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Captain Amara Damian

Name Amara Damian

Position Task Group 72-C Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SS-787-9121
Security Clearance Level 10
Duty Shift N/A
Office USS Victorious - Captain's Ready Room
Quarters USS Victorious - Deck 1
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 146 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Reddish brown hair with a slight natural curl, coming about to her jaw bone in length. She has a slender but toned build and her skin is slightly tan in color. Those aqua blue eyes can see right through a person at times. Amara keeps herself physically fit and presents herself in a confident well groomed manner. On duty she strictly maintains the demeanor of a well trained Marine.

Body Art =^= PNPC Dea Mialin =^=


Spouse Lt Colonel Chris Damian (KIA)
Children Twins: Aubrey (girl) & Mason (boy)
Father Rear Admira Hunter Dalmar (KIA), Starfleet Intelligence
Mother Captain Jen Dalmar (KIA) , Starfleet Command
Brother(s) None

Sister(s) Major Serena Dalmar

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amara takes her job seriously. Has an ice cold, no emotion attitude most of the time. There are times she will let things slide to get her job done, but can explode with a temper. Her demeanor is very relaxed with her close friends. There is a side to her that is very competitive.

Throughout her life Amara has seen a lot of heartache. Losing the one person, who had managed to truly gain her heart, after losing her parents, came as a deep blow. Even though Chris is only listed as missing in action, she isn't ready to give up hope yet despite the odds.

Strengths She is very focused and single minded when the situation warrants.

Weaknesses As an officer Amara doesn't like to show any sort of vulnerability. Only those that truly know her can see that aspect because she keeps it well hidden.
Hobbies & Interests A variety of sports including Martial Arts, Spending time at the beach, Music, Reading, Collecting a wide range of artifacts and weapons

Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Betazoid, Romulan, Latin

Personal History Born within the ever changing and unsettled nature of the O'Ryan Construction Platform, Amara exhibited the energy to explore from an early age. Duties in Starfleet eventually forced the family to relocate to a starship. As it became more apparent their daughter was destined for Starfleet, Hunter and Jen decided they would give her every shot to achieve that dream. Before attending Starfleet Academy, Amara attended the Saturn Flight Academy. When the time was right she had no trouble being accepted into the Academy or Marine Training though her greatest trials still loomed ahead.

Both her parents were a bit surprised when Amara chose to become a Marine Officer and pursue becoming a fighter pilot. They knew however their daughter had always been the type to "push the envelope". Amara never liked to be just like everyone else. It was during Amara's first year that her parents were killed in a shuttle crash. The crash occurred during a highly classified mission both were involved in. Losing her parents caused Amara to really evaluate her career choice and strengthened her reasons for wanting to join Starfleet. Extracurricular activities during her Academy years included commanding a squadron of the Academy flight team as well as various sports.
Starfleet History Amara's grades were good enough to get her assigned to Jackelon 7 as a Flight Operations officer during her final year at the Academy. Upon graduation she was assigned to the USS Renegade as a pilot for the 6th Marine Fighter Squadron, more commonly known as the Black Angels.

In 2370 she found herself assigned to the 42nd Marine Fighter Squadron for a short time. The Crimson Dawn happened to be one of the Mars Defense Perimeter units. That assignment lasted only 6 months before Amara was transferred to the USS Echelon. For the next three years the 101st Star Fury Squadron became her home.

While her assignment to the USS Tornado didn't come as a surprise, her temporary placement as a Senior Analyst in the Intelligence department did. One year later her position aboard the ship shifted back to being a pilot. The 29th Marauders made Amara truly feel at home. It was during that time Amara met and fell in love with Chris Damian. They later married. After being severely injured in the line of duty, Amara had no choice but to hang up her wings if she wanted to continue to serve the Federation. She was accepted into Starfleet Command training in 2376. It gave her a chance to find a new niche and recover from the accident that grounded her. Chris transferred to be with his wife.

Her commission was transferred from Starfleet's Marine Corps to a regular Starfleet Commission upon her graduation from Command School. Shortly after that Amara found herself assigned to the USS Hydra. Initially she was the ship's second officer. A year later Amara took over as Executive Officer. Amara found it a pleasant surprise when she found out she was pregnant. For a while she and Chris wanted to start a family. Now that dream had finally come to be. However that didn't last for long, during a mission shortly after the twins were born, Chris was declared MIA.

Things changed drastically once again in 2380 when Amara was offered command of the USS Hokkaido. Since an opportunity like that was too good to pass up she packed up her family to move assignments once again. Amara now serves as the Commanding Officer for USS Victorious, flagship for Task Group 72C.

Service Record Pre-Academy Education

2359-2363: Saturn Flight Academy
Starfleet Marine Academy

2363: Enrolls at Starfleet Marine Academy
2363-2364: Starfleet Marine Academy (Major: Flight, Intelligence)
2364: Promoted after 1st year at Academy
2364-2365: Starfleet Marine Academy (Major: Flight, Intelligence)
2365-2366:Starfleet Marine Academy (Major: Flight, Intelligence)
2366-2367: Starfleet Marine Academy (Major: Flight, Intelligence)
2366-2367: Jackelon 7, Flight Operations, Cadet Field Assignment
Active Service

2367-2370: USS Renegade, 6th Marine Fighter Squadron "Black Angels", Pilot
2370: Mars Defense Perimeter, 42nd Marine Fighter Squadron "Crimson Dawn", Pilot
2370-2373: USS Echelon, 101st Marine Fighter Squadron "Star Fury", Pilot
2373-2374: USS Tornado, Senior Intelligence Analyst
2374-2376: USS Tornado, 29th Marine Fighter Squadron "Marauders", Pilot
2376-2377: Starfleet Command Academy
2376: Commission transferred to Starfleet
2377-2378: USS Hydra, Second Officer
2378-2380: USS Hydra, First Officer
2380-2381: USS Hokkaido, Commanding Officer
2381-2385: USS Hokkaido, Commanding Officer
2385-2386: USS Harbinger, Commanding Officer
2386-Present: USS Victorious, Commanding Officer & TGCO 72C

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