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Lieutenant JG Brayden White

Name Brayden Henry White Ph.D.

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38
Date of Birth July 5, 2352
Place of Birth Melbourne, Australia, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number CV-390-8442
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Shift Beta

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 159 lbs
Hair Color Dark blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Brayden has a narrow, well-toned build. He has a perpetual five o'clock shadow, kind eyes, and a mouth that always holds a hint of a smile. He cuts his own hair with a pair of scissors in the mirror whenever he finds it's getting long enough to get in his way, and the combination of that and his tendency to run his hands back through it while he's thinking results in it always being in disarray.

Brayden's warddrobe consists of two pairs of grey slacks, two pairs of blue jeans, eight button-up shirts (white, grey, and black), five worn tee shirts, a pair of gym shorts, and a single thin black tie. He has one pair of black loafers and one pair of brown leather sandals. He prefers to go barefoot when he can.
Body Art A detailed maori tattoo ranging from his right pectoral muscle over his shoulder and shoulder blade and halfway down his right arm.


Children Jackson (10)
Winifred (15)
Ayati (18)
Father Henry White (68) - neurologist
Mother Priscilla White (deceased)
Brother(s) Wesley (38) - lawyer in Hong Kong, Earth
Nathan (33) - interstellar travel agent
Sister(s) Paula (40) - diving instructor
Other Family Marisol Redding-Ahooja (37) - best friend and birth-mother of his children; Chana's wife; Surgeon in Sydney, Earth
Chahna Ahooja-Redding (40) - best friend and mother of his children; Marisol's wife; GP in Sydney, Earth

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brayden is an easy-going, hard to rattle, no nonsense sort of guy. He has made it his life's work to see to the health and well-being of other people of all races, and is thoroughly in favor of seeking out any and all means of promoting wellness for those in his care, traditional or non-traditional.
Strengths - centered and genuinely happy
- adventurous and curious
- smart and exceedingly well-trained
- decisive
- child at heart
Weaknesses - no military background
- lacks ambition
- genetic predisposition to alcoholism
- prankster
Ambitions To go wherever the job takes him and do whatever is required of him there.
Hobbies & Interests -surfing
-hover boarding
-scuba and deep sea diving
-rock climbing
Vernacular Brayden has a pronounced Australian dialect, loves to chat and can do so on a variety of subjects for an inordinate amount of time.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Hindi

Personal History Brayden has always been an impulsive, eager character. Growing up, he was the first one of his siblings to run and jump off a cliff into the ocean. So no one was surprised when Brayden - impetuous and brilliant as he was - tested out of his high school requirements and joined the professional surfing circuit. When he left the circuit and went to college two years early, he excelled and enjoyed it so much that he went immediately into medical school. At first, his interest in medicine was purely selfish. He was curious and intelligent and wanted to know how things worked and how he could fix them; that was enough. He lived for himself, by himself, saw his family regularly and happily, and genuinely enjoyed everything life offered him (with one notable exception).

When he was twenty-four, he accepted an intern position - not at one of the varied and impressive hospitals in Australia - but with an experimental research division in Antarctica. He learned a lot about healing with few resources and had the great opportunity to spend most of his time thinking on his feet. For three years, he studied there, then took his boards early, passed them with flying colors and returned home, eager to see the friends and family he'd been cut off from for several years. He found himself a position in the ER of a well-known hospital in Sydney, helped two of his best friends from med school start a family, and was quite pleased with himself... for about a year.

Then his itchy feet got the better of him and took him off again. First to a clinic in the Amazon, then to a marine research station off the west coast of the United States. It was there, working alongside Starfleet personnel on the underwater station that Brayden became fascinated with the possibilities of a career with Starfleet. Now thirty-three, he didn't see himself taking on a military mindset anytime soon, but he liked the people and the promise of exploration the work presented.

Having garnered a reputation for himself as an excellent psychologist and gifted doctor, his interest in serving Starfleet off planet led to three job offers on various ships. He chose one at random and ended up on a thoroughly delightful voyage with the USS Camelot for its last three years in service. During that time, he served the crew as a doctor and was hired by three crew members as an independent therapist.

When it docked at Starbase 234 and the ship's crew disbanded to different assignments, Brayden stayed on the space station. Although it was technically a 'stationary position', he was happy exploring life in the middle of space, meeting all the various people who stopped through on the station on their way to other places and hearing their stories.

When the Galileo docked at the Starbase and Brayden heard they were low on medical professionals on the crew, he snatched up the opportunity and immediately sent his CV to the relevant people. Within hours, he and the clearance levels he'd earned through his previous work with Starfleet personnel were approved and he took his meager possessions - a hover board, surfboard, and two gunny sacks - on board.
Medical History Family History: Alchoholism, high blood pressure

Statement of Present Health: Excellent

Medical History: ear, nose, throat trouble; hearing loss; trick knee - all previous medical history issues on file have been resolved.

Current Physical: Normal wear and tear; Brayden is in remarkably good health for his age, maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Receives regular chiropractic adjustments, once or twice a month, for back hyperextension. Mild bone growths in the ear canal (exostoses), causing little to no symptoms.

Vision: 20/20
Service Record Degrees:
BS Biology/Xenobiology
MBBS Field Medical Care (criteria: field counseling, field medicine, emergency response training)
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
Member of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners; Specializations: Mental Health, Remote Practice, Primary Care
Starfleet Counselor Certification

Starfleet Service Record:
Three years interning in counseling and field medicine at a Starfleet auxiliary facility in Antarctica.
Two years serving as a doctor and auxiliary counselor on the marine research vessel Persephone.
Three years serving as a doctor aboard the USS Camelot.
One year serving as a doctor and auxiliary counselor on Starbase 234.

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