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Created by Captain Lirha Saalm on 30 May 2014 @ 3:45pm


General Data

Akkadians are a humanoid species from technically the Beta Quadrant. Akkadia lies on the border between the Alpha and Beta quadrants and at the intersection of the Sagittarius Arm with the Orion Arm. They are native to the planet Akkadia beta, one of two known habitual worlds, one moon and one world with a section of M class atmosphere. Akkadians call their planet Akkadia.

They are notable for having a bradymetabolic metabolism, transitional compound eyes, henimetabolic development and females with wings. Akkadians are sexually trimorphic (three distinct body shapes). Click to view Medical Database - Akkadians.

Overall Akkadians are seldom found off planet and the entire world has a xenophobic tendency. Akkadia proper is not a Federation member but only an allied world. There has been no demonstrated warp capability and the few visitors note that the entire world has a bucolic feeling to the culture presented. Normal contact would have never been made but for indications from ruins on nearby stars and surprisingly very sophisticated medical techniques that Akkadians at one time had a much more technological culture.


Breeding males run approximately 1.5 to 1.8 meters tall but weight less than the average human adult male with ranges from 63 to 70 kg. Females, which are all fertile, range in height equivalent to breeding males but more gracile in structure with weights around 40 to 50 kg. Non-breeding sterile males are very muscled and range taller (1.9 to 2.2 meters) with weights of 95 to 115 kg.

Hair colouration tends to be black, but red and blonde are not unknown. However each member in addition to the basic hair colour is noted for having bright metallic looking streaks. These metallic looking streaks are red, blue or green and have intense patterns when viewed in the ultraviolet range of the spectrum.

All encountered Akkadians seem to be quite clever but some which the Akkadians themselves admit reluctantly seem to be gifted with the ability to make intuitive leaps. When commented on by outsiders, uniformly such ability is frowned upon by Akkadians and the terms A'burab'atu and A'ksu have been heard to be uttered. Translation of these words have been A'burab'atu - To do something quickly or fleetingly and A'ksu - something dangerous. When questioned by culturists, Akkadians in high position will only say that such gifted individuals lead to a calamity in the past and will not elucidate much further.

The other noted feature of Akkadians is that once fully mature, each individual seems to stop aging and display remarkable abilities to heal and regenerate. It is only toward the last year that aging seems to take place and then at a highly accelerated rate. This has caused some to refer to Akkadians as the 'Dorian Grey' people after reference to human Oscar Wilde novel of the same name. Life spans seem to be typical of the average human.

Society and Culture

Akkadian culture is matriarchal with females holding more senior positions. All males whether fertile or non-fertile are deferential to any female.

The culture is organized into various Guild Houses, each with a particular talent and territory or island holding. Each Guild House as indicated specializes in some aspect of culture, transportation, art, science, healing and so on. Individuals brought into a house (see physiology) are raised in that environment but aptitude and interest are considered as the individual matures and can be sent to a different house.

Marriages are always arranged between houses and each is carefully considered for both the match in bringing in desired traits but also the compatibility of the individuals. Bonding is for life and is done with first mating and accomplished through multiple sexual acts and mutual ingestion of each pairs blood.

Females before marriage are permitted sexual encounters but only with the non-breeding males in institutions known as an Irsemia house which translates to virgin house. After marriage it is generally frowned upon for a female to visit such a house unless widowed.

Fertile males always marry into a new house though they continue their profession but take on the appellation of illm New Guild House. There are no surnames in Akkadia culture just a given name and then illm (translation - of or belonging to) whatever Guild House they are associated with. Titles as well are very uncommon as well. Females of the Guild House once past their initial education are referred to as Guild Member. Apprentices always refer to a teacher as Guild Mother, but the title itself is only used by Guild Members to the most senior female who is in charge of the Guild. Each Guild Mother then sits on the Council that deals with global and external contact issues.

Most of the culture and technology presented on Akkadia seems to be rural and bucolic. There are remarkable exceptions. Culturists have decided that at one time Akkadia had much more technology then now but have deliberately chosen not to use such technology. A few rare telling of stories seem to back this up and curiously when questioned, if an answer is given, the few Akkadians have said: 'They have been put away'. Some culturists have indicated that it means not destroyed but simply stored away someplace, others argue that it is simply a mistranslation.

One particular aspect amoung some of the females is something called Water Dancing. It is similar to Terran ballet but with somewhat less formality. It involves using the female wings so that their toes and feet just touch the surface of a body of water preferably an ocean. As one dances, the idea is to catch water with feet and toes to make arcs but not splash unduly. It is considered a form of art but a tribute to the Twins and after a performance the Thank you for wind and wave, mind and body is recited (see below). One could also consider it an exercise as well since it requires very fine and controlled movements to as the practioner's say: Balance wind and wave.


Akkadians are polytheistic expressing a belief in a series of the gods and goddesses that seem to be aspects of order and chaos. However, most are not very practicing or seem to pay much attention saying that they created the world but for Akkadians to live and enjoy it.

Uniformly one thing all Akkadians refer to is the Twins and sometimes as the Lovers. The actual names which are almost never reference are Damqim and Alu'u. The A reference to the Twin Suns that comprise the Akkadian system. It actual reference it deals with two mortal to divine subjects. The twins were two mortal lovers that in mythology defied the curse placed on them by the gods. Thus a reference to the Twins is a reference to defy the gods or in human terms, to defy the odds.

Another religious reference is The Queen of Nights Promise. A reference to the great rings that encircle Akkadia. Again based on mythology, after the gods had been humbled by the Twins and what had been done to them, one goddess put the rings in place around the world as a promise that never again would the gods never curse the mortals again. The rings are virtually invisible during the day, but quite spectacular in the later evening as the light of the suns reflects off of them.

Then there is the H'oni A'likoa - Blood Kiss. A term derived from ancient times in which in times of famine the males would provide their own blood for ensuring the next generation. It has now devolved into more a ritual in which just a little is taken between mates, lovers and in exceptional cases close friends. It has both a cultural and somewhat religious meaning to it as it is usually performed if a female has for one reason or another lost her wings.

Akkadians have a general belief in reincarnation. An example of this belief is from the ritual of burying the wings if a female has lost them: 'Haku ala Hakuina ena A'oe ea po'lealu, Houniana eta hap elalu pillia'tu din'atu L'ani. Mai Po'lealu'. Which translates as 'Lords and Ladies of Light and Darkness, from earth you raised us up so we could touch the sky. From earth we came, to sky we go, and then return back to earth. Accept my thanks for the gift of flight and grant that another year be given unto me.'

Another reference to the Twins as being divine is the recitation of the thanks after water dancing: 'Thank you for wind and wave, mind and body that like the Twins we may dance our joy.'

Finally, as the twin suns form an eclipsing binary when the two gas giants align (the lock and key), the gravitational effects can cause the Roche limit of the suns to be exceeded. The Twins then 'kiss'. When this rare periodic event happens it is believed to be a time of great changes.


Akkadians do not do much commerce with the rest of the galaxy but one item that is exported and highly prized is Trellium silk. This comes from a set of spiders that spin this special silk. Though imitations have been made, none have managed to compare to the real thing in the softness, tensile strength and the colours that are presented.


Little is known of the full history of the Akkadians. Akkadians will say that their ancestors evolved from smaller creatures that feed on fruits and nectars of various plants. Sometime in this past, a famine occurred and some individuals either found or managed to obtain blood from some of the other species on the planet. The extra protein from feeding from this food source caused increase in size both physically and in mental capacity. At some point in time, the Akkadians indicate that they had much more sophisticated technological society. This has been borne out by archaeological evidence elsewhere, but that some sort of societal calamity occurred that made the Akkadians decide not to utilize very much sophisticated technology. What is interesting is that dating from these archaeological sites that have been linked to Akkadians are not more than several hundred years old indicating there was some sort of rapid advance and collapse.

(Created by Allyndra illm Warraquim, USS Galileo)

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