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Lieutenant JG Sofie Ullswater

Name Sofie Ullswater

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25
Date of Birth 14th May 2367
Place of Birth New Sydney

Character Type

Category Primary Character (PC)

Starfleet ID

Serial Number GS-011-4996
Rank Class Junior Officer
Security Clearance Level 5
Duty Watch Team 1

Physical Appearance

Height 158cm(5'2")
Weight 62kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Ullswater is, on first impressions, short - along with her always cheerful face this forms what many people's first impression of her is. Other than this she is on first look mostly unremarkable. She prefers it that way and would often rather go unnoticed, she doesn't wear make up and does little else to her outward appearance save keeping her hair tidy and well groomed. She never wears her hair loose preferring instead to keep it tied up in a bun which is how she is normally seen.

She's maybe a little more chubby that the average Starfleet officer, something that has developed since joining the crew of Galileo, but not so much that she looks out of place. Her face is generally very expressive and alive with colour, her cheeks are rosy and slightly plump and her small but pointy nose top off this rather plain look. The one really noticeable thing about her face are her which are a grey like a stormy day at sea.
Body Art None


Spouse None
Children None
Father James Ullswater - Missionary
Mother Athanasia Ullswater - Mining Executive, New Sydney
Brother(s) Klement Ullswater - Student
Sister(s) Světlana Ullswater - Mining Heiress
Natálie Mlynarik - Student
Other Family The Ullswaters of her father's side are mostly found in Earth's continent of Europe.

The Heyrovskýs of her mother's side are found on New Sidney and are almost all involved in the mining empire owned by her mother.
Pets None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ullswater is deeply insecure. Pretty much everything in her life is something she can be insecure about. Outwardly Ullswater seems an extroverted and passionate young woman - defiantly gregarious in the face of all that is boiling away underneath. She seems to take great pleasure in conversation and socialising and is often amongst the first to make new friends and has a habit of latching on to people that she feels comfortable around.

Though she likely wouldn't admit a good deal of Ullswater's friendliness is really just a facade built up through her unwillingness to face reality and deal with her own problems. Truly meaningful relationships are something she finds a lot more rarely than her outward nature might suggest. At heart, behind all the extroversion she can be quite cold.

When stressed that coldness can come out in the form of an argumentative personality. She might snap at people or engage in misanthropic self pity. She has struggled a lot with her mental health in life and since the battle of Latari those struggles have only become more difficult and its been harder for her to keep up the mask of the person she likes to present herself as.
Strengths Ullswater's greatest personal strengths lie in her sociability and sharp mind. She has a love of conversation and is not easily made to feel anxious in social situations. She can put on a mask to bring levity or professionalism when required and is always precise in her speech. Sofie brings the same level of precision to conversation as she does to her work, its a skill she has practiced and honed to be a shield or even a weapon as required. Despite what this clinical approach might suggest she has great capacity for empathy and can often be a friendly and understanding shoulder for her friends to lean on.
Having grown up in a mining family Ullswater has always had a passion for geology and it shows through in her work. She has a good grasp on the underlying science and has a strong aptitude for the practical elements. In terms of science she also has a strong grasp of chemistry and mathematics. In her work she is precise and rigorous and holds herself to a very high standard.

Other strengths include her abilities in both music and languages which for Sofie often came packaged together as from a young age she's trained vocally in both the Romulan and Cardassian classical operatic styles.
Weaknesses In contrast to her empathy for others Ullswater does not usually afford herself the same understanding. She is very self critical but is also stubborn and often unwilling to accept that she may need help in a situation. Often she finds herself pushing aside any issues she might have and instead focusing on helping those around her.

On top of this Sofie is the mask to a lot of people. The true Sofie that lies underneath isn't something that most people see and her fear of that veneer breaking down forms another brick in her wall of insecurity.

Sofie is also scared of the dark and tends to sleep with a light on and doesn't sleep easily, she often suffers from nightmares.

Sofie's professional weaknesses as a generalist are found in disciplines such as subspace physics, biology and computer science.
Ambitions Though she was once a much more driven person, failure has dampened Ullswater's capacity for ambition. She likely wouldn't admit it but she still fancies herself as someone who could contribute to the science of Geology.
Hobbies & Interests Ullswater loves Romulan classical poetry and also voraciously reads all the contemporary literature that comes out of Cardassia and the Romulan diaspora. She has strong opinions on the matter, especially modern theatre and can talk no end about it. During her time at the academy she spent a lot of time involved in theatre there was bitterly disappointed at the lack of interest her fellow students had in Romulan stage works.
Another interest that has consumed a lot of Ullswater's life is her love of Opera. She trained classically in both Romulan and Cardassian operatic styles when she was young on New Sydney and has a rather good Contralto voice.
Vernacular Ullswater is well spoken with a slight New Sidney accent which she tries to hide. She also has a tendency to be rather verbose.
Orientation Asexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Romulan, English, Czech, Cardassian

Personal History Sofie's maternal grandmother arrived on New Sydney from Prague, Earth with very little but through a combination of grit and ingenuity became owner of a small but competitive mining corporation. Following that grandmother's death Athanasia Heyrovský (Sofie's mother) took the reigns of the company. At that time she was engaged to a man from Earth whom she would later marry and take his name. This marriage was fruitful and soon their first daughter Světlana was born. Three years later she was followed by another daughter - Sofie.

In her early life Sofie was afforded every luxury imaginable on New Sydney. She attended a good school and impressed her family with her good grades (perhaps not equalling her elder sister, but impressive non the less). She had two younger siblings Klement and Natálie. Klement would dote on her and the two of them formed a strong bond through their teenage years.

Upon reaching the age of eighteen Sofie followed in her older sister's footsteps by enrolling in the University of New Sydney's geology course. The department was the envy of all nearby systems and was conspicuously wealthy from its private sponsorship by the large New Sydney mining lobby. It was a highly competitive environment and during her first year it looked like Sofie was flourishing in it just as her sister had before her. However at the end of her second year she suffered a traumatic personal tragedy and dropped out of the university.

She took a few months to recover before launching herself into an operatic career. Over the next couple of years her singing career took her to the infamous opera houses of New Sydney as well as some touring and workshopping in Federation space. In 2387 she travelled to Cardassain space to take part in an operatic performance there. She did have some lingering hope that she could find some way to pursue her geological interests and fortuitously a group of Starfleet cadets who were also joining the company warmly befriended her and set her down the path to Starfleet. Unfortunately the opera theatre she was working at was consumed by a conflagration. Shortly after she applied for a place in Starfleet's academy. After hearing back with an acceptance she travelled to Earth for the first time.
Starfleet History Starfleet Academy 2387-2391

Sofie had a wonderful time as a cadet and excelled in a variety of areas. She earned specific commendation in the sciences and chose to specialise into a sciences role with a specific interest in geology. Also during her cadet years she made many friends and spent many a night dancing in the city.

She performed well in many of her final exams but struggled significantly with Astrophysics only managing to pass the required threshold to graduate as a science generalist by a single percentage point.

Following graduation she stayed on Earth for a while helping out around the geology department until one of the members of staff, a Commander Poln'rean recommended Sofie to one of her previous colleagues - Captain Lirha Saalm - as a potential new science officer for the newly launched Galileo-A.

USS Galileo-A 2391-

Sofie joined Galileo on its journey into the Pleiades Cluster. The first part of the journey was uneventful but she managed to form friendships with some of the other officers.

The first major event of her time on the ship was taking part in the conflict that took place in the Latari system. During the first battle she was on the bridge of Galielo and saw Trial destroyed. Following a bad display in a meeting Captain Rasmussen had her moved to the USS Kali under Captain Navrin. During the second and third engagements Sofie acted as Science officer on the bridge of Kali after the death of Kali's own science officer.

Having witnessed the destruction of the Trial, faced the death of colleagues on Kali and lost many of her prized personal belongings when her quarters on Kali were destroyed during the battle, Sofie left Latari as not the same person. In the months that would follow she had a hard time dealing with everything that happened and became withdrawn and depressed.

Things became worse for the ensign when Galileo was deployed to a cold station under the command of Commander Tarin. During the incident that occurred there she was part of the away team that faced the horrors of the station. Upon returning to Galileo she led an armed assault on the brig under the impression that she was still on the station with the intent to murder Ensign Mimi. A few days later she was promoted by Captain Tarin and given leadership of the science department.
Medical History In 2387 Ullswater was admitted to a hospital with severe burns, smoke inhalation and other consequences of being in a large fire.

During 2392 Ullswater was part of an away team to Cold Station 31. During this mission she was affected by the entity from the station. The effects of this are not yet fully understood. In the week following the away mission she was diagnosed with shared psychotic disorder.

Service Record 2387-2391 – Cadet at Starfleet Academy
2391 – Instructor at a Starfleet Academy facility on Mars
2391-2392 – Science Officer, USS Galileo
2392 – Science Officer, USS Kali
2392 – Science Officer, USS Galileo
2392- – Chief Science Officer USS Galileo

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