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Verity Thorne

Name Verity Thorne

Position Chaplain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32
Date of Birth 2357
Place of Birth London, England, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SR-723-8292
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Alpha
Office Deck 3 - Chaplain's Office
Quarters 04-1413 EN
Roommate Oliver Sylver

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11''
Weight 147 Ibs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Average build and height, Verity is more striking in his facial features than his physique, with a strong jaw line, large and intense eyes and full lips.

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Body Art Tattoo of a cross on his upper left arm, gothic in style but only in black. Tattoo of twisted thorns around a sword down the length of his back.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Lord James Thorne, Civil Servant
Mother Lady Patricia Thorne, *deceased*
Brother(s) Sir Eliot Thorne, Minister
Colonel Clement Thorne, Army Officer
Sister(s) None
Other Family Uncle, Maurice Thorne, Minister

Personality & Traits

General Overview Considering the years he spent as a Catholic priest, Verity may not be what someone would expect. He's certainly warm and generous and has an easy going nature when in the company of others, but he also has an edge to him. He’s something of a wild boy on the quiet and likes to drink, smoke, dance, ride bikes, motorbikes and hover bikes as well as having a laugh with friends. He has a sharp sense of humour that is sometimes dry and sarcastic, but he would never mean any real harm with it. He will stand up for someone or himself when needs be, isn't someone who gets intimidated by others, and he's even found himself caught up in the odd brawl here and there, even if just to try and bring it to an end. He is always honest about what he thinks, even if it's clear that it might not be something that's a popular view, but he is more likely to present it matter of factly rather than with any kind of accusation or authority.
Strengths Academically gifted and quick minded, observant, photographic memory, keeps calm and practical under stress and in emergencies.
Weaknesses He may be able to brawl when necessary, and has had the same basic self defence lessons in the Academy as all other Starfleet personnel, but his combat skills are restricted to that basic level. Knows little to nothing about engineering. Can have an overactive mind.
Ambitions He prefers to live for the moment and is currently content with what he is doing.
Hobbies & Interests Music; plays the piano, organ, violin and sings as well as having a lot of experience running and conducting both singing and instrumental groups. Bikes, motor bikes and hover bikes. Reading, theatre, old fashioned films, holonovels and ballroom dancing. Studying the classics, classical civilisation, history, myth and theology.
Vernacular English
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken English, (also Latin)

Personal History Verity was born as the younger son into a family of standing in London, England, Earth. They were 'old money' as some still call it, his father holding a title and the majority of the estate. His father was also a General in the army, and then moved into the Civil Service, while his Uncle was a politician. It was a difficult environment to grow up in, and by the time Verity was 13, his eldest brother was already making his move into the world of politics, and his older brother was preparing for the entrance process of the army. It was clear that Verity was expected to follow suit.

In many ways, Verity didn't fit. He wasn't seduced by the power of politics. On the contrary, growing up, he saw all too well what some of those people involved were like and what they did behind closed doors, and he didn't like it. He also didn't get on with his father, or his brothers, and the family dynamic was difficult to say the least. As he went through his teenage years, he was able to understand more what he disliked so much, disagreeing with a lot of what he saw going on, and even seeing snippets of the corruption that surrounded some of their activity. His relationship with his father and brothers only strained more when he was old enough to confront such issues and disagree with what they were doing at times, as well as the draining public front they were expected to maintain. On a personal level, the relationship between father and son was just as difficult and unpleasant.

The struggle between father and son became too much, and when Verity was 18, having completed his higher level exams, he told his father he wanted no part of the career that had already been part carved out for him. Instead, he wanted to do something he felt for. He wanted to study theology. His father all but laughed, but the anger came when he realised he was serious. The family were Catholic, but his father wasn't, exactly, devout, or particularly governed by it in his life. In fact, his family were more of the type to go to church, but then completely disregard the values in every day life.

A compromise was brokered and he attended university where he did a triple subject degree in classical civilisation, history and theology. He did well academically as he always had at school, and by the time he graduated with a first class degree, he had made his mind up what he wanted to do. The more his father resisted the idea, the more Verity was drawn to it and he decided he wanted to become a Catholic priest. His father told him that if he did it he could stay away from home. For Verity, in truth, it only added to the feeling of freedom the prospect brought to him.

Years of study and devotion at the Catholic seminary was difficult to settle down to for Verity, but he was a good academic student and was determined. When he sometimes struggled with the devote life and abstinence, he was told that everyone struggled, and if it wasn’t difficult for him then he should be worried.

His first position as a Catholic priest was back in London but in a far underprivileged area than he had grown up in. It was a difficult first experience as a priest, but he stuck with it, refusing to buckle under the pressure. When they saw how dedicated he was to the run down church and the social and support groups he ran for the people in the area, they decided he was what they were looking for to run a parish in an even tougher area of the city, a forgotten or perhaps ignored run down area with a lot of people who needed help.

Verity was daunted to say the least. He got stuck in, and brought in a new rule that forbade the doors to be locked, even at night. Slowly and surely he got sucked deeper into it all and it wasn't long before virtually all his time was taken up either in the church or running support groups or working with the people who needed help in the gritty and dirty backstreets.

Verity remained there for years, slowly dragged deeper into it all. It came as a complete shock when he sent the letter that he wanted to leave the priesthood. Despite the bishop trying to counsel him he refused to speak about why he had made the sudden decision and wouldn't change his mind.

After leaving the priesthood, Verity was understandably lost for a while. His work had been his life, and he had little to fill his time. He travelled for a while, dropping off the radar and just drifting. By the time he travelled back to earth he'd decided that he wanted to become a chaplain in Starfleet.
Starfleet History If anything the panel was wary when he applied for the specialist enlisted course. They gave him a grilling at his interview, unsure if it was a good idea to take a man who had previously been a Catholic priest into what was, essentially, a position that would have to serve as multi-faith. However, he assured them that he wanted to concentrate on helping people with matters of spirituality when they were in space and away from home, be that for any other religion or people with no religion, and his own personal belief was irrelevant because his focus should be on what they were thinking and feeling and not himself.

They decided to give him a go and Verity applied himself to his studies, doing well in the enlisted course. He spent a year on the USS Raleigh, settling into the position with a natural easy going nature that seemed to work with the position, before being sent to the Galileo.
Medical History Nothing significant on record. Only the usual miscellaneous injuries and illnesses.
Service Record 2387-2388 – Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training, Chaplain
2388-2389 – USS Raleigh, Chaplain, Crewman
2389-Present – USS Galileo, Chaplain, Crewman

Character Progression System

Primary Band Diplomacy
Secondary Band Medical/Counseling

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Intelligence
+ Education
Department Skills Diplomacy
+ Public Speaking

+ Psychology
Department Perks Diplomacy
+ Emissary

Skill Training