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=^= 0.1.2 - 18+ Rating Policy

Created by Captain Lirha Saalm on 24 Jul 2012 @ 8:40am

USS Galileo 18+ Rating Policy

Section 1 - General Rules

  • All players must be at least 18 years old to participate aboard the sim. Any player(s) found to be in violation of the age restriction will be immediately removed and banned from future participation.

  • No player may abuse the 18+ policy. In the event of abuse, the Command Staff reserves the right to remove the abusive player and/or reduce the sim's rating to 15+ or 13+.

  • All players must exercise class, discretion and sound judgement when writing mature content.

  • New players may not post 18+ content until they have actively participated aboard the sim for two weeks, and have successfully met their posting requirements during that time.

  • Any post or personal log which contains 18+ content must be labeled with a [18+] marker in the post's title. In the event that a multiple part JP contains 18+ content, only the segment(s) which contain the mature content must be marked.

    Example Title: "The Mind of an Officer" (Part 3 of 4) [18+]

Section 2 - Language

  • The use of the F-word and C-word is prohibited.

  • The use of religious terminology in a derogatory fashion is expressly prohibited. This includes (but is not limited to) taking the Lord's name in vain.

  • The use of racial slurs and/or epithets (RL) is prohibited.

Section 3 - Violence

  • Players may depict scenes of graphic violence.

  • The use of excessive gore is prohibited. We are not a writing a Saw film.

Section 4 - Drug Use

  • Players may freely describe the use of any drug(s) and narcotic(s), as well as the associated effects.

Section 5 - Sexuality

  • Players may freely describe sexual scenes and situations. Nudity, intimate acts and intercourse may be described in detail.

  • No player may write pornography.

  • The Command Staff reserves the right to remove any sexual content which is deemed excessive, including posts which add nothing to a character's storyline and are simply there for the sake of writing smut.

Section 6 - Other Considerations

  • Any player who is in doubt or unsure of what type of content is acceptable versus what is not, is encouraged to contact the Command Staff. There is no harm in asking before you post content, and we are happy to help advise you.

  • Remember: Just because you can post mature content, doesn't mean it is always necessary or a good idea. Be smart and use your best judgement.

(Created by Lirha Saalm, USS Galileo)

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