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Commander Andreus Kohl

Name Andreus Kohl

Position VIP

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Argelian
Age 36
Date of Birth Second measure in the fourth cycle of Symphonic, the year of Duva
Place of Birth Temple of Whereness, Revith, Argelius II

Starfleet ID

Serial Number TE-792-8949
Security Clearance Level 8
Duty Shift Gamma
Office Deck 2 - 2XO's Office
Quarters 01-1303 SO
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 184 lbs
Hair Color Honey Brown
Eye Color Sapphire
Physical Description Given his time as a medical officer, Kohl considers it his duty to appear as a paragon of wellness and health. Great vanity, paired with a lack of interest in competitive sporting activities, has motivated Kohl to maintain the physical fitness regime drilled into him at the Academy. Because the regime is relatively strict, he allows himself the occasional (bordering on the frequent) overindulgence in anything sweet or savoury or alcoholic. Aesthetically: he has aquiline facial features softened by a wicked curl to his lips, a strong jawline, and sapphire eyes that see right through you. His frame is broad and lean, athletic like a casual jogger rather than a marathon runner. As he's shifted into the command field, Kohl has tended to wear a beard more and more; more due to his hatred for shaving than for an aesthetic choice.
Body Art None


Children None.
Father adoptive parent: Elbon Kohl (Deceased)
Mother adoptive parent: Imogen Kohl (Deceased); biological parent: Hamidah Romar
Brother(s) Riordan Kohl
Sister(s) None.
Other Family Accessing...

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally, Andreus Kohl makes a good first impression. From his diplomatic training, he still remembers the the right things to say, the charming small talk, and he can turn on a smile that you will feel in your reproductive organs. The more he gets to know a person, the less he'll feel the need to try so hard. If he deems a person worthless from the start, said person can expect a chilly greeting.

As the eldest son of well-regarded civil servants, Andreus can come across as haughty. He speaks much like his mother speaks; his mannerisms are all his father. While an aristocratic bearing comes to him naturally, it's not in his character to be arrogant per se. He considers himself a wanderer, an eternal student. He is absolute in the convictions that he does have. Everything else, he questions. He is never afraid to voice either opinion, even when they contradict.

In professional and social situations alike, Kohl can speak at length about the philosophical anguish of right to bear arms as easily as the gossip he overheard from the other nurses in Sickbay. When the topic of conversation turns back upon Kohl --his own personal life, his own history-- he tends towards aloof silence unless backed into a corner.

Back home, during his youth, it was oft said that Andreus' heart beat too strongly. He was sensitive to the emotional states of others, and greatly affected by reversals of fortune in his own life. He felt no need to filter the expression of his emotions, which would appear in strong contrast to those who know Kohl casually as a Starfleet officer today. Within the confines of his specific duties and regulations, Kohl comports himself as a restrained and precise individual. When he interacts outside his specified Starfleet roles, he has a tendency towards over-emoting to balance against the long hours of restraint.
Strengths honest, wry sense of humour, fast runner, believes in pacifism as an ideal

Kohl knows Life Sciences. His career as an officer is something he takes seriously. He continues to study xeno-biology and anthropology in his personal time to keep current with his skills, and to make up for what he sees as lost time compared to his peers.

Partly because of his career experience, but mostly because of his Nurse Practitioner designation, Kohl is capable of performing general physical assessments, common diagnoses, and prescribing treatments. As he's not a doctor, though, he must defer to other Medical Officers for anything that doesn't meet usual healing guidelines or surgical treatments.

Kohl is very comfortable with patients and co-workers. Talking to people comes easily to him, and he isn't much bothered if they're shouty, or naked, or vomiting. His friendly, non-judgemental nature generally makes it easy for patients to open up to him. At the same time, his diplomatic training prepared him to flex his personality to best suit the environment and the situation.

Kohl is comfortable aboard a starship. He doesn't crave blue skies, water showers, nor cooked food. Give him recycled air, environmentally controlled warmth and a replicator, and he's good. The environments of being a Starfleet Officer don't cause him stress or emotional discomfort. He doesn't miss home.
Weaknesses lack of tact, says strange things, fidgeter, secretly loves the feeling of bone snapping beneath his palm

Kohl has basic officer training in Engineering, which he has dutifully maintained as he's advanced in his career. He can generally operate a transporter, or a shuttle, or a holodeck, but at the end of the day, he doesn't totally understand how combadges actually work. He doesn't know what makes them tick. Although Kohl has some proficiency in self-defence, he has little formal training in security or tactics. He doesn't know how to protect his patients, except with his own body as a shield.

Kohl is an officer first and a nurse or a scientist second. This may be seen as a strength to some members of the crew, but it would be frowned upon in his chosen field of work. Kohl joined the medical division and then the sciences because it was something he thought he would be good at, and not because of a love for the healing arts. While Kohl takes a great deal of moral pride in his work, he has no reluctance to defend himself or his crewmates. In fact, Kohl has a bad temper, if pushed past his stress points. He is prepared to bear arms if ordered to do so by Starfleet. He doesn't expect to be a nurse or a scientist for his entire officer career...

Kohl is a gossip. If you were to call him on it, he would tell you he got top marks in the gossiping course they put you through in nursing school. In truth, he's always been that way. He finds behaviour fascinating, and so he always craves to know the minutia of other peoples lives. If he can make a friend laugh by sharing the minutia of someone else's life, that's all the better.
Ambitions To build a home that fits.
Hobbies & Interests ergonomics, martial arts (Trill Gin'keu, Andorian kick-boxing, Terran Capoeira), sky swimming, live music (as a spectator), economic evaluations, sculpting, xeno-biology, anthropology
Vernacular Andreus' communication style seems a contradiction. Overall, he chooses and delivers his words in a precise and formal manner, speaking in the Argelian version of received pronunciation. Despite this, he tends towards expressive, metaphor-filled language, and he has adopted slang from all over the Federation. He prefers direct communication, if sometimes blunt.
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Argelian, Vulcan (passably), Romulan (almost passably)

Personal History "MY EARLIEST MEMORIES of Starfleet are indistinct images. Flashes. Raised goblets and raucous laughter. Ankle-high leather boots. Arcs of phaser fire, the colour of fresh persimmon..."

It has been written before that there are only two kinds of officers in Starfleet: those who serve for the duty and those who live for the adventure. Across the months of Andreus Kohl's application to Starfleet Academy, his diligent studies suggested the characteristics of duty. He was born of Argelius II, but he was raised by a Gallamite and a Tiburonian -- a loving couple who were biologically incapable of reproducing with one another. Because of the obligations of his parents, duty was as familiar to Andreus as hot suppers. His mother served as Administrator in charge of Revith City; his father was employed as Special Projects Officer to the United Federation of Planets Embassy. As inspired as Andreus was by his parents' devotion to their city and to their world, he sometimes spoke of needing to serve broader purposes. A planet wasn't big enough for him to believe in. He spoke of the responsibilities of a galactic citizen: to defend and to explore. To search out something, anything, that was new.

Upon his admission to Starfleet Academy, it was smirkingly remarked that Cadet Kohl was in it for the adventure. He conducted himself as the epitome of hedonistic Argelian society. A personable and ambitious young man, Andreus served as mediator in team projects, he joked with professors in most of his lectures, and he had a tendency to wake up in the basic training barracks as often as in his own dormitory. This was in direct contrast with the documents in his Starfleet application, which had described adolescent Kohl's demeanour as being serious with but a dry sense of humour. One would think Kohl joined Starfleet for the duty, but stayed for the adventure.
Starfleet History "SOMEONE SAID: DIPLOMACY IS to do and say the nastiest thing in the nicest way."

Reading between the lines of the Academy's archive would suggest Cadet Kohl's Counsellors were willing to afford him compromises. The Counsellors clearly understood his stated reasoning for majoring in Diplomacy to be transparent lies. His inability to express his motivations betrayed his inability to understand his own drives. Clearly, he just wanted to be his father. Clearly. But by the time Kohl was firmly settled in his career path, the Federation was living under the shadow of the Dominion War. The Federation needed more diplomats, because the Federation needed more allies. Starfleet needed more diplomats. Unexpectedly, Kohl performed very well in his studies. He proved to be a satisfactory negotiator, he displayed the limitless patience required to put up with ambassadors, and all appearances suggested that he could comprehend and analyse every side of a multi-faceted conflict.

Come the time Ensign Kohl graduated from Starfleet Academy, the war was well and truly over. Kohl never got to exchange sardonic remarks with scheming Vorta. Rather, he was assigned to the Diplomatic Service entourage aboard Starbase 128, near the Romulan Neutral Zone. A prestigious posting to be certain. Starfleet made overtures to obtain duranium from the Caldonians, as part of the fleet's reconstruction efforts. The Caldonian Assembly requested Kohl, personally, to participate in the trade negotiations. A representative of the Caldonian Assembly alleged that he had read an article published by Cadet Kohl at the Acaedmy, and that he wished for Kohl's perspective in the negotiations. It should have been the first star in the brilliant constellation of Kohl's career. At the least, it should have been a spectacular zenith that Kohl would have spent the rest of his career striving to repeat. In the end, the negotiation was nothing but failure. The reasons are unclear in the duty logs of history, but there are rumours to be found in the personal logs. Some say Kohl offered sexual favours to the one of the Caldonian representatives. Others say Kohl's mother had business dealings on the Ferengi Market Exchange with another of the Caldonian representatives. Some simply said Kohl's father pulled strings for a son who wasn't ready for it.

"I NEVER REALISED the self-indulgent pleasure of mediation technique until I used it on defensive patients."

Re-assigned to the USS Bismarck --a Miranda-class vessel protecting the core of the Federation, which had no need for a diplomatic officer-- Kohl did not wait long before requesting a transfer. His every request was denied. Left adrift in the stagnant pool that was his career, Kohl tackled the problem sideways. He applied to Starfleet Medical, and earned his nurse practitioner designation. Conflict resolution was the only thing he knew; a career in the Medical track seemed the obvious choice to Kohl. Patients were stubborn and prideful. It made them lie and refuse treatment, and it would be his job to convince them otherwise. It seemed the obvious choice to Kohl. It seemed less so obvious to his Academy professors.

Kohl was assigned to the USS Berengaria as an internal medicine nurse. With little responsibility, he was afforded few opportunities to be impressive, or even to be a failure. He followed orders. He did his duty, and that was enough for a while. He spent his days fetching medication and applying automatic devices that knew how to heal better than his own hands. He participated in triage simulations. He transformed protocols into instinct and muscle memory. Sometimes he went on away missions, but that was just to keep the simulations from becoming repetitive or predictable. Living aboard a family-orientated Galaxy-class Starship, Kohl's days really began during the simulated night. He spent his evenings studying sculpting and martial arts. He developed crushes on most of his instructors, and acted on those feelings with some of them.

"I BELIEVE... WELL, I believe everything happens because of causation. Every happening is a direct result of the happening that came before it. Secret patterns beneath the surface, destiny... I don't see it. Not even if I squint real hard."

The distance of space and time did that fondness thing it does, and Kohl began to correspond with some of his few friends in the Diplomatic Corps. Aside from shared memories, and holiday plans, the Tzenkethi invasion of non-alligned Bactricia was a common conversation topic. One night, Kohl's will was galvanized, and he volunteered to participate in the Federation's relief efforts on Bactricia. Seemingly overnight, Kohl became a battlefield medic. He sterilized wounds by moonlight, he administered medication under fire, and he performed procedures no nurse is entirely licensed to perform.

When Kohl was transferred to the USS Galileo as one of a small medical staff, his orders from Starfleet Command were delivered with a notable timbre. Nothing was said explicitly, of course, but Kohl understood Father Starfleet to be saying: 'Play time is over. Time for return on investment from your two trips to the Academy.' The day Kohl arrived aboard Galileo, all thoughts of his career fell out of his head. Kohl's father was killed in a shuttle accident. Since the end of his diplomatic career, Kohl's every interaction with his adoptive family had been tense. Kohl kept his father's death a secret, and found every excuse to avoid going home for the funeral. The decision was quickly taken away from Kohl as Galileo came under attack by renegade Klingons and the starship hid from the Klingons for days in a nebula. Kohl's months as a battlefield medic proved useful when Klingons invaded the ship, and in the aftermath, the command staff decided he had earned a promotion to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

When Galileo was assigned to survey the Rojar 861 star system, Lieutenant (JG) Kohl spent more time planetside and aboard shuttlecraft than he did in Sickbay. Reminding him of his days on Bactricia, Kohl preferred it that way, and he thrived. When Kohl's survey shuttle was damaged and crashed into a moon, he was forced to experience the same events that killed his father. While the shuttle crew were tasked with patching the shuttle back together to get them back in the air, Kohl applied his trade in emergency medicine to keep each of them alive without the benefits of a fully-stocked Sickbay. While Kohl was exploring alien medical facilities and creature-feature caves, Galileo's Chief Medical Officer was assigned to an important new posting. The command staff chose Andreus Kohl for a field promotion to Chief Medical Officer of Galileo's Sickbay. By the end of the survey mission, Kohl was promoted to full Lieutenant to match his new leadership responsibilities. Unfortunately, the big-picture-thinkers back at Starfleet Medical felt a ship such as Galileo needed a CMO with greater leadership experience, and Kohl was demoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

"I DON'T THINK I FELT MUCH OF ANYTHING when it happened. It was too fast. It would be like counting your heartbeats in mid-transport?"

While the Galileo was leading investigations within the Setisar Nebula, the starship was assailed by intruders of the Borg kind. Kohl's felt his first responsibility was the safety of his patients, and he defended them with his phaser and then with his fists. His defense didn't last terribly long. A Borg drone smashed him into a biobed, and left him a crumpled heap on the floor. Kohl was paralyzed by the attack, but the worst of it was temporary spinal shock. Bruising around his lower lumbar spine, and nerve dysfunction, impaired his ability to walk for some time. As soon as Kohl could wrangle clearance to return to restricted duty, Kohl put himself to work. Unable to practice medicine, especially in the physically demanding role of a Nurse Practitioner, Kohl was assigned to medical research. The command staff of Galileo transferred him to become a Science Officer, and replaced him in the Sickbay duty roster for the sake of the sheer number of injured crew.

When Galileo returned to Earth, Kohl engaged himself in a full-time outpatient program of rehabilitation at Starfleet Medical. At the same time, Galileo's Doctor Allyndra began work on a gene-therapy treatment that would have restored him to the functional capabilities he possessed prior to his injury in the Setisar Nebula. Although the gene-therapy gave him full mobility for a time, his physiognomy rejected the alien treatment. His weeks of rehabilitation, though, gave Kohl the functional capabilities to return to duty as a Starfleet Officer, so long as he reported for duty using assistive devices in the form of motor-assist bands on his legs. Rather than lose Kohl's experience to another ship's Sickbay, Lieutenant Norvi Stace of the Galileo's Science Department tapped him on the shoulder to be her department's Assistant Chief.

For reasons that aren't entirely clear to Kohl, or anyone else, he accepted the challenge.

“IT’S STARTING. Maybe it's already happened? Or it's happening now? I suppose it must have started at the beginning. That's where things traditionally start. Feeling like I was failing, like I was lesser than, was how the starting started. Only now, the starting is behind me. The happening is now.”

In his first missions as a Science Officer, Lieutenant Kohl was wracked with insecurities. In one heartbeat, he had been serving as an accomplished Nurse Practitioner, who was trusted with leading doctors and surgeons. In the next heartbeat, he was a middling expert in the life sciences, who had spent more time applying that expertise to problems, rather than broadening the scope of knowledge through experimentation. Some of his crewmates felt comfortable reminding him of this fact, just in case he ever forgot. Furthermore, Kohl’s mobility remained reliant on motor-assist technology, and he was living with undiagnosed emotional trauma from his paralysis, which left him feeling isolated from the people in his life. For a hedonistic Argelian, in particular, such a feeling set him on an uncertain and frightening journey.

Galileo’s next assignment was to investigate disruptions to a Cardassian/Federation mining operation on the planet Lyshan III. The reports suggested the mines were being haunted by metaphysical manifestations. When he could, Kohl threw himself into his continuing education in the sciences by correspondence. During his duty shifts, Kohl embraced his role as Science’s Assistant Chief by developing relationships with all of the science staff, offering them support for their own development and empowerment. As much as he hoped such activities would fill his day, Kohl found himself assigned to every away team of the planetary survey. His experiences on Lyshan III bolstered his confidence in expanding his scientific horizons beyond the life sciences. It was his resourcing and developing support of the science staff in their independent research that made Kohl noticed by the command staff for his next promotion. When it a position on the senior staff become available, Kohl was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and chosen to serve as Chief Research Officer.

When Galileo was chosen to participate in the secretive NIMBUS war games with, and against, the Klingon Defense Force, Kohl was temporarily reassigned. As a member of the senior staff, Lieutenant Commander Kohl's experience was needed aboard one of the other starships in Galileo's task force. Due to understaffing and last-minute personnel transfers, Kohl was named the Acting Commanding Officer of the Miranda-class USS Nautilus. He represented Starfleet in the diplomatic functions and he lead the starship into battle against the Klingons. As he continued to recover emotionally from his trauma at the hands of the Borg, he found he was newly capable of connecting with the crew under his command. However, his emotional connections were often fractious and unhealthy, due to the stresses Kohl was under as an untested commanding officer. His physical recovery from his injuries progressed as well, due to advances in the gene therapy Doctor Allyndra had been designed months earlier without as much success. Allyndra's breakthrough in the treatment meant Kohl regained his full range of motion and greater strength without need for the motor-assist band technology.

The Nautilus performed well during the wargames, defending Galileo to the end. Despite his commitments as a Commanding Officer, Kohl was never entirely able to part from the science staff aboard Galileo. He remained in touch with his team by subspace communication to support their projects and their personal development. Kohl's dedication to the science team, and his experiences as a command officer, were recognized upon his reunion with Galileo. Further turnover and promotions among the crew had Lieutenant Commander Kohl named as Chief Science Officer and Second Officer.

Commander Kohl had been attending to a family emergency, on Argelius, when the USS Galileo was lost. Lost was an understatement. Perhaps it was fatigue from his rapid career advancement --or simple survivor's grief-- but Kohl accepted the first posting that became available. Without really thinking about it, Kohl was assigned to Starfleet Academy as a junior instructor. Said assignment proved to be interim when the Captain of the USS Lagrange selected Kohl to serve as the supply ship's Executive Officer, on its mission to the outskirts of the Federation. The idea seemed romantic to Kohl, harking back to another age of Starfleet. He jumped at the idea without really thinking about it, continuing a theme.
Medical History Kohl is in excellent physical condition for his age and species. As an Argelian, his external physiology is nearly identical to humans, but his internal biology is markedly different due to his species' evolution. Most notably, Kohl has the biological potential for empathic ability, but he has never actually experienced extra-sensory perception.

In 2389, Andreus Kohl was injured in a physical altercation with one of the Borg who invaded Galileo. For 24 hours, he experienced spinal shock, complete absence of sensory and motor function. Although he recovered from that, there was significant bruising around his lower lumbar spine, but later testing showed there was no damage to the vertebral bones, nor the intervertebral discs. Impairment in nerve function has reduced his range of motion in the thighs, knees, all the way down to his feet. Lieutenant Kohl managed to be cleared for regular duty so long as he wore motor-assist bands while on duty. The motor-assist technology re-routed electrical impulses around damaged nerves, which allowed him his full range of motion.

Through 2390, Kohl participated in a program of care designed by Doctor Allyndra to improve his strength and range of motion. He enrolled in in-patient rehabilitation programs during every spare hour of leave time, and he continued his active physiotherapy and self-directed rehabilitation during his off-duty hours aboard Galileo. His recovery reach a point where use of the motor-assist bands was only necessary for intense activities, such as running, jumping and dancing. In 2390, the nerve dysfunction was almost completely healed by an experimental gene therapy, which Allyndra treated Kohl with a number of times. Although Kohl's workout routine remains more important than ever to sustain his level of ability, he has been medically cleared for regular duty.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Major in Diplomacy - Cadet
Starbase 128 - Diplomatic Officer - Ensign
USS Bismark - Diplomatic Officer - Ensign
Starfleet Medical Academy - Degree in Nursing - Ensign
USS Berengaria - Nurse - Ensign
Bactricia Medical Base Camp - Nurse - Ensign
USS Galileo - Nurse - Ensign
USS Galileo - Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
USS Galileo - Acting Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant
USS Galileo - Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant
USS Galileo - Science Officer - Lieutenant
USS Galileo - Assistant Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant
USS Galileo - Chief Research Officer - Lieutenant Commander
USS Nautilus - Acting Commanding Officer - Lieutenant Commander [CONFIDENTIAL]
USS Galileo - Chief Science Officer & Second Officer - Lieutenant Commander
USS Galileo - Second Officer - Lieutenant Commander
Starfleet Academy - Instructor - Commander
USS Lagrange - Executive Officer - Commander

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