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Chief Warrant Officer 3 Azra Ghoc

Name Azra Ghoc

Position Boatswain

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 3

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cardassian/Human
Age 32
Date of Birth 18 June 2359
Place of Birth Levent, Turkey, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number LK-294-4725
Security Clearance Level 4
Duty Shift Pending
Roommate None

Physical Appearance

Height 176cm
Weight 56kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Azra is a slender woman with piercing brown eyes and the pale skin common to her Cardassian side. She has inherited relatively little of her mother’s human heritage. Most notable is the lighter hair and reduced definition of her neck ridges. She maintains her appearance with great care, ensuring that her clothing is always pressed and her hair is in order. She keeps her nails short, but she’ll often paint them in muted tones. Although she does wear makeup, it is mostly to highlight her features and is usually in muted tones.
Body Art Azra has a small tattoo of an ibis on her left shoulder blade.


Father Gil Ovran Ghoc
Mother Elif Burakgazi
Other Family Maternal Grandparents

Personality & Traits

General Overview Azra is a strange mixture of rigid discipline and flights of fancy. While she is strictly professional while on duty, she has a wide range of hobbies that occupy her time while she's off duty. Her ability to organize and manage logistics have been an incredible benefit to her career and to the ships and stations she has served aboard. She's also incredibly organized in her personal life. Each and every hobby she takes up has a dedicated storage space in computer memory and is well indexed. Each is indexed and well documented, but none are finished. In addition to Azra's inability to stick to a single set of hobbies, she's had a difficult time forming close relationships. Although she's got an exceptional relationship with her mother, and she's known people she considers friends, she's never had a real romantic relationship, and never had any close friends she keeps up with.
Strengths Azra is exceptionally organized and precise in her work. She is an excellent trainer, and works hard to ensure that everyone aboard knows the policies and procedures that will keep them safe and keep the ship running smoothly. She is also innately curious and constantly trying to learn new skills and to develop a deeper knowledge of topics she’s already touched on. While she's a complete professional while on-duty she has no problems relaxing while off duty. She has basic proficiency in almost every department aboard ship. She has basic first aid training, knows how to operate and read sensors, can perform numerous repairs aboard ship, she is familiar with security procedures, and she even has a qualification in piloting both shuttlecraft and starships.
Weaknesses Although Azra has a wide range of knowledge, most of it is only useful in limited situations. Additionally, her knack for organization and procedure can sometimes lead to her overshadowing the needs of people to favor the strictest application of policy. Although she recognizes this shortcoming, it's one that she falls into again and again. She is also inexperienced with personal relationships, as all of her significant relationships and friendships have been primarily professional. Azra's curiosity and eagerness to learn has also caused her to abandon project after project to leap into another one. Occasionally she'll go back to an old interest, but most of the time that's only when the interest circles back around again.
Ambitions For a while Azra thought she wanted to command a starship. She eventually realized that she didn't want the responsibility that came with that path. Especially the control over life-and-death decisions required of a starship's officers. There are really only two ambitions that have stuck with Azra throughout her career. First is the ambition to do an exceptional job. The second is to be an explorer.
Hobbies & Interests Azra has too many hobbies and interests to list. She moves from one to the next with almost blinding rapidity. While she's on one hobby she'll dive into it obsessively. Just as quickly, however, she'll switch to another. She's learned several programming languages, smatterings of dialects from across the known galaxy, and even skills like pottery and welding. She's practiced calligraphy as well as free-climbing. With every single hobby and interest she picks up she devotes herself to it completely...for a while.
Vernacular Azra speaks impeccable Federation Standard, though even now she has a slight Turkish accent. She is precise in her language and tries to use exactly the right words to express everything she wants to say.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Smatterings of Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian, Andorian, Trill, Vulcan

Personal History Elif Burakgazi left home to live with her new husband on a colony near Cardassian space. She knew that there were dangers, she just didn’t expect that they would actually impact her in any concrete way. She especially didn’t expect an occupation by Cardassian forces, or her husband’s death in an attempt to fight back against the invaders.

For two years the small colony lived under the thumb of a small force of Cardassian soldiers. The colony had been captured to pressure Starfleet to release some of their soldiers who had “wandered” into Federation space. Eventually the Federation approved the release of the reconnaissance party in exchange for all of the colonists. One Cardassian, by the name of Ovran Ghoc took advantage of the opportunity and lied to Elif, saying that only a few of the colonists would be released. She could be on the list, assuming she was willing to do him a favor.

Nearly nine months later, on June 18, 2359, Azra Ghoc was born in the Acibadem Maslak Hospital in Istanbul. Although it would have been easy for Elif to have terminated her pregnancy, and over the protests of many of her friends, Elif kept the child that resulted from the night with Ovran Ghoc. She even gave Azra her biological father’s surname.

Azra grew up in a home where life was considered sacrosanct. She knew the identity of her father, and the circumstances of her conception as soon as she was old enough to understand. Although it was clear that Elif hated Ovran Ghoc, Azra never doubted that her mother cared for her and never even wished her father dead. Elif even went out of her way to be certain that Azra learned about Cardassian culture and got to understand the best parts her heritage could offer. She and her mother kept a close eye on the news as word of the Maquis resistance filtered to Earth. Although Elif had abandoned most of her contacts from what was now Cardassian space, the events leading to the Dominion War were still intensely personal.

Growing up near Istanbul gave Azra a chance to experience a wide range of cultural norms. The widely diverse city only increased its pull for immigrants after the discovery of alien life. In addition to the traditionalist and modern Human communities, several alien enclaves surrounded her home. Although she was always a minority of one, few people looked askance at her Cardassian appearance, even during the height of the Dominion War.

Azra was intelligent and driven. She learned everything she could about just about any topic she could get her mind around. She studied everything her high school could teach her. Although the Human/Cardassian hybrid could have easily qualified for any college on Earth, she had found a passion. The mystery of the lost USS Voyager hadn’t seemed anything more than a sad story that aired on the news when she was twelve. At seventeen, however, news reached her that Voyager hadn’t been destroyed. Instead they had spent the last five years traversing the depths of the Delta Quadrant in an effort to find a way home.

The story sparked Azra’s interest and ignited a burning desire to be an explorer. The fact that the Maquis that Voyager had been chasing became valued members of the crew only fueled her curiosity. Until she graduated high school the next year, Azra learned everything she could about space travel, about Starfleet and about all of the other organizations that explored deep space. After she graduated, she moved to San Francisco and got to know many of the cadets at Starfleet Academy.

She spent a year deliberating, deciding whether to apply to Starfleet Academy, to enlist in Starfleet, or go to college first. Her decision was made for her when, in 2378, Voyager returned unexpectedly from the Delta Quadrant. The events that had inspired her to become an explorer had culminated in a return of the heroic people she had spent two years idolizing. Starfleet Academy would take too long. Instead, she enlisted the next day.
Starfleet History Azra's time in basic training and advanced training was intense and far from enjoyable. Even so, it helped her to realize that she enjoys physical activity and she decided to remain fit. The instructional portion of her training was easy for her, especially because of her exceptional memory. She graduated both basic and advanced training in January of 2379, and was immediately promoted to Crewman Apprentice. After her month's leave, which she spent with her mother, she reported to the USS Cormak as the newest Operations Officer aboard.

Cormak was an Ambassador class ship responsible for expanding Starfleet and the Federation's influence along the Romulan neutral zone. Shortly after the Shinzon incident late that year Cormak was busier than ever. The now public fall of the Romulan Senate and turmoil within the Empire created an opportunity. Within the months after Enterprise returned to Federation space, Azra saw nearly twenty different worlds along the Romulan border. During her time aboard Cormak she cross-trained with the Engineering department in damage control.

In January of the next year her training and hard work paid off. She received another promotion, this time to Crewman. WIth the promotion came a transfer to the USS Grovebeck as a Damage Control Specialist. Grovebeck was an Akira class ship assigned to patrol along the Cardassian border. Although hostilities were officially ended, rogue Dominion ships, that had broken off from larger battles, and piracy were real dangers. Although the crew of Grovebeck never faced an enemy that really was a serious threat to the ship as a whole, they faced more than a few skirmishes over the two years Azra was aboard. After just under a year Azra's aptitude and leadership ability earned her a promotion to Petty Officer 3rd Class. She was assigned to train both operations and engineering crew on damage control procedures. Training was something that she found incredibly satisfying. What surprised her was how much she enjoyed hands-on instruction rather than the classroom-style she preferred for herself.

Her aptitude for training was apparent to her superior officers and she was given an assignment as a Senior Training Officer aboard Starbase 172. With the assignment came a promotion to Petty Officer 2nd Class. Starbase life was very different from life on a starship. Although Azra enjoyed the work she did while reporting to the Starbase's Boatswain, she longed to be back in space. Neither of the ships she had served aboard were exploration vessels. She'd experienced dozens of worlds, but all of them were already charted. She found herself longing to seek out new life and new civilizations.

She worked hard and made herself indispensable to both the Boatswain and her commanding officers. She served aboard 172 for five years, earning a promotion to Petty Officer 1st Class in 2383. In that time she also worked on a bachelor's degree, hoping to move forward in her career. She planned to attend OCS and start a path toward command. That was, until she was given an opportunity that fit her personality perfectly. During her time working with the starbase's Boatswain, Rolvan, she'd expressed her eagerness to serve aboard a deep space explorer.

Through Rolvan's efforts, as well as the efforts of the base commander, Azra was offered a Warrant and a position as Boatwain aboard the Steamrunner class USS Stalingrad. The posting was perfect for the Cardassian/Human hybrid. It would allow her career to advance, but it would also allow her to avoid making the kinds of life-and-death decisions expected of officers. Additionally, though an old ship on its final tour, Stalingrad was an explorer. Azra accepted the posting without a second thought.

In 2386 Chief Warrant Officer Azra Ghoc reported to the USS Stalingrad as the new Boatswain. She served with distinction throughout the entire tour. She loved every moment. Although she rarely went on any away missions, it was her training that ensured that the crew came back alive. She got to see alien worlds that hadn't been explored by Starfleet before. She even met a new spacefaring species during the course of the mission. Far from sating her hunger for deep space exploration, Azra found herself starving for more.

When Stalingrad returned to the shipyards for decommissioning, true to her role as Boatswain, Azra stayed aboard until the procedure was complete. Her dedication and skill earned her a rank increase to the next Chief Warrant Officer class. Her return was also the first time she had encountered Romulans after the Hobus supernova. The entire attitude changed. It was like rediscovering the Federation again. During her time working on the decommissioning, she made sure to visit her mother as often as possible.

Although she wasn't sure what was in store for her, Azra kept an eye out for deep space exploration postings. When she came across the posting for the USS Galileo-A she jumped at the opportunity and submitted an interview request the next day. Although she had to seek a second interview, she was accepted aboard as the USS Galileo's new Boatswain, ready once again to discover new worlds.
Medical History Azra Ghoc has had very few medical issues throughout her life. With the exception of an usually severe reaction to a tetanus shot as a teen, Azra has virtually no medical record. Her yearly physicals have all come back with optimal results.
Service Record July 2378: Enlists in Starfleet as Crewman Recruit (E1)
January 2379: Graduates training, Promoted to Crewman Apprentice (E2)
February 2379: Assigned to USS Cormak, Operations Officer
January 2380: Promoted to Crewman (E3), Assigned to USS Grovebeck as Damage Control Specialist
October 2380: Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class (E4)
November 2381: Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class (E5), Assigned to SB 172, Senior Training Officer
July 2383: Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class (E6)
April 2386: Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer (W2), Assigned to USS Stalingrad, Boatswain
August 2389: Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer (W3)
June 2391: Assigned to USS Galileo-A as Boatswain

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