineers Mate
Crewman / Petty Officer 3rd Class

USS Rappahannock - Akira Class
2375 to 2377 - Engineers Mate
Petty Officer 3rd Class / Petty Officer 2nd Class

USS Chattanooga - Akira Class
2377 to 2380 - Engineering Officer / Damage Control Specialist
Petty Officer 2nd Class / Petty Officer 1st Class

USS Kingston - Ambassador Class
2380 to 2383 - Engineering Officer / Damage Control Specialist / Warp Core Engineer
Petty Officer 1st Class / Chief Petty Officer

Starbase 45 - Stardock 1 Class
2383 to 2389 - Engineering Officer / Damage Control Specialist / Warp Core Engineer
Chief Petty Officer / Warrant Officer 1st Class

USS Nebula - Nebula Class
2389 to July 2390 - Engineering Officer / Damage Control Specialist / Warp Core Engineer
Warrant Officer 1st Class / Warrant Officer 2nd Class

USS Tempest - Galaxy Class
July 2390 to September 2390 - Engineering Officer / Damage Control Specialist / Warp Core Engineer
Warrant Officer 2nd Class

USS Galileo - Nova Class
September 2390 to Present - Engineering Officer / Damage Control Specialist / Warp Core Engineer
Warrant Officer 2nd Class

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