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Chief Warrant Officer 2 Oliver Sylver

Name Oliver Sylver

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 2

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 41
Date of Birth November 6th, 2351
Place of Birth London, England, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SS-210-0347
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 4 - Flight Control Office
Quarters 04-1413 EN
Roommate Verity Thorne

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and built like a swimmer, Olly stands at 6'2" with dark brown hair and blue eyes. His face has sharp features and can look very stern, but is quick to smile as well. He has a scar running down the back of his neck, to his left shoulder blade. Off duty, he has a preference for darker colours, although he is usually seen in his uniform.

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Body Art Tattoo on the inside of his right wrist, in black letters, "Vires et honestas". He also has a tattoo of what used to be a dragon on his left shoulder, but the tattoo is disfigured by an old scar that has been removed.
Portrait sylverslowsmile.gif


Father Unknown
Mother Hera Sylver

Personality & Traits

General Overview Oliver has a strong sense of honour, a sharp wit and generally a sensible head on his shoulders. He has a good sense of humour and he genuinely cares for the people he works with and for the job he does. He might come across as being a bit too stern when he is working, but that is only because he focuses all his attention on it. He has his darker periods when memories from the war weights on him, but generally he has a good disposition to life and the challenges ahead. He makes friends easily, yet he is only truly loyal to a chosen few.

His romance with Verity Thorne is part of what grounds him and his love for the man keeps him grounded through the darker periods.
Strengths Oliver has a lot of experience under his belt and a genuine love for the work he does. He is a good marksman, a good pilot and can review things in a professional light.
Weaknesses Oliver can sometimes only focus on the bigger picture and become detached to the lives on the line, which has led to several full-blown arguments in the past. He also does not know when to keep his opinions to himself. He also can get distracted by his own thoughts, especially when things trigger memories from the war.
Ambitions Oliver would like to become an Academy instructor, once Verity and him are done with being out in space. Ideally, he would like to settle back in England.
Hobbies & Interests Oliver has a love for flying, reading, shooting at the firing range, close contact sports, good drink and the company of others. Equally though he is happy to just curl up on the sofa with Verity and relax.
Vernacular Oliver speaks in a slightly rough voice, his accent North London, although watered out by being away from Earth for so long. He has a tendency to swear, but tries to keep his language "clean" when on duty. He always speaks a bit quietly, more because half the time he is slightly distracted.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken English, Cardassian, French, Latin

Personal History Oliver Sylver was born in Camden, London, England, to a young girl who had gotten pregnant with a one night stand. Despite her best efforts, she wasn't ready to become a mother. As a result, Oliver's first year was one with neglect, as his mother struggled to cope. Oliver was taken into foster care, while the government tried to help his mother. Sadly, she took her own life months later. With no living relatives, Oliver became a ward of the state and sent to the local orphanage. It was a Catholic one and for the next sixteen years of his life, this would be Oliver's world.

Oliver was always an active child, intelligent and challenging. And while he got along with many of those that took care of the children, he also got into trouble a lot. He spent a lot of time in the Church, reading and inside screaming at how restricted everything was. He also didn't get along with the other boys, often getting in fights and in return being punched for it. Because he was tall for his age even as a youngster, he didn't have the appeal for most couples adopting. His sharp features made him everything except an adorable child, paired with eyes that seemed to coldly observe the world. He was more or less forgotten or ignored by visiting people wanting to adopt a child. And he was fully human and therefore not even exotic.

When Oliver was 15, his rebellious nature took over. He would sneak away for days and weeks, only to be brought back by the police. And while he still studied and showed to be smart, he also had a smart mouth. One of the Priests, Father George, was constantly in arguments with Oliver. On more than one occasion, Oliver had the bruises to show for it. However, when he was 16 it turned nastier. Oliver had, admittedly, been stealing from the Church and Father George, who already had a temper, found out. The result was Oliver in hospital and the social workers decided to get him away from the orphanage and London. He was sent to Kent where he was put into a school for difficult children. In an environment with even stricter rules, everyone expected Oliver to rebel...but instead he fell in line. He studied hard, he took up close combat sports, he showed an interest in a future for himself.
Starfleet History When he was 18, he joined the Starfleet Marine Corps, based on recommendations from his teachers and his own desperate search for a family. He was accepted after doing well in his exams and tests and was put forth to become a fighter pilot. He did his four years of training and graduated, ending up in a squadron. And then the Dominion Wars broke out. As a fighter pilot, Oliver had to show his worth defending the ships that transported essential personnel. It was a long war for him, in an environment where Marines dropped like flies. He became the Squadron Leader by default, after the last honcho was blown up.

After the war ended, Oliver left the Marines. For two years he just drifted around in the universe, realising slowly but surely that he was alone. While the Marines was an option, he decided that having once held the life and death of others so close, he wanted as little responsibility as possible. He enlisted in regular Starfleet and ended up, based on his background, in the Flight Department. As an enlisted he didn't exactly get to fly the ship, but working in the flight department meant taking care of the shuttles and in the end helping with the Starfleet fighter pilots on the ship. Slowly, Oliver worked his way up the ranks, showing himself to be a hard worker and dedicated...but more importantly, he was knowledgeable.

In 2388 he was made Warrant Officer. He continued his duties until in 2389 he was transferred to the USS Galileo, to work as a specialist within the Flight Control department. It was here he met Verity Thorne and after becoming close friends he realised he was in love with him. It took a lot of courage for him to admit it to the other man but he was both surprised and blissful when he found out that the feeling was mutual. It was however short-lived as Oliver was transferred to the USS Washington. While realistic that things happened and either of them could meet someone else, Oliver still classed himself as Verity's boyfriend and would every day send him a message or a letter. Even when he had difficult missions he would still do it and purposefully line up several different messages for the computer to send every day in case he was not around to do it himself. That included when he was wounded on an away team and spent three days in sickbay, unconscious.

He kept requesting transfers to try and get close to Verity again and in the end his prayers were answered in 2391. He got transferred back to the USS Galileo, into his old position. Seeing Verity again was a relief, to be physically close to him. Finding out how poorly Verity had been, he felt guilty for not visiting him in hospital during his deployment on the Washington. But now they are back together, all Oliver wants is to make sure that Verity is happy.
Medical History Olly's medical record is extensive, with multiple broken bones from his childhood and teenage years. In 2374 he suffered burn injuries after his fighter crashed, although the scars have been removed after healing. He suffered a concussion in 2387 after a fall, but no broken bones.

In 2391, Oliver was wounded on an away mission and suffered brain damage. It was cured in sickbay and he was out and back on duty 4 days later.
Service Record 2369-2373 Starfleet Marine Corps Officer Candidate School, specialism Fighter Pilot
2373-2375 USS Hermes, 2nd Lieutenant to Captain, Fighter pilot to Squadron Leader.

2376-2378 honourable discharge

2378-2379 Starfleet Enlisted Training, Flight Control

2379-2385 USS Ellis, Flight Control, Crewman to Petty Officer First Class

2385-2389 USS Florence, Flight Control, Petty Officer First Class to Warrant Officer

2389-2390 USS Galileo, Flight Control, Warrant Officer

2390-2391 USS Washington, Flight Control, Chief Warrant Officer

2391-PRES USS Galileo, Flight Control, Chief Warrant Officer

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