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Lieutenant Min Zhao

Name Min Li Zhao

Position Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Date of Birth Dec 11, 2363
Place of Birth Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number JS-744-0461
Security Clearance Level 6
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 6 - Operations Office
Quarters 02-3015 SO
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Min is on the slimmer side. She keeps herself in shape through regular exercise though her body doesn't display much tone or muscle. While she wouldn't win any strength contests she is surprisingly strong for her stature, a fact she feels she owes to time spent in her various pursuits.
Body Art None


Spouse Jared Nicholas (divorced)
Children Lian Meru Zhao - Daughter
Father Wei Shan Zhao
Mother Elisabet Ramsey
Brother(s) Yu Zhen Zhao
Sister(s) Jun Zhao - assigned USS Wolff as head Nurse
Rose Zhao -
Yi Zhen Harris (née Zhao)
Other Family Shen Zhao (Yu Zhen's wife)
Isha Zhao (niece)
Keith Harris (Yi Zhen's Husband) - assigned USS Carpathia as CMO
Mei-Lien Harris (niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Psychological Profile:
Min is inquisitive and outgoing though a bit on the shy side. She prefers working with people she knows so may seem a bit quiet at first but once she's had time to size up a person, she easily opens up. Despite her shyness, she also enjoys flirting with guys, usually the geek type finding them to be the most interesting to chat with.

Food / Beverage Tastes:
Min grew up on a mix of (Terran) Oriental & Western foods. Courtesy of her time spent of Vulcan she acquired a taste for some Vulcan dishes. She never developed a taste for coffee something which surprised her family, prefering instead various forms of teas from around the federation. She can't stand Klingon food in any form, especially gagh, as the aroma alone makes her sick to her stomach.

Misc. Notes:
Min and her sisters are the first in their family to pursue technical careers. Her father is a respected (though obscure) senior diplomat within the United Federation of Planets. Her mother is a senior logistics manager with a major Federation Shipping firm. Her older brother, Yu Zhen Zhao, is an historian with an earth based cultural agency.
Strengths -Knack for technical systems.
-Quite dependable.
Weaknesses -Get's bored/distracted easily.
-Short temper.
Ambitions Given that Min spent the better part of three years "chasing the dream," her only real immediate ambition in life is to prove her past mistakes were a aberration. Eventually she'd like to settle down with the right guy and raise a family.
Hobbies & Interests Min's taste in music is pretty broad though she prefers terran jazz and the odd klingon opera. Her tastes in books are similarly broad though she reads quite a few technical journals, a requirement of her job. When she's not curled up with a book, Min can be often found on the holodeck chasing powder on her snowboard or climbing cliff faces.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Cantonese, Mandarin

Personal History Min was born to Wei Shan Zhao & Elisabet Ramsey on the morning of Dec 11, 2363. She is the third of five, having an older brother, Yu Zhen, an older sister, Jun Zhao, and two younger sisters, Rose and Yi Zhen. Her brother Yu Zhen was about seven and her older sister Jun, about two when she was born.

Min's early years were spent living on various federation worlds as her father's diplomatic work moved them around. Given the frequency of the moves, she never really developed any close friends in those early years, tending to spend most of her time with her siblings.

In her early teens her father was rotated back to earth on a permanent basis and the family was able to start settling down. They acquired a small property on an island just off the west coast of Canada and settled in. With her father now in a stable position and the children in school full time, Min's mother rejoined the company she'd worked for before Yu Zhen was born. Yu Zhen by this time had already left home and was working for the Federation Cultural & Historical Agency examining evidence from various ancient star-faring races known to have colonized planets within Federation Space.

Min and her sisters took to an interest in the sciences, Min preferring Engineering, Rose leaning towards the biological sciences. The other two would end up in the medical field. Their parent's were supportive of their choices though they secretly wished the girls had chosen to follow in their footsteps.

When they graduated school, Min went to the T'Sal academy of sciences along with Rose while Jun & Yi Zhen went straight into Starfleet Academy.

The first couple of years of University were easy for Min. She had a knack for the material being presented and was able to apply it quite readily on exams. The ease with which she recalled material would come back to bite her later though as she began to develop a bad habit of not completing her assigned work preferring to spend time with friends and compensating for the lost marks by scoring high on the exams.

One particularly difficult course in her fourth year nearly spelled disaster for her degree. The course had a large project component and she didn't find out until near the end of the course that the material she'd been neglecting to complete was worth a lot more then she'd been led to believe. As it was a critical course, Min had to complete the modules on time and the sequence was such a single failure anywhere along the line could jeopardize the entire project.

The final semester came to a close and Min gave a sigh of relief. She'd qualified for her degree though it'd been touch & go for a while. She found out later that what tipped the scales in her favor was a Vulcan academic who'd been following her progress since she entered her third year. He'd noted her ability to apply her knowledge to solving practical problems and approached her at her graduation ceremony with a proposal to join Starfleet. Min accepted the proposal and transferred back to earth for a six month transition program, an Officer Candidate School for qualified University Grads..

Graduating the transition program, Min was transferred to the USS Orion as one of the ship's operations officers. The transition from civilian to naval life was exciting if somewhat challenging and at times, monotonous. She did the best she could to fit in and do her job as she was given it.

The year that was her first cruise passed without incident and at the end she was given the opportunity to stay aboard the Orion. The chance to stay also came with a promotion to Lt j.g. which meant she now could move up from the quads and into a two person living unit with another junior officer. It also meant she now could train for some of the more advanced operations exams and try to work her way off graveyards.

A year into into her second tour, Min got romantically involved with a young engineer on the same shift. Their romance blossomed quickly, almost too quickly and several weeks later the two of them were caught together by a shift supervisor while they were both supposed to be on duty. They were both reprimanded and moved to separate shifts. A month later Min again snuck away from her duties in engineering to spend time with her love.

That would prove to be the undoing of her career. While she'd snuck away, a runaway began in a system she was supposed to be monitoring. With noone to notice the cascade, the system ruptured damaging several compartments and injuring several crew members. In the ensuing investigation it became clear that the accident had been her fault. With the choice between facing the inquiry, she chose to resign her position and leave Starfleet. She justified the decision to herself that she wasn't cut out for life in such a rigid and structured environment, preferring the life of a civilian.

Unwilling to face her family, Min struck out on her own, working odd jobs on various starbase's and planets as she wandered aimlessly through the galaxy trying to find her place. Eventually her travels took her to DS5, where rumors of some work had surfaced.

Setting foot on the starbase, she was soon lost in the crowd...

[Two Years Later]

Min found herself one day sitting at a table at a restaurant on Starbase 74 staring out at the ships docked in the main docking bay. A little over three years to the day she'd been sitting in the lounge of a Galaxy class looking out the windows of the ship at the same starbase. Sitting on the other side of that divide she took stock of her life.

Since she'd left starfleet she'd worked more jobs then she could remember. Some were good, some were strange, some were just downright awful. In that same time frame she'd dated several guys, slept with a few, and the last one had left her with a small present of sorts.

There was one possibility, tho she dreaded the prospects, and that was to go back to Starfleet. As much as her pride told her not to, Min was desperate to find some stability, something starfleet offered.
Starfleet History Min's starfleet career has been brief, having managed to graduate OCS, get a posting, and leave Starfleet in the span of two years. She is currently back in Starfleet thanks to the generosity of several Admiral's in Starfleet.
Service Record Late 2385 - Graduates OCS
Early 2386 - Posted to USS Orion
2388 - Resigns from Starfleet
2390 - Rejoins Starfleet, Assigned USS Galileo

Character Progression System

Primary Band Operations
Secondary Band Flight Control

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Intelligence

Department Skills Operations
+Computer Systems

Flight Control
+Support Craft Pilot
Department Perks Operations

Skill Training