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Petty Officer 3rd Class Helliun 'Hel' Inant

Name Helliun 'Hel' Inant

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Axans (Axan’ka)
Age 25
Date of Birth Summer 2367
Place of Birth Shrieking Red Fields, Axan'na

Character Type

Category Secondary Character (PNPC)
PNPC Owner Aria Rice

Starfleet ID

Serial Number JX-806-6105
Rank Class Noncommissioned Officer
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Watch Team 2

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Rust red
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Like all Axan’ka, Hel has almost a rust-coloured skin with darker orange red hair and paler facial marking, a semi-circle and circle between her eyes and paler spots along her jawline. She is average height for her people, lightly muscled with powerful legs, making her an excellent sprinter. She has a scar running down the left side of her face, starting above her eye and going down her cheek. Like all her people, she has a flatter forehead. She has a nose piercing as well, which culturally marks her as a female who has had an offspring
Portrait helsmile tumblr-inline-n8ugbj1-Sfd1rmuf8d hel4


Father Unknown to her (Heranim of the Barek clan)
Mother Matriarch Ryonan of the Inant clan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hel is pretty no nonsense, not mincing her words. She is headstrong and opinionated but will be the first to admit she is working on it to fit in with Federation ‘standards’. She enjoys a good party but is more partial for more intimate gatherings where you can exchange stories. She doesn’t anger quickly but will happily pretend just to get a rise out of someone.

She struggles with understanding other species, more because she doesn’t have the same experience basis. She also struggles with the unspoken rules of society, often questioning why something is seen as the right thing to do when ‘no one benefits, especially not the group’. She is passionate about technology and inventing things, often doing her own small projects when she can. She has almost an unhealthy obsession with the warp core and does not see spending her entire career with Starfleet. She is there to learn and when she feels she has brought enough knowledge back for her people, she will leave. This doesn’t mean she isn’t loyal to those she works with though. Instead she sees her team as her clan and will defend them to the bitter end if she has to.
Strengths Hel is a good engineer with good imagination, able to think outside the proverbial box.
Weaknesses She is a strong personality who suffers for not understanding the social norms of the Federation species. As a result she can alienate people.
Ambitions To learn to the best of her abilities and return home to teach the next generation what she has learned and improve life for her clan.
Hobbies & Interests Hel enjoys combat sports and holodeck hunting games, as well as using her engineering skills to build little 'inventions'. She loves singing and music, enjoying finding new songs to listen to from all different cultures.
Vernacular Hel's voice is somewhat throaty and deep and when she speaks standard there is almost a hesitation in certain words, as she is not yet comfortable speaking it fluently. She will at other times rely on the universal translators, for instance if she is on a roll and want to get to her point quickly.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Axan'nan, Standard

Personal History Hel was born to the Axan’ka clan Inant, in their camp in the middle of the desert. She was the Matriarch’s firstborn child, but not the first child born into the newly settled clan. She grew up not knowing which one of the men in her clan was her father, but suspected it was another Axan’ka male rather than her mother’s lovers, due to the lack of other children being born before and after her by her mother and her mates. Growing up, Hel followed her mother around when she oversaw the work in the nearby mine they had started, but quickly became more interested in the equipment. Elros, one of her mother’s lovers, was an engineer and mechanic and both built and maintained the equipment. As a result, he taught Hel, who took to it like a Sepwi snake to the sands.

Once Hel started to do her own repairs and building, her mother sent her to Euris’Axan to study Engineering. She got interested in aerospace engineering quickly and went over to those courses. With visitors from other planets and new technology coming in, and with the application to the Federation, Hel saw different possibilities. If she could travel to the stars, she could learn so much and take it back home. Her clan was growing and they would need more engineers. The possibilities seemed endless.

When Hel became mature enough to be fertile, the Matriarch of her clan asked her to contribute to the growth of her clan. Hel wasn’t interested in being a mother but understood the importance of it. She had several lovers at the time, male and female, but spent her fertile periods with males in the hopes of getting pregnant. It did happen and she returned to her clan until her child was born. She named the boy ‘Aegian’ and left him with the matriarch while she returned to study.
Starfleet History In 2388, Hel applied to Starfleet to join as an enlisted, urged by her teachers to at least try. She was accepted and enlisted, lacking the skills and experiences to apply to the Academy. She went to Earth, the first time she had been off planet and being the minority amongst people. Given her people’s physiology, she was tested weekly to make sure she wasn’t carrying anything contagious with her to spread to her group. This was quickly noted by her peers and Hel, used to what was considered banter on her planet, played on it when she could. She was instructed to stop after licking someone’s apple.

Hel’s biggest struggle wasn’t the technology, but learning and understanding the social norms of her fellow recruits. She also had to get used to males being in charge, something she struggled with in the beginning.

Her first posting was the USS Venture, where she found herself finally understanding what Starfleet was all about. In her head she compared it to a clan, with the Chief being the Matriarch (regardless of gender) and the natural hierarchy that comes with that. She showed potential, being a fast thinker and good worker, although she did still butt heads with her fellow crew.

Her second posting was the USS Trial, a Miranda-class ship with, in her own words, ‘a very sexy warp core’. She preferred it over the Venture simply because she could start again without anyone knowing her, taking on the lessons she had learned from her time on the Venture. As a result, she worked better with this crew, some of her rough edges sounded down. During the battle, Hel was injured in the battle. With the loss of the USS Trial, she was transferred to the USS Galileo.
Medical History Hel has given birth to one healthy boy.

Hel has never suffered any real injuries until 2392, when she was wounded during the attack of the USS Trial. The result was a ragged cut running from above her left eye (missing the eye thanks to her people’s naturally flat forehead and therefore more deeply set eyes) and carrying down her cheek. She has refused to get the scar removed.

Despite her people having strong immune defences, they can still be carriers of other illnesses. As a result, Hel is tested before and after first contacts and twice a month.
Service Record 2388-2389 Starfleet Enlisted Training
2389-2390 USS Venture, Engineering Crewman
2390-2392 USS Trial, Engineering Crewman - PO3
2392-Present USS Galileo, Engineering PO3

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