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=^= 0.3.2 - Chat Room Guide

Created by Captain Lirha Saalm on 08 Jul 2014 @ 8:37pm

Chat Room Guide

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Hello, and welcome to Galileo's integrated chat room! We hope you enjoy this website feature and there are several policies and rules of engagement which all users must follow in order to promote a healthy social environment. Please read the sections below in their entirety before participating in live chat with other users.

General Rules

All users are welcome in Galileo's chat provided they follow the general rules listed below. Violation of any of these rules will result in either a warning, a kick ban, or an IP ban.

  • Please respect all users at all times.

  • Be polite and cordial, and do not post offensive remarks.

  • The use of the F-word, C-word, racial slurs and epithets, and derogatory religious terminology or other religious conflict are strictly prohibited.

  • Do not chat in ALL CAPS.

  • Do not spam the chat with links, images, messages, etc.

  • Do not post or link any content which is obscene, insulting, malicious, or disrespectful

Users and Statuses

  • Guest users are identified by the Guest_Redshirt## title and have red avatars.

  • Members of the sim are identified by their first name along with their character avatar.

  • A green dot next to a person's name means they are available for chatting.

  • A yellow dot next to a person's name means they are currently idle and may or may not be present in the chat.

  • A red dot next to a person's name means they are currently busy writing and not participating in chat.

  • Please do not disturb members of the sim who have a red dot next to their name.

Chat Rooms

Galileo's chat feature currently employs a system of four rooms which users may use for different reasons.

  • Main Lounge - The public room for all guests and sim members to use for any type of discussion.

  • Holodecks 1 & 2 - Private rooms reserved only for sim members where IC and OOC interaction takes place. Usually a JP in progress is assigned to a specific holodeck room to allow for chatting and collaboration while writing.

  • Briefing Room - Private room reserved only for sim members where important OOC discussions and sim meetings take place. This room is also sometimes assigned to a JP in progress to allow for chatting and collaboration while writing.

Instant Messages

The chat feature also contains an instant message (IM) feature. To IM a person in the chat, simply click on their name in the main chat window and a new window will pop up where you may speak in private to another user. All general rules listed above also apply to IMs. Please do not IM a sim user with a red dot next to their name, as they are busy writing.

Guest Users

Galileo's chat room is home to both members of the sim as well as any guests who may be browsing the website. Guest users are easily identified by their Guest_Redshirt## name and by their red avatars. All guests are encouraged to participate in our live chat, and below are some guidelines for guests to use while they are present in the room.

  1. Introduce yourself! We are a friendly bunch and would love to meet new simmers, so please don't be shy.

  2. Don't be afraid to ask questions! If you are a guest browsing our website and have any questions or comments about the sim, we will be happy to help answer.

  3. Be polite and civil! This is a no-brainer but all guest users must remember they are visitors on another group's website. As such, please show respect to all users and treat them as you would like to be treated..

  4. Do not lurk! Lurking is rude and creepy and is the equivalent of walking into a dinner party and sitting in the corner the entire time while not saying a word to anyone. If there is a conversation happening, please try to take part in it. If you are new to chat rooms or feel uncomfortable talking, please be polite and say something along the lines of "Hi, I'm just visiting. Is it okay if I watch for a while?". Our answer will always be "Of course!".

Sim Users and Color Dot Etiquette

Galileo's players are easily identified in the chat by their unique avatars and names. We are a quirky bunch with a wide range of personalities, and we all share a passion for Trek and simming. Some of us can get a bit enthusiastic from time to time and it can also be a challenge to juggle chatting while writing, therefore the following protocols are in place for sim users to adhere to:

  • Any player wishing to write and not be disturbed in chat should change their status to the red (busy) dot.

  • All players must refrain from IMing sim users with red (busy) dots.

  • Once a player is finished writing and is available to chat, they should change their status back to the green (available) dot.

  • Any players going AFK (away from keyboard) for an extended period should set their status to the yellow (idle) dot.

  • Any player who forgets to change their chat status is fair game for IMs.

Final Thoughts

We hope this short guide has been informative and useful. Please keep in mind that real-time chat, while fun and interactive, is also subject to many of the same challenges as other non-personal interactions. Communication is a learned process, one which we are constantly improving upon through our daily interactions. No one is a master of communication and because chat room interaction takes place only through the lexicon of the English language, it is fundamentally missing many verbal and non-verbal cues which we've all been trained to interpret since birth. These include tonality changes, facial expressions, body language, eye movement, etc. Only about 10% of any message is transmitted purely through words, which is the reason why such things as sarcasm simply do not translate well over the internet.

What does this mean for us as chat users? It means we should remember that sometimes a message is not always intended to be received as it has been written, and much of this varies according to a user's writing ability and their depth, knowledge, and accuracy of the English vocabulary. Because of this, all users are reminded to carefully choose their words, and to try to not get upset or angry if a message is interpreted or sent the wrong way. We are all people behind our avatars and computer screens, and a message's intention is usually never as bad as it originally might seem.

Enjoy your chat!

(Created by Lirha Saalm, USS Galileo)

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