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=^= 2.1.4 - Rigel VII

Created by Captain Lirha Saalm on 18 Dec 2013 @ 7:05pm

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Rigel VII

Name: Rigel VII (Orion Homeworld)
Type: Class M - Terrestrial
Survey Status: Charted
System Location: Habitable Zone
Relative Position (x,y,z): (137, -28.2, -0.39) M km

Age: 3.9 B years
Mass: 1.27 Earths
Diameter: 13,799 km
Density: 5.6 g/cm^3
Velocity: 31.8 km/s

Temperature: 18.4 C
Composition: Water, Iron, Silicate
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Oxygen
Satellites: 1 moon
Rings: None

Orbital Radius: 0.89 AU
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.02 (2%)
Orbital Period: 361 days
Rotational Period: 32.8 hours
Rotation (x,y,z): (-6.72, 16.8, 111) degrees


  • Rigel VII is the seventh planet in the Rigel system, a very populated solar system with several habitable worlds and moons. Rigel VII is also known as the Orion homeworld and was one of the first Orion colonies established after the First Migration from the original homeworld in the Orion system almost a thousand years ago. A large Class M planet about 120% the size of Earth, it has a relatively warm average temperature of 18.4 degrees and long days lasting almost 33 hours. Rigel VII has one small moon which orbit outside of its Roche limit and keeps the night sky very bright with its reflection of solar light. Like most moons, including Luna, it is tidal locked.

  • A world inhabited primarily by Orions of all complexions, Rigel VII is a booming cultural and commerce center within the Beta Quadrant. It is famous for its elegant beaches and castle-like architecture. It's capital city, Vajripam, is the largest and most exquisite population center which supports close to 7 million inhabitants and is home to a plethora of planetary trading ports. Because Orions trade and deal in all types of commerce -- even the illegal kind -- there are often many ships and personnel coming and going from Vajripam, making it a very transient and culturally diverse area. Rigel VII is an Orion colony and is therefore not a chartered world of the UFP, and their independent sovereignty has allowed the world a great deal of economic, social, and cultural growth.

(Created by Lirha Saalm, USS Galileo)

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