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5.3 - Cereijan

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The Cereijan are a humanoid species. While their body is very similar to humans in the sense of number of fingers and toes and their mannerisms, what distinguishes them from humans is that their skin is covered with scales, like a snake. Most Cereijan are white, with darker markers over their skull. They are hairless as a species and do not have eyebrows. The skin on their lips and eyelids, as well as their genitals are the only bits that do not have the pale scales, and instead show the darker layer underneath. This is often dark grey or near black.

Male and female Cereijan are almost indistinguishable apart from their genitals. Female Cereijan also have breasts, although these tend to be small. The vocal ranges are similar as well and outsiders often struggle to find the difference between them. The average height for both males and females is around 170cm.

Their eyes range from light yellow to light blue and their eyesight has been said to be similar to that of a feline.

While not natural fighters, they possess good reflexes and an ability to be trained to fight.

Life span/Important stages in life

The average Cereijan life span is between 100 and 120 years, with no one exceeding 120 years as they are deemed too fragile to get much joy of life after that age.p>

There are three set stages for a Cereijan, all which are celebrated. The Years of Innocence, called ‘Rash-ya’, start when the child speak their first words. This can be anywhere from 1 year to 3 years. The stage ends when the child is 12 and is taken into an Academy where they will learn their future professions.

The second stage, Years of Community, ‘Narsh-ya’, start from the age of 12 to the age of 20, where they attend the Academy to learn their future profession. This is followed by the third stage, the Years of Service, ‘Inish-ya’, where the Cereijan start their profession. This lasts until they die.

Society and government

The Cereijan society relies heavily on science and technology, where it is all for the betterment of their species. Their Government is headed by the ‘Professors of Ideas’, a group of seven individuals who have been selected based on their logic and knowledge, all in different fields. They govern the laws and the decisions that the Cereijan take as a collective people.

With science forever in the foreground, it is recognised amongst the Cereijan that it is both a blessing and a curse. Their ancestors tried to breed a superior race, which eventually led to a infertility epidemic which still lasts. While science and technology has kept their species going, groups have been fighting for years to end it, allowing those that are fertile to naturally repopulate and letting those that cannot die out. Other groups argue that the way to secure the future of their species is to mix their DNA with other species. The most popular line though is to try and make sure the next generation are fertile and therefore it will all happen naturally.

While not isolationists, their doctrine of service to the people prevent many Cereijan ever leaving their planet and as such they are a rare sight. Some would also argue that with their history not just of bioengineering but creating bioweapons in the past, they belong where they are.

Their homeworld is a moon orbiting their former home planet. During the civil war 300 years ago, the planet became uninhabitable and the Cereijan were forced to evacuate to one of their three moons. The Moon, Dereijan, was only meant to be temporary and as such the structures were all made from the ships that got them there. As it became clear that the planet, Cereji, would not be able to support life, the ships became homes and the original ships are were the Academies for the children are.


The Cereijan are dedicated to science and to supporting their own species. All children are everyone’s children and as such they do not have the standard structures of families. Rather, you have different classes of people, all equally important. The Breeders are the ones that are able to reproduce. They are considered the most important people for the Cereijan and great honour is granted them. The Teachers are not just teachers in that sense. They are the record keepers and lawkeepers and the only ones allowed to wear any weapons or receive any training with weapons. The Carers are the ones that take care of the children that are born, but they are also doctors and nurses. They are responsible for the children in their care until they reach the age of 12. The Workers are the ones that make sure everything is running, from equipment to trading and making sure they have the resources they need. Lastly are the Scientists, those that work on the future of the species and any technological and scientific advancements.

Outside of these groups are the ‘Professors of Ideas’, who govern the Cereijan. The seven are elected for life, although it has not been unknown for assassinations to happen.


Science is a religion for the Cereijan, both the good and the bad. Their teachings all surround the cost of science and the benefits from it. There are however texts of their ancestors gods, know as the Rashian-ya, who were said to have come from the stars and made the Cereijan from the organic materials they found on the planet.

Law enforcement and military

While there is no set military for the Cereijan, or even law enforcement, the people known as Teachers are the ones to uphold the law. The moon the Cereijan live on is surrounded by a forcefield and they do have weapons to defend it. Criminal behaviour is punishable by prison or exile, depending on the severity of the crime. The Cereijan have a very low crime rate due to the collective mindset of the community, but it is also frowned upon to break the unspoken rules of them.

Marriage rites/rituals

The Cereijan do not marry or perform any set marriage rituals, but there are still couples who come together. With no real set up for families, those that decide to live together as companions or lovers often do an agreement, recorded, declaring their bond. This also allows them to share resources. It is not unusual for up to ten people living together in such a way.


The majority of Cereijan are infertile and procreation happens with harvesting eggs and sperm before growing the child in a lab. Artificial wombs, known as tanks, are used. There are no rules about a Cereijan having a baby naturally, but it has not happened for hundreds of years.

Burial rights

The Cereijan use cremation due to the lack of space and the ashes are repurposed for the best of the community’s needs. There are no words spoken and it happens in a very clinical manner. Family collectives will at times hold a gathering of friends and family on the day of the cremation where they exchange memories of the departed.

Natural resources

The Cereijan’s planet, destroyed years ago, was a mostly land covered planet with rich resources. Their current homeworld has rich mineral deposits and they are often used in trading. Food is grown on the terraformed underground, with artificial light. There are not any animals on the planet so all their food is vegetable and grain based. As such, the Cereijan are by default vegans.

Space history

The Cereijan were an advanced species who, while humans were starting their industrial revolution, sent their first manned flight into space. They explored their 3 moons and started setting up a mining colony. In 2016 a civil war left the planet uninhabitable and all survivors were evacuated to the biggest moon, Dereijan. In 2055 they reached warp capability.

Since then, Cereijan have not explored much of space. They have made contact with the Federation but did not join the Federation. Instead they simply opened trading routes. When the Klingon wars started, the Cereijan stayed neutral, citing that they had already destroyed one planet with war and would not partake in another. Because of the heavy defences of Dereijan, they were untouched during the war, although the trading stopped during this period and several thousands died of starvation.

Currently, the Cereijan are mostly unknown to the general population of the Federation, except for those planets that trade with them. On occasion, a Cereijan will join Starfleet, although the cost tends to be that they never go back to their home as they are seen as having left the Community.

(Created by Constantin Vansen, USS Galileo)

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