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=^= 2.1.0 - Mission Objectives

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Mission Objectives

Sometimes described as the little sister in the new family of Starfleet vessels, the Nova Class Survey Frigate is part of the new breed of starships in service. Aggressively designed, the small ship and its lack of amenities manage to surpass one's first impression of its diminutive size. Known for its durability, the Nova Class has swiftly lost its status as a 'little ship' and is slowly gaining acclaim for their usefulness in making for more accurate missions to new areas of space, bringing back teraquads of data on individual systems that are disseminated amongst the fleets.

The Nova sports impressive weaponry for its size, and its scientific capabilities more than make up for its reduction in speed when compared to its larger 'cousins'. Dual deflector arrays also provide added security when far from a starbase or suitable repair facility, in that a single malfunctioning or damaged deflector will not prevent the ship from going to warp. Highly accurate sensors and computer systems makes it the perfect tool to send into scarcely known territory and many discoveries have been made by Nova Classes finding things larger explorer-type ships such as the Galaxy Class left behind.

Amenities are few and far between on a Nova, but its work is important and crews that work on these small ships know their worth and protect their reputations fiercely. Much like the favored Oberth, the Nova is sure to hold a place in Starfleet lore for a long time to come.

Mission Objectives

Pursuant to Starfleet Exploration Directives 1016.8 & 901.12, Federation Diplomatic Corps Mandate 66.105.b, 66.105.c & 200.2.2, and Federation Security Council General Policy, the following objectives have been established for Nova Class Starships:

  • Provide a platform for extended scientific survey and scouting missions.

  • Replace the Oberth for system and planetary survey missions.

  • Provide autonomous capability for full execution of Federation defensive, cultural, scientific, and explorative policy in deep space or border territory.

  • Serve as a front-line support vehicle during emergencies and a platform for the extension of Federation diplomacy and policy.

  • Provide non-critical functions such as transport of personnel and cargo when necessary, extended aid, and short-range patrol.

Mission Types

Seeking out new worlds and new civilizations is central to all that Starfleet stands for. The Nova Class Survey Vessel facilitates this, outfitted for long-duration missions over planets and systems, cataloging and monitoring anything and everything of interest inside a designated area.

Missions for a Nova Class starship may fall into one of the following categories, in order of her strongest capable mission parameter to her weakest mission parameter.

  • Ongoing Scientific Investigation: A Nova Class starship is equipped with scientific laboratories and a wide variety of sensor probes and sensor arrays, as well as the state-of-the-art dorsal subspace sensor assembly; giving her the ability to perform a wide variety of ongoing scientific investigations.

  • Contact with Alien Lifeforms: Pursuant to Starfleet Policy regarding the discovery of new life, facilities aboard the Nova Class include a variety of exobiology and xenobiological suites, and a small cultural anthropology staff, allowing for limited deep-space life form study and interaction.

  • Federation Policy and Diplomacy: A Nova Class starship's secondary role is the performance of diplomatic operations on behalf of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets. These missions may include transport of delegates, hosting of negotiations or conferences aboard in the vessel's Conference Hall, courier for important people and/or items, and first contact scenarios.

  • Tactical/Defensive Operations: Though not designed primarily for battle, the Nova Class, like all Starfleet vessels, is designed to be resilient and ably armed.

  • Emergency/Search and Rescue: Typical Missions include answering standard Federation emergency beacons, extraction of Federation or Non-Federation citizens in distress, retrieval of Federation or Non-Federation spacecraft in distress. Planetary evacuation is not feasible.

(Source: ACTD - Advanced Starship Design Bureau)

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