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Master Chief Petty Officer Toren Vral

Name Toren Vral

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 62
Date of Birth August 14th 2330
Place of Birth Lor'Tan City, Andoria

Character Type

Category Secondary Character (PNPC)
PNPC Owner Montgomery Vala

Starfleet ID

Serial Number AP-027-9105
Rank Class Senior NCO
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Watch Team 1

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 190lb
Hair Color White
Eye Color Electric Blue
Physical Description Toren Vral is tall with a lean and athletic build. Like all Andorians, he has two antennae sprouting from his forehead, which are particularly long. Some say this signifies authority and experience, but Toren doesn't put too much stock in such things. His blue skin has some age-related markings and scars from various missions. His expression is often stern, but those who know him well can spot the twinkle of mischief in his eyes.
Body Art A tribal Andorian tattoo on his left shoulder, signifying his lineage and a mark of honour earned during a ritual battle in his youth.


Spouse Zhen’tho – A schoolteacher in Lor'Tan City, Andoria.
Children Lira Vral (28) – A budding scientist stationed on a Federation deep space research outpost.
Vren Vral (24) – Currently attending Starfleet Academy.
Father Qirak Vral – Once a revered Xenobiologist, now retired.
Mother Thelis Vral – A historian specialising in ancient Andorian civilizations.
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Selan Vral (49) – A diplomatic officer aboard the USS Tokyo.
Other Family Various cousins and extended family, mostly residing in Andoria.
Pets A Tiberian Bat named "Flicker." It's an unusual pet with bioluminescent wings that glow in the dark.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Toren is a seasoned veteran with a sharp wit, carrying with him the weight of countless voyages and battles. He has an old-soul demeanor, coupled with a hearty laugh and an eye for the small details that make life aboard a starship more bearable. Although he can be gruff and to the point, those who know him well recognise his deep sense of loyalty and duty.
Strengths Toren's leadership is informed by experience, not just protocol. He can read a situation as well as any tactical display, sensing tensions among the crew or identifying potential threats before they manifest. With a history rich in navigating the grey areas of conflict and diplomacy, Toren has developed an uncanny ability to find common ground, even in the most unlikely of places. Furthermore, his vast knowledge of Starfleet protocols, ship operations, and strategic combat provides a solid foundation for the trust his crew places in him.
Weaknesses Despite his vast experience, or perhaps because of it, Toren can be set in his ways. New approaches or technologies often meet with skepticism, requiring proof of their worth before he'll adopt them. He has a stubborn streak, which, while serving him well in confrontations, can be a challenge during diplomatic or interdepartmental discussions. Moreover, his protective instincts, especially towards the younger members of his crew, can be both a blessing and a curse. While it stems from a genuine place of care, it can occasionally hinder their personal and professional growth.
Ambitions Vral envisions his later years spent not in the spotlight, but in the background, guiding the next generation and ensuring that the lessons of the past are not forgotten. He hopes to pen a collection of tales and experiences, showcasing the importance of every member of a crew, from the captain to the most junior crewman. He also harbours a dream of seeing his children rise to prominent positions within Starfleet or their chosen fields.
Hobbies & Interests When not on duty, Toren's seasoned eyes are drawn to the stars. For him, they're not just celestial bodies but markers of past adventures and promises of tales yet to be spun. His interest in stargazing is paired with a penchant for drawing intricate maps, each star a memory or a story. This contemplative nature extends to his downtime aboard the ship, where he indulges in the culinary arts. He delights in whipping up dishes from across the galaxy, with a notable penchant for Bajoran cuisine, an interest that led him to dabble in the Bajoran language. His culinary pursuits are less about the art of cooking, though, and more about the joy of sharing and storytelling over a home cooked meal. History, too, captivates him. The tales of ancient civilisations, their cultures, and technologies offer both escapism and lessons for Toren, drawing parallels between bygone eras and the challenges of the present; lessons from the past, especially those of unity and collaboration, are what truly captivate him.
Vernacular Toren's speech reflects his years of experience, rich with idioms from various cultures he's encountered. While he respects tradition and can be formal when the situation demands, there's often a trace of wry humor in his voice, hinting at the tales he's yet to share.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Andorian, Federation Standard, Bajoran (Conversational level, picked up due to his interest in their cuisine and history.)

Personal History Toren Vral's early years unfolded amidst the vibrant backdrop of Lor'Tan City on Andoria. The city's mix of modern marvels and traditional touchstones had a significant impact on his evolving worldview. In the bustling streets of the city, young Toren would often be found amidst the veterans of old, absorbing their tales of valor and adventure. These stories fueled his imagination and crafted a foundation of resilience and cunning.

His father, Qirak Vral, was an acclaimed exobiologist, renowned across the Federation for pioneering research into alien lifeforms. The fascination for the mysteries of the universe was something young Toren inherited. While accompanying his father on field expeditions, Toren not only learned about diverse ecosystems but also about the local legends and stories associated with those places, filling him with a sense of wonder and adventure.

Thelis Vral, Toren's mother, was a revered historian deeply entrenched in Andorian folklore, legends, and history. Through her captivating narratives, Toren grasped profound lessons about unity, the significance of acknowledging one's heritage, and the delicate interplay of cultures over the ages. As he matured, Thelis noticed Toren playfully interjecting during her stories, often forecasting an ending with a sly smile or whimsically altering the tale's direction.

Selan, his younger sister, was a pillar of support and they shared in many adventures. Their bond grew particularly strong during a teenage expedition they took into the Andorian highlands. While exploring a previously poorly mapped region, the two stumbled upon a hidden crevasse. Toren, ever the protective older brother, ventured into its depths to retrieve a shiny artefact that had caught Selan's eye. However, a sudden shift in the ice caused the entrance to collapse, trapping Toren inside.

For three harrowing days, Selan worked tirelessly from the outside, communicating with Toren through tiny crevices and keeping his spirits up, while also signalling for help. Inside the chilly cavern, Toren had to rely on his father's teachings about survival, using bioluminescent fungi for light and subsisting on minimal resources. This ordeal not only sharpened Toren's survival instincts but also solidified the bond between the siblings, a testament to their combined resilience and unwavering hope.

As a young adult at Ch'la'reth, the Andorian festival celebrating the creative spirit, as Toren navigated a lively crowd, he found himself playfully challenged to a duel by his long time friend Zhen’tho. True to Andorian customs, this assertive gesture marked her initiation of interest. The spirited schoolteacher, with her passion for moulding young minds, resonated with Toren's inquisitive nature. As their relationship grew, their shared vision led to a deep bond, his interactions with her which were once playful duels evolved into intricate strategy games they devised together, where predicting the other's move became an art form. Inevitably this led to a happy marriage and gave birth to their two children, Lira and Vren. Both children, mirrors of their parents, inherited the ideals of exploration, unity, and hope.
Starfleet History Toren Vral enlisted in Starfleet in 2355 and was initially positioned within the USS Orion's tactical department in 2360, thanks to his strong showing during basic training. Once aboard, he became known for his 'Midnight Strategy Sessions'. Ostensibly unofficial gatherings, crew members would come together to discuss past battles and conflicts, often finding innovative solutions that could support with facing current challenges.

By 2365, he was promoted to Petty Officer due to his nouse for leadership and critical role in negotiating a temporary ceasefire between two feuding Tzenkethi clans, averting a potentially volatile situation on the borders of Federation space. During the negotiations, Toren unexpectedly insisted the meeting take place outdoors, under the stars. The unconventional setting, inspired by an old Andorian peace talk tradition, played a part in diffusing the tension.

In 2368, amidst the unsettling backdrop of the Dominion War, Toren was transferred to the USS Vanguard, operating on the Cardassian border. His service during the war was notable for his commitment to saving lives and preserving the integrity of Federation operations. He successfully led the Vanguard's boarding operations against Dominion and Cardassian ships, enabling the retrieval of valuable intelligence and Federation prisoners of war. Toren was also instrumental in safeguarding evacuees, particularly during the Battle of Betazed, ensuring civilians were safely transported and cared for amid the chaos.

Post-war in 2379, Toren accepted the position of Chief of the Boat on the USS Celestial. His adept management skills and quickly building a close relationship with the crew proved invaluable in maintaining morale and ensuring the well-being of everyone aboard during the difficult post-war years.

While aboard the USS Celestial as Chief of the Boat, Toren recognised the pivotal role that communication played in rebuilding the fractured relationships post-war. He utilised his unique position to champion and promote inter-departmental and cross-species interactions within the ship. Organising cultural exchanges, training sessions, and workshops, he actively sought to bridge any lingering divides between the crew members of various species affected by the war. Toren became well know for his "Mystery Nights" where crew members shared unsolved tales from their people's histories. Often, by the session's end, someone had a lead or a potential solution, which acted as a showcase for the collective wisdom aboard. Recognising the ship as a microcosm of the larger Federation, Toren believed that fostering unity and understanding aboard the USS Celestial could serve as a model for the broader Federation society.

His finest moment up to this point came when conducting a survey near the Demilitarised Zone. Toren's shuttle was inadvertently stranded due to a subspace anomaly. Seeking refuge on a nearby asteroid, the team was taken aback to discover a group of Cardassian researchers, also stranded by the same anomaly. Given the strained relations and past conflicts between the Federation and the Cardassian Union, initial interactions were understandably tense. Yet Toren, recalling tales of unity and mutual understanding from Federation history, initiated a dialogue that emphasised common goals over past grievances. Through cautious cooperation, both teams combined their expertise to navigate out of the anomaly. Upon their return, Starfleet honoured Toren's diplomatic acumen, viewing it as a case study for future Federation-Cardassian interactions.

His exploits garnered attention beyond the Celestial's walls and for his innovative efforts in fostering peace, understanding, and unity, Toren was awarded the Federation Peace Medal in 2385. This recognition wasn’t merely for a significant achievement but honoured his consistent commitment to the ideals of the Federation.

In 2390, recognising the potential for greater diplomatic challenges on the horizon, Toren took a brief hiatus from active service aboard the USS Celestial to attend Advanced Diplomacy Training at Starfleet Academy. This rigorous program further honed his skills in interstellar negotiations, cultural sensitivity, and conflict resolution. With renewed vigor and enhanced expertise, he returned to the USS Celestial, more prepared than ever to bridge divides and foster understanding among diverse species and civilisations.

In 2392, after a distinguished and impactful service, Toren Vral faced a crucial crossroad in his Starfleet journey. When the opportunity arose to serve on the USS Galileo, it wasn't a decision he made lightly. The Galileo, stationed on the fringes of Federation space, represented the kind of challenging environment where Toren believed he could make a tangible difference. He saw it as a new frontier, a place where the principles of unity and understanding he championed would be tested and truly matter. Despite the distance from his beloved wife, Zhen’tho, and their children, Toren and his family collectively decided that the potential opportunities in such uncharted territories aligned with his lifelong commitment to the Federation's ideals. It was a sacrifice, both personally and professionally, but one that Toren believed was necessary for the betterment of the universe and to provide an example for his children of the lengths one might go to uphold their convictions.
Medical History 2341 - Born in Lor'Tan City, Andoria.

2358 - Suffered mild hypothermia during an expedition to Andorian highlands. Trapped in an ice crevasse for three days. Fully recovered after treatment.

2362 - Mild concussion during a tactical training exercise aboard the USS Orion. Recovery was uneventful.

2366 - Vaccinated against Bolian Cholera before a diplomatic mission.

2373 - Minor plasma burns sustained during a boarding operation against a Dominion ship. Recovery was swift after treatment.

2379 - Physical examination aboard the USS Celestial. Remained in peak physical condition, with a recommendation for regular Andorian metabolic supplements due to extended periods in warmer climates.

2384 - Sustained a sprained ankle during an away mission on Betazed. Recovery was aided with regenerative dermal stimulators.

2390 - Bi-annual physical examination. All parameters within the normal range for an Andorian of his age. Stress levels slightly elevated; recommended regular meditation sessions.
Service Record 2355 - Enlisted in Starfleet. Began basic training at Starfleet Academy.

2358 - Graduated from basic training. Assigned to the USS Orion's tactical department as a crewman.

2362 - Demonstrated excellent leadership skills during various assignments. Recognised for his exemplary service during a skirmish with Orion pirates.

2365 - Promoted to Petty Officer. Successfully negotiated a ceasefire between two feuding Tzenkethi clans, averting potential conflict.

2368 - Transferred to USS Vanguard during the Dominion War.

2373 - Commendation for several boarding actions against Dominion and Cardassian ships, rescuing prisoners of war and retrieving crucial intelligence.

2374 - Commendation for bravery and leadership during the Battle of Betazed.

2379 - Appointed Chief of the Boat on the USS Celestial. Played a pivotal role in crew morale and relations post-war.

2382 - Instrumental in fostering positive relationships between crew members of various species affected by the war. Organized numerous cultural exchanges, training sessions, and workshops.

2384 - Commended for a significant diplomatic achievement between stranded Starfleet and Cardassian crews.

2385 - Awarded the Federation Peace Medal for his continuous efforts in upholding and spreading the ideals of the Federation.

2390 - Completed Advanced Diplomacy Training at Starfleet Academy.

2392 - Transferred to USS Galileo.

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