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Commander Morgan Tarin

Name Morgan Tarin

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36
Date of Birth November 08, 2355
Place of Birth New York City, Earth

Character Type

Category Primary Character (PC)

Starfleet ID

Serial Number ZI-806-2903
Rank Class Senior Officer
Security Clearance Level 10
Duty Watch Team 1

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 157 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Standing an inch shy of six feet, Morgan is a tall and athletically-built woman whose physical appearance commands the room. Her shoulders are broad and her body well-toned from neck to calf. The standard Starfleet uniform conforms well to her physique and often accentuates her long legs. Her beige skin tone is a prominent reminder of her Caucasian Earth heritage and is accented by shoulder-length dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She is considered conventionally attractive but her outward appearance tends to take a back seat to the duties of the day. In civilian clothing she is quite remarkable to observe, but such occasions are a rarity.


Spouse None
Children None
Father CAPT Daniel Tarin (ret.)
Mother CMDR Eva Parker (ret.)
Other Family Extended family within various New York City boroughs

Personality & Traits

General Overview Morgan is a career Starfleet officer and the only child of two retired career officers. As such, she lives and breathes all that is Starfleet and has embraced the totality of a life serving aboard starships. She is smart and calculating while simultaneously ambitious and somewhat unorthodox in her methods. She is pleasant enough to her fellow shipmates but doesn't prioritize personal relationships over her own duties and responsibilities. Some might perceive her as selfish or her demeanor as cold at times, but her loyalty and concern for her crew are always apparent. She can be curt and dismissive to those who she doesn't respect, but genial and accommodating to those who have demonstrated their commitment to the task at hand. She possesses a short temper and can be impatient at times - traits which she recognizes and tries to improve upon.
Strengths Sharp as a knife, Morgan is an excellent student and quick learner. She is able to process large amounts of information within a short time and reach correct conclusions. This savvy translates across most departments in which she is trained, including Command, Intelligence and Flight Control. Her physical stature allows her to command the respect of others within a short time, and she displays the characteristics of a natural leader. Her propensity to quickly observe, act, then evaluate is a valued trait among Starfleet officers which propelled her through the early stages of her career. Morgan's ambition often leads her to alternative methods of problem-solving which can be both a strength and weakness depending on the circumstance.
Weaknesses The concepts of hard work, honesty, and dedication were instilled in Morgan since birth then reinforced throughout her childhood and in the Academy. It's all she knows, and as such, she is not accepting of any lesser personal conduct regardless of the circumstances. She has a short temper which often rears its head at inopportune moments. Languages beyond Federation Standard and basic Klingon are outside of her knowledge and she lacks advanced training (and the desire) to understand many topics in the Science and Medical fields. Her occasional non-traditional approaches to problem solving sometimes create more issues than they solve but can also have unexpected benefits.
Ambitions She wants to achieve the dream most Starfleet cadets have when they enter the service - to one day command her own starship and explore the unknown reaches of space. Preferably surviving any hostile encounters before eventually retiring to settle back down on Earth.
Hobbies & Interests Morgan enjoys sports and physical activity. Whether it's running, playing basketball, parrises squares, or combat training, she spends the majority of her free time releasing the stress in her life through cardio hobbies. In another life she would have become a Security officer but her career track and personal skills led her to other opportunities. Physical fitness has always been a priority in her life and is reflected whenever one looks at her physique.
Vernacular She possesses a standard New York City accent which is familiar to anyone with knowledge of Earth's greatest city. Her timbre is flat when she speaks unless she becomes animated. Her words are usually spoken forcefully with confidence. Her no-nonsense attitude combined with her speech patterns can sometimes rub passive people the wrong way, but it is simply her method of communicating.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, basic Klingon

Personal History Morgan was born in November of 2355 in the New York City borough of Manhattan. Located along the upper east coast of Earth's North American continent, the sprawling metropolis is a multicultural center of arts, entertainment, science and productivity. It maintains a diverse population of 20 million inhabitants including not only Humans, but many individuals from the major (and minor) Alpha Quadrant races. Morgan is the only child born to her parents Daniel and Eva, both career Starfleet officers stationed at the Federation embassy not far from their residence. She spent the first five years of her life experiencing a traditional planetary upbringing. Her extended family lived nearby in adjacent boroughs, and she attended local daycares and education programs. She was a rather unremarkable toddler but was usually content with life so long as she was provided with her weekly allotment of ice cream.

When Morgan turned five, her parents were reassigned from their planetary embassy posting to the deep space heavy cruiser USS Independence. The Excelsior-class starship performed many of the same ambassadorial duties as the Federation's planet-side facilities yet was able to travel to distant worlds to project influence throughout the Federation and its neighboring systems. Life on board Independence was certainly a drastic change for young Morgan. She initially found the confines of the ship and the lack of blue skies unsettling. It took longer than anticipated for her to adjust to shipboard life during which she was not the most genial child towards her peers. Or her parents. But she eventually grew to accept her new world, lured in by the enjoyment of staring through the ship's windows into the stars of deep space each night while imagining what existed beyond the hulls of the vessel.

Her parents' three-year deployment aboard USS Independence was mostly uneventful. There were no major incidents or hostile encounters; no combat or emergencies which threatened the crew or its mission. In fact, Morgan's most frequent complaint as a young child was the mundanity of her existence. Every day often felt the same and there were few variations in her daily routine. Fortunately the ship housed several other families which afforded her a small group of peers close to her age with whom she could interact. She made friends as every young child did, and though they were few in number compared to Earth, she formed much closer relationships with them than she ever could have in the busy city of New York. Life was boring yet also uniquely interesting in a way she would soon find to be fascinating. Independence's deployment ended in 2363 when the ship returned to port for a late-life refit, thus marking Morgan's return to Earth and the resumption of her parents' duties at the New York Federation embassy.

Now eight years old, Morgan was forced to readjust to life back in a major city. Theoretically it should have been easy for her to re-adapt to her old lifestyle, but being planetside again after spending three of her most formative years aboard a starship proved difficult. Many of the same anxieties and temperamental problems she faced when first living aboard Independence now resurfaced. But this time the root causes of her apprehension and agitation were due to opposite reasons. She frequently lambasted the city as being too busy at times; too loud with too many people she didn't know, and too many things to do. It felt overwhelming. Her parents recognized that their child was often unsettled, and as a solution, enrolled her in a variety of sports to keep her occupied. Healthy mind, healthy body. She quickly displayed an aptitude for physical activities as well as enjoyment of competition. Her hand-to-eye coordination skills became apparent as she excelled at youth sports such as basketball, baseball and cross country running. She also began to grow. More so than than her peers, and by the time she was thirteen years old and entering secondary school, she was taller than most other kids in her age range.

Morgan turned fourteen in 2369 and entered Manhattan's public high school system. The large local educational facility accounted for over 2,000 of her peers aged fourteen to eighteen. The initial experience would have been intimidating for Morgan were she not already close to six-feet tall and physically imposing to some of the shorter boys who hadn't yet hit their growth spurts. She continued to play sports for the school's teams while pursing her academics and generally doing well in most facets. As the only daughter of two Starfleet officers, she'd been ingrained with the concepts of hard work, determination and discipline throughout her youth. She was rarely distracted and was a good student who excelled in the STEM fields but cared little for the social sciences. This frustrated her parents who were both long-standing members of Starfleet's Diplomatic Corps. Yet they tolerated her select indifferences as long as she maintained good marks and participated in her varsity programs. It wasn't until Morgan's junior year of high school when she began to consider applying to Starfleet Academy to continue the family tradition. The decision wasn't solely due to the urging of her parents to commit to their unique career path -- it was also due to her own personal experiences aboard USS Independence about which she privately reminisced on a weekly basis.

She made the decision to apply to Starfleet Academy in San Francisco in late 2372 and received her acceptance letter four months later at the start of 2373. Now in her senior year of high school with her immediate future planned, she coasted through the remainder of her semesters while waiting in anticipation for her journey in Starfleet to begin. However, she felt sadness that out of her small group of friends, she was the only one who would eventually be going off-world to serve the Federation. Morgan had never maintained a large group of personal acquaintances, but just as it was when she was younger, those she did have were very close to her. The prospect of never seeing them again weighed heavily on her in the final days before graduation. Little did she know that the outbreak of the Dominion War later that year would forever change all of their lives and those of everyone on Earth.
Starfleet History Morgan reported to Starfleet Academy in August of 2373 to begin her first semester of general studies. Tensions between the Dominion and Federation were already strained at the time, exacerbated by the recent Klingon invasion of Cardassia a year prior. The atmosphere at the Academy was often apprehensive due to uncertainty of the future. Emotions ran high among many of the cadets and faculty. It soon became clear to Morgan that something ominous lurked on the horizon. This filled her and her fellow freshmen with anxiety about the state of the quadrants in the coming years. What political landscape would they face after graduating and being assigned to the fleet? Were decades of Federation peace and prosperity about to come to an end? Nevertheless, classes continued as usual despite her lingering concerns. The demanding routine of physical training and academics helped clear her mind and establish a familiar that was shattered three months later when Jem'Hadar forces invaded the Alpha Quadrant and captured Deep Space Nine, marking the beginning the Dominion War.

As she continued her first-year studies in 2374, Dominion forces won decisive victories against the Federation and Klingon Empire which forced them to retreat on all fronts. Starfleet suffered catastrophic losses at each engagement including the near-total annihilation of the 7th Fleet (98 out of 112 starships destroyed). The mood at Starfleet Academy had turned dire. Each admiral, senior officer and cadet was acutely aware of the impending disaster should Federation and Klingon forces fail to halt the Dominion advance. Any semblance of a calm and enjoyable Academy experience had been tossed from the highest window, and instead Morgan and the other cadets did their best to stave off bouts of depression while their training programs were accelerated under orders from the Academy commandant. The cold reality was that Starfleet was losing ships and personnel faster than it could replace them. The urgency to get cadets trained and deployed now took priority. All recreational activities were cancelled and all cadets spent 12 to 14 hours per day doubling-up on classroom studies, simulations, and practical training. Morgan was promptly assigned a Command rate due to her strong grades and work ethic, then qualified for her cadet cruise in her junior year.

She shipped out for a one-month training deployment in early 2375. By then, the Romulan Star Empire had entered the war and the tide was turning against the Dominion-Cardassian forces. An end to the conflict seemed to be in sight much to Morgan's relief. She served as acting first officer aboard the USS Georgia, a Miranda-class training vessel attached to Earth spacedock. During her cadet cruise, she learned to apply the skills of personnel management, leadership and problem-solving to great effect and earn the respect of her fellow cadets. It was a rare feat of accomplishment in an otherwise depressing beginning to her Starfleet career. But one she would look back on and use to guide herself in future deployments. Morgan returned to Starfleet Academy following her cruise and continued her studies. She survived the Breen attack on San Fransisco later in the year then graduated in 2376 with the rank of ensign.

Morgan's first deployment took place in 2377 aboard the Saber-class light cruiser USS Yeager. She was assigned as a conn officer within the Command department and went on to serve seven years aboard the vessel. She progressed through three promotion cycles until her reassignment to USS Lexington in 2383. This starship (her second posting) was a Nebula-class heavy cruiser that was much larger and robust than her previous 40-crew patrol ship. Along with her new promotion to lieutenant commander and rate change to executive officer, it was a stark contrast to the day-to-day lifestyle and command structure she'd become accustomed to. Morgan would go on to serve another seven years aboard Lexington, working alongside her CO and coordinating evacuation and resettlement efforts following the Hobus Disaster in 2387. She received a promotion to the rank of commander in 2388 and began to be recruited for a special deep space assignment to the southern regions of Federation space. Lexington's final tour of duty ended a year later in 2389. Plans for the future of the starship were uncertain, with rumors of decommissioning contrasting those of a mid-life refit. Morgan took six months of extended leave on Earth before acquiescing to the advances of Starfleet Command.

She departed from Earth Spacedock to starbase Regula I in early 2390 and arrived there six months later after a lengthy ferry. Her new assignment was to serve as a strategic operations officer and manage the various Starfleet and civilian assets within the surrounding sectors. The nature of Regula I's research was tight-lipped but the promise of exploring the final frontier had been enough to lure her away from traditional fleet duty. Now, in 2392, Morgan continues her classified work while awaiting the arrival of the latest resupply convoy.
Medical History Morgan has no permanent or lingering medical conditions that require treatment. She has sustained several minor injuries throughout the course of her career but none of note which would degrade her performance or physical ability. She occasionally experiences migraines which can last anywhere from several hours to several days.
Service Record 2355: Born in New York City, Earth
2360: Lives on board USS Independence (Excelsior)
2363: Returns to New York City, Earth
2373: Accepted into Starfleet Academy
2373-75: The Dominion War
2375: Cadet cruise aboard USS Georgia (Miranda) as XO
2376: Graduated Starfleet Academy with the rank of ENS
2377: Assigned to USS Yeager (Saber) as Conn Officer
2379: Promoted to LT(JG)
2381: Promoted to LT, assigned as Senior Conn Officer
2383: Promoted to LCDR, transferred to USS Lexington (Nebula) as Executive Officer
2387: Hobus Disaster - Destruction of Romulus
2388: Promoted to CMDR
2390: Transferred to Regula I as Strategic Operations Officer
2392: Transferred to USS Galileo-A as Commanding Officer

Character Progression System

Primary Band Command
Secondary Band Flight Control

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Dexterity
+ Agility
+ Coordination

+ Acuity
+ Aptitude
+ Problem-Solving

+ Alertness
Department Skills Command
+ Administration
+ Command & Control

Flight Control
+ Starship Pilot
Department Perks Command
+ Administrator

Skill Training