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=^= 3.2.0 - Nimbus Belt

Created by Captain Lirha Saalm on 19 Jun 2015 @ 2:23pm

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Nimbus Asteroid Belt (MU)

Location: Nimbus System
Galactic Position: Sector 053 Block 004 Grid 29
Discovered: 2390 by USS Galileo
Charted: 2390 by USS Galileo

Age: ~220 years
Mass: Various fragments from micrograms to kilotons
Diameter: 0.23 ly
Density: Various
Composition: Primarily metallic - iron, tritanium, cobalt, smaller amounts of trace elements. Unusual duranium signatures have been identified throughout the field.
Total Asteroids: 1,605,624


  • Where the Galactic Planet of Peace was once situated, there now remains nothing but a large debris field, the remnants of the once-iconic planet Nimbus. The asteroid field is massive and spans almost a quarter of a lightyear in all directions. The exact circumstances of Nimbus' destruction are not known, but it is obvious the devastation is total and complete.

(Created by Jonathan Holliday, USS Galileo)

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