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Season 4 - Southern Stars

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A year following the destruction of USS Galileo in 2390, USS Galileo-A is commissioned and dispatched to the Pleiades Cluster to investigate new worlds, catalogue new lifeforms and discover new civilizations.

Group Post Count: 2541

Included Missions

Episode 19 - Tomorrow's Galileo

Post Count: 343

Stardate: 94371.4
Location: Pleiades Cluster

While performing a routine systems test following the perilous investigation of Cold Station 31, USS Galileo-A suddenly finds herself entering a temporal vortex. The crew arrive two decades in the future and are forced to answer for their past decisions surrounding the handling of sensitive scientific information. The foundation of the Federation — across all timelines — now hangs in the balance. Old acquaintances reunite in a desperate effort to alter the future by correcting the past.

Mission Focus: Time Travel, Temporal Science
Mission Length: Medium

Episode 18 - Cold Station 31

Post Count: 1001

Stardate: 69272.5
Location: Cold Station 31, Pleiades Cluster

USS Galileo finally arrives at starbase Regula I, her new home port and base of operations. Resupply operations begin and the crew enjoys a brief period of shore leave before being recalled to address an urgent local intelligence report. A Federation science station has gone dark and Galileo is promptly dispatched to a nearby asteroid field to investigate the status of the secretive research facility — designated Cold Station 31. Its crew and research are unknown, as are the circumstances surrounding its peril.

Mission Focus: Mystery, Horror
Mission Length: Medium

Episode 17 - Crystal of Life

Post Count: 1197

Stardate: 68593.2
Location: Latari System, Pleiades Cluster

Nine months have passed following the destruction of USS Galileo and now Starfleet has commissioned Galileo-A at Avondale Shipyards. A modified and improved version of the original Nova-class starship, the newest Galileo is the pinnacle of Starfleet science technology, engineering and innovation. The time for celebration is short, however, and recent intelligence reports from the Pleiades Cluster are concerning. Two Federation colonies near the Tholian border have ceased all transmissions and their fate is currently unknown. Galileo is rerouted in the middle of a long six-month ferry to the southern border and is ordered to determine the fate of over ten thousand colonists.

Mission Focus: Science, Adventure, Horror
Mission Length: Long