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Lieutenant Aria Rice

Name Aria Rice

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26
Date of Birth 5th February, 2366
Place of Birth Selene City, Luna (Earth's Moon)

Character Type

Category Primary Character (PC)

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SS-647-9092
Rank Class Junior Officer
Security Clearance Level 6
Duty Watch Team 3

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 109 lbs
Hair Color Black (dyed, real colour brown)
Eye Color Pale blue
Physical Description Aria is petite, standing only at 5'4 and at 109 lbs. Her body shape is that of a dancer, with very little fat. She has pale skin and large pale blue eyes, often framed with heavy black eyeliner. She looks younger than her years, with a girlish smile and while she has a prettiness to her, she isn't beautiful. She wears her dyed black hair long, with a fringe. Off duty, she wears tight clothes usually in black with imitation leather and strange designs. On duty, she wears her hair in a sharp ponytail (often streaked in colours depending on her mood) and she never, ever wears the skirt uniform because she really, truly, hates it. She even struggles with her dress uniform, except when she has to.
Body Art She has a tattoo of cherry blossoms on her back, going from her shoulder blade to her tailbone.
Portrait aria245Aria-Rice4


Father Lt. Colonel Antonio Rice, SFMC (deceased)
Mother Jasmina Rice, former dancer and current librarian

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aria is a woman with a lot of warmth and compassion. She is focused on her goal, on what she feels is the right thing to do. She does genuinely love her job but can be seen as being a bit informal with others. She enjoys spending time on music and dance, having been involved in Cabaret at the Academy and she is trying to do it on the Galileo as well. She likes to spend time with friends, is easy to get to know and her carefree way hides her issues about her father’s death. She has a lot of respect for Marines, more because of her father than anything else. She isn't keen on physical violence, more because she knows that all she has is speed and very little strength, but she has learned to fight to the best of her abilities. She is a very social person, eager to please and a lot of people can find her a bit "teenager", however when she is on duty she does her job well and she gets things sorted. She also calls things how she sees it, but not in a disrespectful manner...rather, she tries to add a fun twist to her observations about people. It does often backfire in a more formal setting though.

With her more recent experiences, both from her time on the Galileo and on the Saratoga, Aria's learned new skills such as dealing with smugglers and other less savoury characters of the universe. But she has not lost her optimism even if it is now tingled with more realism. There is also a bit of sarcasm thrown in.

She is very much in the belief that life is a story and she is the side-kick, but it is a role she has embraced with all her heart. Knowing herself, she doesn't strive for romance because honestly, she isn't exactly someone that anyone would take home to their parents. Instead she builds friendships and her own little "family" because she honestly doesn't often speak with her mother.

Since becoming Chief, she has made a point to learn as much as she could, to embrace her new role. She puts a lot of pressure on herself to support and get the best out of those in her department. Under Commander Tarin's command though, she found herself pushed further and further, to a point she was unsure if she would stay on the ship, or request a new assignment...
Strengths Aria is intelligent, has a good sense of humour and is good with martial arts. But her real strength is her compassion and ability to feel empathy towards others. She doesn't see herself as a moral compass but sometimes will step up to that role. If no one else volunteers. Over the last few years she has stepped up more and more as a Security officer, taking people's safety into her hands and ensuring nothing befalls them.

After becoming Chief of Security, she has made a conscious effort to be more analytical and outspoken in her opinons.
Weaknesses Aria is very slight and is never going to physically overpower a man...or most women. She is also very informal, even when she isn't supposed to be. She also has a way of letting her mouth run off with her. And occasionally just freak out over tiny things. She has a lot of hang-ups lately about her physical abilities, which has put a dampener on her and made her question herself.
Ambitions Having by some miracle made Chief of Security, her ambitions at the moment would be staying alive, keeping her department alive, and trying her best to still keep her own identity, although lately she is becoming confused about what she wants for herself.
Hobbies & Interests Dancing (with a love for ballet and a talent for tango), martial arts, music (20th century rock, punk and even new new ancient dubstep), history (with a focus on the history of the colonies) and in the last few years an appreciation of nicer alcoholic drinks rather than the blue paint-stripping aftershave things. She also has a fascination with rare weapons, usually of the bladed kind.
Vernacular Aria can be a bit energetic when she speaks, rushing her words, gesturing a lot. Her voice is surprisingly soft unless she has been drinking, when it gets a little bit sharper. Her accent is neutral, like most people on Luna, but she has picked up some expressions from other species to throw into there.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Standard, Klingon (swear words and 'we need to inspect your ship') and how to order drinks in Cardassian, Vulcan and Ferengi.

Personal History Aria Rice was born in Luna’s capital city, to a Lt. Colonel and his civilian wife. Aria was the result of years of trying, a little brown-haired bundle of joy. Her mother insisted that they would remain on Luna, because she didn’t want her child dragged all over space. As a result, Aria only saw her father when he was on leave. Her childhood was filled with dancing and music, her mother insisting that she would be able to play one instrument and master one dance. Aria loved it and became quite good at it, playing the piano as well as doing tap dancing, singing and ballroom dancing. But her mother's ideas were that Aria should become what she had not become; a ballet dancer. It did cause a lot of tension between her parents, but Aria never saw it.

When Aria was 9 her father died in combat during the Dominion Wars. Grieved by the loss of a father she idolised, Aria tried to get closer to him by doing the things he had loved. She got into martial arts, despite her small stature she was actually half decent too. She was fast and not afraid of a few bruises. Her mother had high hopes for her, but they quickly disappeared as Aria became a teenager. Even so, she clung to the idea that Aria would become a prima ballerina, and put her in more and more dance classes.

As a teenager, Aria vented her issues about her father's death with partying and generally causing trouble. While she was never arrested, she did manage to get detention, warnings and so on. There was also the case of light fingers (never proven), and a little distillery that let her sell enough moonshine to get enough funds to get a friend off Luna.

However, she cleaned her act up when she was 17, instead studying hard and burying herself in what she enjoyed; history, music, martial arts and dance. She had turned over a new leaf, especially with her focus now being joining Starfleet. She did openly consider the Marines, but felt she could never live up to the image of her father, something which became cemented when she failed the physical tests for the Marines. Her mother had gotten her an audition with a prestigious ballet Academy, but on the same time it was happening Aria ditched it to do the Starfleet Academy entrance exam.
Starfleet History As soon as she was 18 she took the entrance exam to Starfleet Academy and passed, being offered a place as a security cadet. She knew her father would have been proud...even if she was not a Marine. Aria studied hard as well as pursued her hobbies, ignoring things such as romance in order to study harder. She knew that because of her small size, she had to compensate with using her brain more. Of course, she only ended up being in the top 40 of her class at number 36, but it was good enough for her. Something had to be anyway. She started out on the USS Nova, but was only there for a few months. It had a high turnover because of their deep space missions and Aria wasn't the best person for it just out of the Academy. She got into trouble with a superior officer for being "too informal", and while she did do the obligatory weeks of councelling to deal with her problem with authority (and she overcame it quickly after a telling off), the CO felt that the Nova wasn't a good fit for her.

She was transferred to the USS Galileo in 2389, and she viewed it as a chance to come into her own and more importantly, to grow up. The fact it was a science ship didn't deter her, even if she might have come out with the words: "Hang on, does this mean I need to know science stuff? Because...I don't."

But despite her doubts, Aria actually got on with the crew of the Galileo. Of course, she found herself in awkward situations, but she enjoyed the people she worked with. She even befriended the Captain and considers her, along with Scarlet Blake, her closest friends. After serving for almost a year on the Galileo, they lost their Chief on an away mission (in all fairness, there had been several Chiefs coming and going) and Aria found herself as the Assistant Chief of the Department. It lasted well enough, as she was then transferred to the USS Norway when they needed a replacement of their Assistant Chief. And Aria still had her eyes on the bigger goal: her career.

The Norway was another small ship, but lacked the personality of the Galileo. Aria still kept her head down and did what she had to, until an accident on an away team took out her Chief and 3 members of the away team. Accused of not questioning the order as she should have had, Aria was demoted to Ensign and her CO requested her to be transferred back to her old ship.

In truth, that was the best thing that could have happened to Aria. Ever. For as long as it lasted though. She was bag with her friends, made new friends and generally tried her best to slot in again. She was happy and content, the low rank something she didn't mind. When she got a promoted, she jokingly tried to turn it down, but it stuck. But as Starfleet has its funny ways and nothing lasts forever.

She found herself being assigned to the USS Saratoga, with a rank as Lieutenant Junior Grade which she even got to keep. The Saratoga ran a two year mission as a Border Control ship, stopping smugglers and criminals. She learned a lot during those years, growing more confident in leading small teams, but happy as a Security Officer rather than Chief or Assistant Chief. It built her confidence and she realised she could be herself and do her job on another ship.

When the tour finished and after visiting her friend Lirha Saalm in a Federation Penitentiary, she decided to apply for another posting. She set her eyes on the USS Galileo. After her transfer she set her heeled boots on the new USS Galileo, with all its shiny new surfaces. As a Security Officer, she was eager to make a difference for the little guy and just as excited to see her old friends again! However, the truth of it was that the ship had changed the same way all ships change and the handful of people she knows are those she emotionally connect to and depend on.

In 2392, she was promoted to Lieutenant and made the Chief Security/Tactical Officer. Although often joking about the cursed chair (which she switched out the day she got the posting), she was excited about it. But things took a slightly different turn when the Acting Captain Tarin took over, and Aria found herself in a brand new position with a Captain she wasn't sure she could even trust.
Medical History Over her years, Aria has been to doctors for:

Broken bones (right big toe, left wrist, right arm)
Common cold and high fever
Food poisoning (four times, last time in 2387)
Black eye (after falling)
Broken arm and dislocated shoulder ( 2389 avalanche accident on away team)
Knife wound (2390, after being stabbed by a smuggler in the stomach)
Knife wound to the face (2392, after fight to the death on the IKS Praxis)

Apart from that, Aria is a healthy woman who wouldn't necessarily be harmed by eating a bit more ice cream.
Service Record 2384-2388 Starfleet Academy, Security Cadet
2388-2389 USS Nova, Security Ensign
2389-2389 USS Galileo, Security Officer- Assistant Chief of Security
2389 USS Norway, Assistant Chief of Security
2389-2389 USS Galileo, Security Officer
2389-2391 USS Saratoga, Security Officer, Border Control
2391-2392 USS Galileo, Security Officer/Chief of Security/Acting First Officer
2392-2392 IKS Praxis, First Officer
2392-2392 USS Galileo, Chief of Security

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