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Lieutenant JG Saelihn Valenis

Name Saelihn Valenis

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 70
Date of Birth 07/08/2322
Place of Birth El Aurian Cruiser, Vakaris

Character Type

Category Primary Character (PC)

Starfleet ID

Serial Number EA-800-7371
Rank Class Senior Officer
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Watch Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Copper/Blonde/Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Average height and has a well toned athletic build. Has quite prominent cheek bones and soft eyes with a smile that would light up the grumpiest Tellarite.
Body Art Has a tattoo sleeve on her right arm, her dominant arm, which appears in the form of a natural kind of scene. Leaves, roots, branches etc with marking denoting family, loyalty and her people which she holds very dear to her.

Small tattoo above her right ankle of an El Aurian insect.

El Aurian tattoo art can change colour and at times can light up and flash in parts depending on mood.


Father Lukail Valenis (Grand Council Member)
Mother Halohen Valenis (Engineer, Kaitos)
Brother(s) Lancet Valenis (420) - Kaitos Orbital Control Commander
Pe'es Valenis (387) - Junior Council Member
Icaru Valenis (333) - Professional Athlete
Sister(s) Quali Valenis (301) - Terraformer
Via Aiol (276) - Singer/Artist
Other Family Gorala Aiol (291) - Brother in law
Tovan Aiol (6) - Nephew

Personality & Traits

General Overview Saelihn is quite friendly and outgoing. She doesn't shy away from social situations and often feels at home in the company of others. Often she uses her El Aurian 'listening' ability to gain access to information from people but this is usually because she genuinely wants to get to know them... in her role as a security officer it comes in handy too.
Strengths Saelihn can use her El Aurian ‘listening’ ability to help others open up to her. With the release of a pheromone people's inhibitions fade and their lips become looser. She has found this to be quite helpful when interviewing suspects or getting information from someone quickly. She rarely uses it in her personal life but due to her age at times can let it slip in times of stress. This also feeds into her emotional state overall as given she is seen as the equivalent of an Terran teenager she can be overly emotional in certain circumstances but is trying hard to control herself as she matures.

She took to Starfleet quite easily, finding its academic level fairly simple in comparison to her own and took to the security track with the natural abilities she has. She is quite agile, dexterous and made easy work of any assault course they had to compete in during more physical drills. Saelihn also found her hand eye coordination to be excellent in both taking aim during weapons training as well as learning takedowns and safety training. Even as small as she is there is a core strength there that surprises even her. Her calm and cool head, and aforementioned skills, helped her achieve a pretty good level of efficiency in flight control and she is a qualified pilot as a result of that.

Saelihn has a quite calm and welcoming demeanour which means people respond to her positively. As a result of this she has an open and honest personality and view on things in general. In a similar vein she looks quite young in appearance due to her species and can blend into crowds unassumingly when gathering intelligence or tracking someone. As much a positive as a curse this appearance can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and such when trying to gain access to ‘darker’ places.

As a younger woman Saelihn travelled the quadrant with her father, he grooming her to take a seat of power on Kaitos, their new world, and she was present on many trips to other worlds looking for allies, trade and other deals to help their world prosper. As such she has contacts on worlds spanning across the quadrant but they are usually people behind the main power so to speak.

Saelihn also possess the trait that El Aurians are better known for and that is their temporal sense. Like all of her species she can detect shifts in the timeline and this affects her the most with the temporal migraines she can suffer. Most of her species feel that things are ‘off’ or ‘not quite right’ when reality changes and she is no different except she feels it a lot more strongly.
Weaknesses Sadly her notion for the sciences is not that great. Even as a younger woman she had no interest in them and that has translated through her studies with lack of engagement and will to learn. She has a rudimentary understanding of it but don’t ask her to quote things or know what to do the moment the ship hits a quantum filament.
Ambitions Continue to learn about their new home quadrant, the species within and gather information about them.

Protect her crew and captain.

Rise through the ranks of Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys yoga (Il'ea form) and meditating as a way of clearing her mind and channelling her thoughts. She keeps fit by regularly and tries to keep her mind sharp by reading old styled books.
Vernacular Can be said to have a bit of a soft accent but the closest comparison would be that of an Eastern European, or Russian, accent.
Orientation Pansexual
Language(s) Spoken El Aurian, Vulcan, Betazoid, Andorian, Orion, Klingon, Nausican, Limited Pakled

Personal History Born in 2322 Saelihn Valenis, daughter of Elder Council member Lukail Valenis, felt like her life was one of undeserved privilege. Her father as one of the Council was given great stature amongst their people and was widely respected for his views on how their race should proceed given The Exodus in 2293.

Her mother had not expected to be pregnant at the age of 671 but it had happened. It was not uncommon for an El Aurian to fall pregnant at any age leading up to 900 but over 600 the numbers at the time had fallen as they travelled in a space-like convoy looking for a place to settle away from prying eyes.

Customarily primary and secondary education lasted over 40 years and for the most part they stuck to that tradition, even if it was on cramped run-down ships.

As Saelihn hit the age of 23, they found it. The place they were to call home, and it was named Kaitos.

As with any budding new colony they had to find people who could work with them, discreetly. Most of the time exchanges were done far away from Kaitos in order to maintain its anonymity. The Council had decreed that they were to remain hidden from the galaxy until they were ready to return to it.

Luckily, they still had a few of their tech geniuses, most prominent people were saved when the Borg attacked and as such were devoted to bringing prosperity back to their people. They had found a way to mask the planet, to shift it out of phase with reality so that anyone passing through the system would literally pass through.

Saelihn would shadow her father in meetings, on trips to meet with other species and in turn she developed a network of contacts throughout the quadrant. Bolians, Nausicans, Orions, even Pakleds at times. By the age of 59 Saelihn’s contact list was extensive, albeit now it was new players in the same game. Some were even descendants of previous clients.

Starfleet, the Federation. They had ideals that Saelihn fell in love with, but her father forbade her to interact. He knew that her fascination with them would eventually get the better of her but for a time he wanted her to put her people first. She did, even if it was in the shadows as he put on a public face.
Starfleet History In 2381 she joined Starfleet and went through the Academy with minimal fuss. Her studies on Kaitos had been more arduous and she excelled in her classes. Given that she still looked incredibly young she also managed to pass for Human, even if the medical staff knew she was El Aurian. She made lasting friendships with Douglas McLeod, L’Rel and Bolivar Tuchov.

Taking the security track, something she fell into when she found a love for it, in 2385 she was posted on the USS Io as a Security Officer. Saelihn spent 3 years there impressing her Chief, and as a Tellarite he was not an easy man to do so with.

In 2388 she was promoted to Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer on the Io as they patrolled Romulan space. A minor engagement with breakaway Tal Shiar group caused damage to the Io forcing a temporary evacuation and with the help of a contact close by they were back on board in no time.

In 2392 Saelihn put in a transfer request for the USS Galileo. One reason being that she felt it was time to push herself and the fact it was a senior position, Chief Security/Tactical Officer, made all the more sense. She felt she was ready, ready to step up.
Medical History Has a scar on her shoulder, left side. She was stabbed whilst stranded on an uninhabited planet by a native creature. Injury/Scar tissue unable to be healed. Warrants further study.

Broke tibia when a child, healed with no evidence of break.

Can suffer from migraine type headaches when temporal incidents take place. As of yet doctors have been unable to find an appropriate medication to alleviate condition. Condition later diagnosed as Temporal Tinnitus.
Service Record 2381 -> 2385 - Starfleet Academy, Sophomore Cadet to Senior
2385 -> 2388 - Assigned to USS Io as Security Officer, rank of Ensign.
2388 -> 2392 - Assigned to the role Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer on USS Io as officer in position leaves.
- Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2391.
2392 -> PRES - Transfers to USS Galileo as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

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