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Created by Ensign Mimi on 26 May 2017 @ 6:08pm

Currently Ensign Mimi of the starship USS Galileo is the only member of the Nekomi known to the federation and much of the galaxy. So very little is known about them The following information is NOT common knowledge to people other than Mimi and even she does not know some of this information.


The Nekomi are for the most part human apart from their catlike features and mannerisms. They have tails covered in short but fluffy fur that reach the floor and large ears covered in the same fur.

A fully grown Nekomi typically stands between 5 and 6 foot, some male Nekomi grow taller than this. Male Nekomi have more body mass and strength then females

Their hands are very similar to human hands except for where the fingernails would be are very sharp but retractable claws and they also have rather sharp elongated canines.

Their skin ranges from a light sandy colour to an darkish brown and their fur can come in almost any colour imaginable however the most common are blacks, browns and greys, a few have even had extremely bright green fur.

Nekomi are extremely lithe and nimble and are capable of extreme feats of acrobatics and speed if the need arises.

The Nekomi can do a range of typical feline sounds from meowing and purring to hissing. They can occasionally be caught cleaning their fur in the typical way terran cats do and can get hairballs if they do this.

Life span/Important stages in life

The average Nekomi life span is between 80 and 90 years, a few occasionally exceed 90 years.

The Age of maturity, when a Nekomi reaches 18 they are officially classed as mature/adults, meaning they can do several things they are not allowed to do as a Kit. This is also the time when Nekomi in arranged marriages are required to undertake the marriage ceremony with their arranged partner, if a marriage is not prearranged a Nekomi can marry anyone so long as they are passed the age of maturity.

Society and government

Nekomi society is based around mutual cooperation, everyone working together for a mutual advantage.

The Nekomi are semi isolationist after their first experiences of the wider world were (with a couple of exceptions) extremely bad. Since then they don’t tend to venture beyond their homeworld for reasons beyond limited exploration and a little trade, their only mass voyage from the homeworld was to set up Kemi colony.

The homeworld is fairly small and most of its surface is water, there are only 3 major land masses where the majority of the population lives, residing in 15 large cities. Each city is led by an elected mayor and his sub council and the planetary council known as the council of 15 is made up of a representative from each city.

Nekomi are very passive and will defend themselves if attacked only long enough to escape but if they are sufficiently provoked they will respond with bouts of extreme violence and aggression although it takes a lot to provoke them.

To a Nekomi family is the most important thing.


Nekomi are naturally gifted athletes and acrobats, they hold intercity sporting events every other year and every 6th year they hold a planet wide competition instead.

Despite so much of the homeworld being covered in water Nekomi do not learn to swim as young children. However it is a requirement for Nekomi wanting to work in the fishing fleet and courses are available.


The Nekomi do not worship any gods

They do however heavily believe in fate, to a Nekomi Mosti katia, katia What happens, happens and there is almost nothing they can do to stop or change it.

Law enforcement and military

Due to the Nekomi’s natural disliking of violence, violent crime is almost non-existent but should any be committed the city council will send out enforcement and investigation teams to handle the situation and detain the perpetrator/s, the enforcement and investigation teams are made entirely of volunteers and they are specially trained in law enforcement, crime scene investigation, forensics and the use of the Nekomi’s wide array of non lethal weapons ranging from simple batons to sophisticated stun weapons. Other crimes are handled by the same enforcement and investigation teams.

Nekomi do imprison perpetrators if their crime is bad enough to warrant it, they have a handful of prisons on some of the smaller land masses, however they believe strongly in rehabilitation and reform and make every effort possible to ensure when they are released they do not re-offend.

For crimes that are so heinous that their rehabilitation system would not work for example a serial killer, they are exiled to one of the uninhabited islands far from the mainland, there are enough natural resources on the islands for them to survive if they are smart and strong enough but they will inevitably die, the islands are so far from the mainland that even the strongest swimmer would not be able to swim the distance and the islands are monitored to prevent escape.

The Nekomi have no standing army but in extremely drastic circumstances the council of 15 and the city mayors can authorise the use of lethal weapons to be issued to the enforcement teams, however they do not posses ground to space weaponry or large scale weapons such as ballistic missiles, chemical weapons etc.

They do possess a handful of ships with low warp capability but they are relatively small and are used primarily to explore their solar system and trade with the only civilisations they do have regular contact with on a nearby planet. They are very lightly armed but have extremely good shielding, sub-light speed and manoeuvrability meaning they can generally outrun any ship wishing to do them harm at impulse speeds.

The Nekomi's neighbours the Bespiri consider themselves the guardians of the Nekomi, they are technologically advanced compared to them and have peacefully expanded into several systems. Any ship passing through their space or attempting to enter Nekomi space is investigated and if required forcibly turned back.

Marriage rites/rituals

Nekomi are somewhat divided when it comes to marriage. Some follow the newer more preferred choice where anyone may marry anyone else (of the correct gender) at any point in their life they choose so long as they are both past the age of maturity, the marriage ceremony is performed by the city’s Mayor, his assistant or a representative of the city council.

Many still follow the older tradition of arranged marriages, a suitable mate is found for the child upon their 2nd birthday and they are required to marry that person upon reaching the age of maturity the ceremony like with the more common marriage form is performed by the city mayor, his assistant or a representative of the city council. There are only a few ways where a Nekomi that is in an arranged marriage is released from oath to marry.

    The death of either participant
    If a Nekomi female wishes to marry someone other than they are arranged to marry the two males must compete for the right in the ritual of Vida de garia, Life for love.

The life for love ritual is in effect a no holds barred fight to the death between the 2 males, before the fight begins each male is ritually prepared by the female they are fighting for, a silky cloth is wound around their tail and wrists, a necklace made from the teeth of the planets largest sea creatures is placed around their neck and they are lightly sprayed with a mix of scented oils. During this preparation the female recites the Vida de garia oath to each male, explaining that they will marry the winner of the ritual.

There are no rules in the fight itself other than no weapons other than what they possess naturally and they can’t try to dismember each other. It is seen as an unforgivable breach of the law if someone intervenes in the fight, if that person is acting on behalf of one of the males in the fight then that male forfeits the fight and is disgraced.

In that instance the ritual still demands there be only 1 person remaining alive to have the rite of marriage and the disgraced male is offered the chance to regain some honour and pride by committing a ritual but rather barbaric suicide this is done by them using their claws to rip out their own throats.

When a victor has been determined the marriage ceremony is immediately carried out, the male takes the cloth from his tail and uses it to bind his and the females tails together and the representative pronounces them married. The marriage ceremony can be delayed by a few days if the victorious male is not capable of performing it due to injuries sustained during the fight.

Currently due to their lack of regular contact with other species there are no known times where a Nekomi has tried to marry a different species.


While being feline based Nekomi do not go through periods of heat and with their single pair of breasts and nipples they cannot support and do not give birth to whole litters of children however births of single children are still uncommon often resulting in twins or triplets.

There are no restrictions on how many children nekomi can have however the government recommends only a handful on account of the limited space on the planet.

Burial rights

On the homeworld all burials that are not cremations are burials at sea primarily due to not having too much space available on the mainland for cemeteries however small monuments to important people are occasionally erected in the city they were born in, the Nekomi do not grieve for very long, they know that death is a natural part of life that cannot be stopped, if a Nekomi that is out trading with the nearby planet dies the other crew will do their best to return the body to the homeworld for burial at sea.

Natural resources

With the homeworld being 85% water one of their most common resources are incredibly abundant fish stocks. Each city close to the ocean boasts a considerable fishing fleet that has its own rough area of the planet to fish in. The Nekomi that work these ships have through time learned to overcome their tendency to avoid going in water and the vast majority of them are extremely competent swimmers, unlike the majority of the population.

There are a small series of ships that are allowed to and are sturdy enough to hunt the larger creatures that lurk in the ocean depths including the Pakake and Caetus, the catching of these very large creatures similar in size to earth whales is highly regulated, only a handful are allowed to be caught per ship per year.

Almost all power generated on the planet is in the form of sustainable energy coming from off shore wind farms, tidal generators and solar arrays. Their ships and orbital stations are powered by extremely economical warp cores

Space history

One day a fishing vessel reported a strange substance floating on the water in his assigned fishing ground and he bought a canister full of it back to be examined, it was determined to be a highly efficient fuel source, a rig was developed to gather this fuel source and a refinery set up to process it. Several years later this fuel was used to send the first rocket and subsequently probe into orbit of the planet they soon discovered that on the small moon that orbited them clearly visible outcrops of a glittering crystal.

A few years after this probe launch they sent up their first ever manned mission to this moon not only to explore it but to retrieve samples of the crystal.

Eventually they developed the technology to keep a permanent facility in orbit of the planet an unidentified and highly advanced (compared to the Nekomi) ship flew into orbit of the planet and introduced themselves as the Bespiri confederacy they inhabited several planets in the next system.

These Bespiri identified the resources they had found as what they and the majority of the galaxy called Dilithium. And over several years they helped the Nekomi develop impulse and eventually warp technology and the means to protect themselves in space, in exchange for a trade agreement with them so they had a steady supply of dilithium and other resources.

Now with the means to travel the distant stars the Nekomi started to explore their system and the nearby systems, they met a handful of species, some like the Pladimon were very friendly and they still to this day have good relations and a trade agreement with them, others like the Vufziof were extremely aggressive even hostile to the Nekomi.

They decided to have absolutely no interaction with that species what so ever and at a general consensus from the council of 15 the Nekomi decided to limit their exploration and contact with the wider galaxy to just the nearby collection of systems. That ruling stands to this day. It doesn’t mean however that they did not send automated probes out to the far reaches of space sending back information about the galaxy.

It was via one of these probes that they discovered an uninhabited planet almost exactly the same as theirs, it was calculated it would take over a year at their current maximum warp speed for a ship to get there, they petitioned the Bespiri for assistance and they agreed to send one of their much faster ships to the planet and survey it for them. The results came back and they showed the planet was perfect for Nekomi and the council of 15 decided to take the calculated risk of attempting to branch out and establish a colony.

They built a ship capable of making the trip and sent 50 of the best and brightest in the fields of agriculture, marine biology, administration and supply and many other fields. Those 50 that had children were allowed to bring them along to be the next generation of colonists.

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