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=^= 0.2.1 - Character Creation Guide

Created by Captain Lirha Saalm on 29 Jan 2012 @ 5:25am

Character Creation Guide

Section 1 - Basic Info

The first step in character creation is to define your character as realistically as possible. To do this, you will need to choose their name, age, race, and gender. These are the basic foundations for any RPG character and will help to shape his/her's creation. Many of these choices will directly impact the role of your character on the sim. For example, your character's age will help determine their starting rank. An officer character who is only 22-25 years old will most likely be an Ensign, whereas an enlisted character the same age may hold the rank of Petty Officer (Third or Second Class). No character, except for the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer, may start at a rank above Lieutenant(JG).

Your character's race is also very important, especially in the Trek universe. Different races have different physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses. For example, Klingons (for the most part) are a warrior race, large and strong in statue with redundant internal organs. They excel at combat, both ground and space, however they have volatile tempers and are generally considered arrogant and confrontational. Conversely, Vulcans are also physically strong yet are much more passive and rely on their mental discipline (logic) to guide them throughout their lives. All of the different Federation races are acceptable, and a list of non-playable races can be found here.

Section 2 - Officer, Enlisted, or Civilian?

There are two different rank categories, as well as civilians, and all have different backgrounds and education. Officers are the elite and fully trained members of Starfleet and only account for 10-20% of a ship's personnel. They are required to attend Starfleet Academy for four years from age 18-22 and pass a series of thorough coursework as well as formal training. Though they specialize in one particular area of operation, they are knowledgeable in a wide variety of fields.

Enlisted personnel make up the majority of a ship's crew. These are personnel who have attended a one or two year course in their specialized field yet do not possess the advanced training and knowledge of officers. Enlisted personnel who perform well may be promoted to Warrant Officers and receive a commission based on skill and performance. Warrant officers can command units and vessels as well as train and coach junior ranks, however their most common function is to serve as a technical expert.

Civilians are the most versatile category of the crew and come from all types of backgrounds. Usually, civilians who serve aboard a starship have advanced degrees in the science, math, chemistry, and/or engineering field. Civilians range in age from young to old and help to assist the rest of the crew with important projects, experiments, and research.

Section 3 - Physical Description

We have all seen it before. A character who is 6'11", 300 lbs (Shaq) and is a tactical master. Realistic? Not really. Probability? Ultra rare. An individual who is that size is in the top 0.0002 growth percentile for the entire Human population. Yes, it is possible for your character to be that large, but highly unlikely. Different species have different physical statues but please try and remain within the realm of realism.

Characters should also be height-weight proportionate. This is dependent on the species, but it definitely means that a 6'0" Human woman won't be weighing 90 lbs. If that were really the case, she would look anorexic and like a skeleton and probably suffer from severe nutritional deficiency. To help calculate a realistic weight for your character proportionate to their height, click here.

Your character's appearance also says a lot about them. Do they have tattoos or piercings? Moles or birthmarks? Scars or artificial limbs? These traits are excellent ways to personalize your character and also give your fellow writers a good mental image of him/her.

Section 4 - Personality Profile

Defining your character's personality is one of the most fun aspects of role-playing. Unlike the physical or racial restrictions, your character's personality is completely up to you. You may choose to stay true to their species, and have your Klingon warrior fit the stereotype, or may wish to make him/her more intriguing and go against the grain.

There are many aspects of your character's personality, of which their strengths and weaknesses are the most important. These will define your character and how they work and operate on board the ship, as well as interact with other crew. It is very important to create a balanced character and understand the term 'Strengths AND Weaknesses'. No character is perfect, and everyone has flaws, regardless of species or gender. Characters should have several personality and technical strengths, as well as several personality and technical weaknesses. Balancing your character is essential to the sim because if we all had perfect characters, our missions would be over in a matter of days with no hiccups and plot twists.

Section 5 - Character History

Your character's history is the final creation step. Here, you will go into detail about the life of your new crew member, and bring all of the other aspects of your character to fruition. A general rule of thumb to consider is 'the more, the better'. The more detail you put into your character's background will reflect positively on you as a writer and allow other players' characters to interact with you on a more personal level. Since one of our sim's focuses is character development, be sure to take your time and create the most interesting and realistic background possible.

Lastly, be sure that your character's background is relevant to the position you intend them to hold. For example, it wouldn't make much sense for a character with a flight control background to be the Chief Science Officer, or for someone with an intelligence background to be the Chief Medical Officer. There are obviously exceptions to this, and sometimes characters switch fields during their careers, but be sure to explain any such changes in your character's history so that other players on the sim aren't scratching their heads as they read through your character's biography.

(Created by Lirha Saalm, USS Galileo)

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