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Lieutenant Ammar Fahad

Name Ammar "MacGyver" Fahad

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Date of Birth 14 June 2359
Place of Birth Old Seattle, North America, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number AR-001-7739
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Alpha
Quarters Unassigned

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8 meters
Weight 88.45 kilos
Hair Color Black/Grey
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Although not as tall as many of his contemporaries, Ammar is tall for his family. His dark hair is thinning and beginning to gray. Fahad keeps his beard trimmed short, if not always perfectly shaped. He often looks tired due to the bags that seem to perpetually form under his eyes. His ears are somewhat larger than normal, but not so large as to distract an observer. This man's skin bears some traces of his Arab descent and several scars from various accidents and mishaps.
Body Art Ammar has never had more than a passing interest in tattoos or other body artwork. He has occasionally thought that it would be interesting to have a tattoo, but never found anything he would like forever stamped across his skin.


Father Ayser Fahad
Mother Badra Fahad
Brother(s) Karam Fahad
Mu'tazz Fahad
Sister(s) Durrah Safwan
Other Family Too many to mention.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ammar is fun-loving and creative. He is quick to laugh and is perpetually smiling, at least when he's not focused on work. He is confident in his abilities, and not always cautious with his appraisal of situations and people. He has many friends and a large family on Earth. As important as his career is to Ammar, his wants his friends and family to come first. He is often torn between family responsibility and career responsibility, especially during crises at home.
Strengths Fahad's strengths lie primarily in two areas: his creativity and his indiscriminate care for those around him. The nickname "MacGyver" has been well earned. There is very little he cannot do with even the most rudimentary tools. Granted, these improvisations are not as sturdy or reliable as they would be if they were built with the right tools, but he is able to improvise and think outside the box. Regardless of whether he likes an individual or would ever choose to interact on a social level, he is always offering a helping hand--however grudgingly.
Weaknesses Ammar's strengths leave certain points of weakness. Because he cares so deeply for his family on Earth, he can become distracted from work if his family meets with untoward circumstances at home.

Fahad also finds it difficult to separate his emotions from his work. He is passionate about the ships on which he works and the people he works with. He will not abide insults to his vessel or his people, and though it is rare, he is fearsome when he is roused to anger.

Finally, the young Arab man wears his heart on his sleeve. Never does someone have to wonder what he is thinking because it is written all over his face. He tries to be circumspect and conceal his distaste for certain things, but fails miserably.
Ambitions Ammar wants to explore the galaxy. He seeks out new challenges and opportunities to practice what he calls his "gifts". Although the man is curious, that is really not his drive to be a part of Starfleet. He wants to challenge his abilities, and Starfleet has been the place where he has been able to do so.

Ammar also hopes to start a family one day, although he is in no rush at the moment.
Hobbies & Interests Ammar enjoys learning and experimenting. He also enjoys playing board games and various holo-programs. Although Ammar's interests don't center on a large area, he enjoys activities suggested by his friends and co-workers.

One thing that Fahad cannot stand is drinking. He rarely visits the officer's lounge, and politely refuses to join groups or activities where drinking is involved.
Vernacular He speaks with a strange combination of an American and Middle-Eastern accents. Neither accent is terribly strong, but are present nevertheless.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard; reads a smattering of Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, etcetera but mostly technical language

Personal History Ammar Fahad was born on the outskirts of Old Seattle on Earth in 2359. Ammar's childhood took place during some of the Federation's greatest days, as well as during some of their greatest threats. Ammar grew up in the remnants of Old Seattle, which had not been rebuilt following the third world war. Up until his fifteenth birthday the young man attended the Lakeview Mosque with his family. His parents were Muslims more by tradition than by belief, but they believed it was important for their children to understand their heritage. Much of Old Seattle had been destroyed in World War III, making a dangerous but ideal playground for enterprising youth. Fahad, with his friends, explored the wrecked city in every free moment they had. They made forts, climbed ruined structures and enjoyed the things that boys often enjoy.

Most of Ammar's scars came from this era, memories of boyhood misjudgements and accidents. By the time he was fourteen Ammar had given up making forts, even so he spent most of his time in the remnants of Old Seattle. The youth's curiosity was inexhaustible. He would often spend every free moment he had in an abandoned garage with his friends, reassembling wrecked machines. Ammar started small, with motorized scooters. It wasn't long, however, before he began work on old gasoline powered auto-mobiles. Each credit he earned was immediately spent on tools. In the young man's fifteenth year the Dominion war began in earnest and the political climate on Earth became more heated. Little of the turmoil that surrounded the Fahad's small neighbourhood got to the young man. He was far too focused on the intriguing world of his inventions. By his seventeenth birthday, Ammar had an entire fleet of restored cars, though few could run without gasoline, an obsolete commodity.

Ammar completed high-school a year early, in 2374, shortly before the end of the Dominion War. Although the Federation anticipated again entering an era of prosperity, Starfleet continued to recruit heavily, seeking to replace lost personnel and bolster the fleet. On a visit to the young man's high-school the next year, a recruiter noted the exceptional mechanical aptitude scores of the recent graduate. After visiting the Fahad home and finding that Ammar was not there, the recruiter was directed to the garage where the young man spent most of his time. Within the garage the young man was finishing a modification to a salvaged auto. It didn't take long for the recruiter to convince Ammar to enlist. With the promise of new and exciting projects, the man left for training two months later.
Starfleet History Basic Training was a very different kind of experience for Ammar. He very nearly gave up, the exhaustion and pure monotony that accompanied every task wore him out. The only saving grace were the others in his unit. He made friends with several, although most had enlisted for Security and Tactical postings rather than the engineering post that Ammar was signed up for. On completion of Basic, the young man parted from his friends and entered Advanced Career Training. As an engineer his training would already take longer than most jobs required. As a salvage specialist, however, his training was extended several months longer.

Unlike Basic, this second round of training was even more enjoyable than many of Ammar's adventures in Old Seattle. The seven month program flew by. During those months the man made many new friends and learned ravenously. He scored high on every exam and even received a promotion following completion of the course due to his diligence and aptitude. After a week of leave Ammar was assigned to the LaSalle, a Deneva class salvage ship, These vessel's large cargo areas and strong tractoring ability made them ideal salvage vessels. While the crew areas were small, Ammar enjoyed each moment of his time on the LaSalle.

It was aboard the LaSalle that Ammar first heard his nick-name. The young enlisted man had a knack for being able to get ships up and running again, at least the essential systems. He was so good, in fact, that during one mission he was able to rig ten disabled Dominion cruisers together to create a sluggish, but operational vessel. The hodgepodge of wreckage made it in one piece to the Antari-Prime salvage yards and Starfleet Teams were able to study the wreckage with much more accuracy than they had previously been able to do. That exemplary initiative and skill earned the man a set of promotions during his time on the LaSalle.

Immediately following his promotion to Petty Officer 3rd Class, Ammar was transferred to the USS Grissom. The Grissom, an Excelsior, was not a dedicated Salvage Response vessel. Often months would go by between times when Fahad was even asked to do anything aside from training. Occasionally he would be asked for advice by one engineer or another, but after about eighteen months aboard, a real mission came up. The Grissom was tasked with recovering data from a downed Breen vessel. When the team reached the surface, they discovered it was an ambush. The Breen took advantage of the Grissom's lack of shielding and beamed aboard while the salvage team was on the planet.

Ammar commanded the small team efficiently, and managed to get the damaged vessel off the surface of the planet and join in the fight against the Breen. While the previously crashed ship couldn't do much do fight the enemy, they successfully provided a second target. The Grissom did not win the confrontation, but was able to escape with almost all its crew and the data they had come for.

Fahad's actions earned him a commendation and a recommendation to the advancement board. It wasn't long before he was given a promotion to Petty Officer 2nd Class.

The remaining months after Ammar's promotion to PO2 were as dull, if not more so than his first months aboard the vessel had been. After nearly three years of boredom the man requested a transfer to a different vessel. His request was granted and he was transferred to the newly commissioned USS Ticonderoga. Although he was the sole Salvage Response Crewman, he hoped he would find the excitement he had once had in Starfleet.

Not one to sit on his laurels for long, Ammar had tried to use his time aboard Grissom to take a correspondence course from Washington State University, receiving a bachelor's degree in Materials Science.

Following the disaster attending the Ticonderoga's maiden voyage and the subsequent repairs, Ammar applied for admittance to Officer Candidacy School. His request was granted and he received a temporary promotion to Senior Chief Petty Officer and given the position of Assistant Chief Engineer--pending his graduation from OCS at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Soon after graduating from OCS, Ammar was reassigned to the USS India as Assistant Chief Engineer under an experienced and well-known Chief.

He served aboard India for two years. The Sunbird class vessel was at the front-lines of the Post-Hobus response team, and Fahad had plenty of work and more to keep him busy.

His tireless effort, and innovative thinking quickly earned him a recommendation for promotion. When the board reviewed the recommendation, however, they declined it, citing his relatively short time as a junior lieutenant. They recommended that his name be resubmitted a year or two later.

Although he was disappointed, Fahad didn't worry too much. He had only been an officer for just over a year, and he still had a lot to learn. Of course, another year passed and saw the immediate need for India's services slack off. Although he still enjoyed his time aboard the small ship, he jumped at the opportunity for a posting as a Chief Engineer aboard Galileo.
Medical History Fahad's medical profile suggests little that is out of the ordinary. With the exception of male-pattern-baldness, the young man is in excellent health. He attends his required check-ups faithfully, and ensures that he practices the standard Starfleet physical routine.
Service Record Mar 2375 - Entered Starfleet Basic Training
May 2375 - Completed Basic Training, Entered Advanced Career Training, Promoted to E1
Jan 2376 - Completed Advanced Career Training, Promoted to E2, Assigned to USS LaSalle--Salvage Response
Jun 23878 - Promoted to E3
May 2381 - Promoted to E4, Transferred to USS Grissom--Salvage Response Team Lead
Dec 2384 - Promoted to E5
Nov 2386 - Transferred to USS Ticonderoga--Salvage Response Crewman
Jan 2387 - Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer, Assigned as Assistant Chief Engineer
Mar 2387 - Attended OCS
Sept 2387 - Graduated OCS, Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, Assigned to USS India--Assistant Chief Engineer
Nov 2388 - Recommended for Promotion to Lieutenant::Promotion Denied
Aug 2389 - Transferred to USS Galileo--Chief Engineer

Character Progression System

Primary Band Engineering
Secondary Band Command

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Intelligence
+ Education
+ Problem Solving

+ Detection
+ Insight
Department Skills Engineering
+ Improvisation
+ Repair
Department Perks Engineering
+ Improviser

Skill Training

In Progress Command
+ Administration

+ Innovation

Future Training (Planned)
Engineering - Construction
Engineering - Mechanic