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Lieutenant JG Noah Khoroushi

Name Noah Levesque Khoroushi

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28
Date of Birth 2362
Place of Birth Isfahan, Iran, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CO-258-0010
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 6 - Operations Office
Quarters 03-1305 JO
Roommate Yasmin Khoroushi

Physical Appearance

Height 1.91 m
Weight 75 kg
Hair Color Sable
Eye Color Bistre
Physical Description Affectionately called Stork on occasion, Noah is tall and gangling – ten degrees off truly awkward, but not afraid to make the occasional joke at his own expense. In his youth, he was an avid runner and swimmer. He still participates in the latter when chance arises.
Body Art N/A


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Navid Khoroushi
Mother Madison Khoroushi (née Lévesque)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Maryam Winslowe (née Khoroushi) - 2358
Shadi Hafiz (née Khoroushi) - 2361
Yasmin Khoroushi - 2370

Personality & Traits

General Overview Personality: Coming from a Persian/Parisian home, Noah had the benefit of a deep culture and varied Educational resources as he grew up. The result was a poised, intelligent young man - confident enough to take charge in any situation, yet personable even in the worst circumstances.
Strengths Social: Noah had been exposed to many different cultures even before his Academy days, and learned to approach new situations with a sense of curiosity and humility, and a desire to learn.

Technical: Noah is skilled at operating complex systems, navigating his way through programming code as he would any linguistic challenge
Weaknesses Physical: Due to in injury garnered on the USS Thisbe, Noah's left knee is damaged. He has regained mobility for the most part, but will require ongoing physical therapy to maintain his accomplishments, and with little chance of further improvement
Ambitions Noah’s greatest ambition in life has always been to learn. No knowledge is ever a bad thing. To this end, he seeks always to excel at whatever course he attempts.
Hobbies & Interests Linguistic Studies, Computer Programming, Strategic War games, Swimming, Military History
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Fluent – Federation Standard, Farsi, French, Bajoran, Vulcan; Conversant - Spanish, German, Romulan, Klingon

Personal History Personal History: Born to a Persian father and a Parisian mother, Noah is the third of four children, and the only son. Growing up in an affluent home, he and his sisters were afforded numerous opportunities in life, but their parents always strove to keep them well-grounded. As a result, Noah matured into a clever, even-tempered young man with a passion for learning.

Graduating from Secondary School with honors, he applied to Starfleet Academy and was readily accepted. It was Noah’s first true experience with a large variety of different species. His family had traveled often when he was young, but predominately about their own system, with only a few trips outside to Vulcan or Bajor. It was a bit of a culture shock, but controlled by the environs of the Academy.

While most of Noah’s peers declared their course of study from the beginning, he took a year to consider the options, finally settling on the Operations Track within weeks of finishing his second semester. From that point, his study was focused towards accomplishing all his courses and learning his chosen career inside out.
Starfleet History Upon graduation, Noah was given the rank of Ensign, and his first assignment – Operations officer on the USS Talifero. He was beginning near the bottom, receiving the least favorable assignments. Rather than complain, Noah used the opportunities given him to build on his knowledge of Operations as a whole. Before his third year, he had earned a promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, and was offered the position of Assistant Operations Chief on the USS Thisbe.

Noah’s progress continued. He grew into his place as a leader, learning how to direct those under him without bossing them about. His mentor on the Thisbe was a Bajoran woman who viewed him with amusement most often, but grew to respect his dedication. It was she who put in his name as her replacement for when she finally made the decision to retire; as well as a referral for promotion to full Lieutenant.

The opportunity never came; in early 2388 matters came to an abrupt and near-tragic head. The USS Thisbe – designed for study and exploration, rather than combat – was caught in the middle of a skirmish on the Romulan border. Unable to defend herself against stronger, more agile opponents, the ship was badly damaged with many hands injured and dead.

Noah was fortunately among the former; when he finally awoke, it was to find himself not on the shattered bridge of the Thisbe, but in the infirmary of SB10. Over time his body healed, but his left knee – which had taken the brunt of the explosion – never fully recovered. Through therapy and with the aid of a knee brace he had regained enough mobility to attend his usual duties.

He put in his request for active duty, working with the operations team on the station in the meantime until an opening on the USS Galileo came around. Noah wasted no time in accepting the offer, happy to be in the game once more.
Medical History Following the destruction of the Thisbe, Noah spent 20 months in rehab on SB10 undergoing various treatment for various injuries:

Second degree burns to his left side
Torn rotator cuff (right shoulder)
Tympanic Membrane injury (ruptured ear-drum)
Severe concussion
Multiple fractured bones and contusions
Soft tissue bruising
Shattered left knee.

For the most part, the medical team was able to address and remedy the majority of his injuries. His hearing recovered from the TM rupture, though he would continue to experience bouts of vertigo and tinnitus on occasion.

It was the knee injury which proved the most problematic; most of the bone and surrounding ligaments were damaged beyond repair. The medics were able to save the leg, but the joint was badly fused by time rescue crews had reached the wounded.

After months of physical therapy, Noah regained enough use of the joint to allow for general use and return to active duty. Additional surgical treatments were suggested, but eventually turned down as their promise of further recovery was minimal at best.
Service Record 2382 – Graduated Starfleet Academy with an Operations focus in Tactical systems; assigned to USS Talifero as Operations Officer, Ensign

2385 – Promoted to LTJG, transfer to USS Thisbe as Assistant Operations Chief

2388 – Transferred to SB718 for rehabilitation after a ship-board accident destroyed most of the Thisbe. While recovering from damage, assisted with base Operations

2390 - Assigned to USS Galileo as Operations Officer.

Character Progression System

Primary Band Operations

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Intelligence
+ Linguistics
+ Education

+ Insight
Department Skills Operations
+ Computer Systems
+ Logistics
Department Perks Operations
+ Multi-tasker

Skill Training