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Crewman Valentina Gagarina

Name Valentina Ilyinichna Gagarina

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24 [Mental Age: 154]
Date of Birth January 17, 2367
Place of Birth Yakutsk, Russia

Starfleet ID

Security Clearance Pending
Duty Shift Pending

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1” [1.55m]
Weight 145lb [65.77kg]
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Ice-Cold Sapphire
Physical Description Valentina is built of the strongest stuff. Her short stature, which she would assure you through pointed example is beneficial, and her intimidating physical appearance make her truly a sight to behold. Atop this sturdy framework lies a thick head of obsidian black hair. Framed by those raven locks is a tan skinned, square-jawed face which further accentuates the cold yet beautiful eyes of a young woman. Her facial features are somewhat soft for a tough-as-nails fighter who's seen over a century of hard time, appearing worn but soft as a weathered desert.

She is the proverbial teapot, short and stout, built entirely of iron, or in the case of more organic objects, muscle. Her fit form shows through the starfleet issue uniform not meant to contain such power within such short sewn garments. Not many would want to be on the other end of a fight with this well built woman, lest they be looking for trouble.
Body Art A few tattoos hidden below uniform. Some a reminder of what she went through; some a reminder of who she once was so long ago.


Father Ilya Ivanovich Gagarin
Mother Emilia Alekseeva Gagarina
Brother(s) Boris Ilyich Gagarin
Dmitriy Ilyich Gagarin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Valentina is one of the most closed in extroverts a person may ever meet. Though she has no close friends to speak of, she revels in competition and games of all sorts, always seeking to one-up any competition or any person she may find. She loves to live in the limelight, only to recoil to the darkness of her empty quarters upon a day's end. Course and aggressive, her time in prison clearly shows, the person she used to be so far gone in her memories that there is virtually no hope of its resurrection. The only existence of the young, cheery Valentina lies within her records and the memories of those who remembered her before the change.
Strengths Cocky, confident, stubborn. She'll let you decide which are strengths and which are weaknesses. She finds herself the center of attention often, both intentionally and through sheer force of personality. She channels her emotion in any way possible other than wanton destruction and thus finds herself in messy situations more often than the typical person and has thus learned to handle tough predicaments with almost inhuman vigor .

Though her original academic skill set has deteriorated drastically, she still retains some of the basic knowledges of neuroscience and biology, knowledges which she has done her best to keep intact while she tries to figure out exactly what happened to her and why. Despite her hardships she is still as cunning as ever and can handle almost any situation with the coolheadedness of a centuries-seasoned veteran. She is now a master in the arts (if one could call them that) of street fighting, brawling, and survival as well, skills learned by necessity during her hard time.
Weaknesses Cocky, (over)confident, and stubborn. She would probably say she has no weaknesses, but the terrible ordeal that she was subjected to at such an early life has certainly changed her, arguably for the worse according to people that knew her before the incident. She no longer has the same charm she used to and her wit has mutated from something more friendly to something borderline sinister. It takes a lot to get used to her not-quite-malicious jabs and observations.

Also of weakness is her intellect. No longer booksmart save for the few tattered pages left from her long-ago lived life of science, she is now almost purely street-smart, though criminally cunning might be a more accurate description, a description many have attributed to her only half-positively. These once solely useful skills have been an equal bane and boon since her release.
Ambitions Valentina yearns to live her life free and to the fullest and to direct her barely contained fury in useful ways. She will do anything she can to stay out of any imprisonment. She also strives to find who made her the way she is now. To figure out what led up to her fateful reprogramming and why it was done. She has no desire to change what she has become, but whoever put her in that prison for so many decades must answer and must pay.
Hobbies & Interests Competitions of all sorts. Fighting. Weightlifting and exercising. Weapons training. Carving.
Vernacular Course and to the point. She does not mince words. She does not hold back. All delivered with a light sprinkling of obscenities and dash of sarcasm.
Orientation Asexual
Language(s) Spoken She speaks broken Russian, fluent Federation Standard, useful Klingon, useful Romulan, and near-fluent Cardassian. Her default spoken language at current time if a listener was to remove their universal translator is Cardassian.

Personal History Valentina was born the youngest child of a family she now barely remembers. The names and events so distant to her despite happening not long ago. She was born in Yakutsk, Russia. Her parents never had any intentions of leaving the motherland, but the next generation of Gagarins had set their sites to the stars much like their ancestors did. Her brothers had joined Starfleet and it did not take long for Valentina to follow suit. She enrolled immediately after primary school.
Starfleet History Valentina studied in the sciences, focusing on neurology and biology while in the academy. Having an undeniable charm and sharp wit about her, she made many friends and was liked by all, teachers and classmates alike. Despite her small stature she was living large by the time she graduated from the academy. She had caught the eye of Bolian scientist Dezar Vero, the lead researcher on a new and ambitious project in the experimental sciences department of Starfleet. At his request Valentina was assigned to his team and she eagerly began work with him and the rest of the team. The project he was heading was astounding to her and she felt honored to be part of the team.

The classified project was very new and experimental in nature. A section of the experimental sciences division had 'acquired' the Argrathi technologies of engram implantation. The Argrathi had used it to reform criminals by way of implanting memories of imprisonment rather than running actual prisons. The system was very effective, but after being discovered by Starfleet the technology was thought to be very useful for other things as well. It could be used to teach people many years and decades of knowledge in a matter of minutes. Years of studying, years of experiencing, and years of learning. It was all possible. The project would use subjects to test the psychological, neurological, and physiological effects of actually ‘living’ decades worth of simulated memories in a matter of hours as well as the cumulative effects of gained knowledges and other influences of the experiences.

Valentina was one of the most excited researchers, providing a lot to the project in both knowledge and testing. She went through years of schooling in minutes. She went through months of testing in a minute fraction of the time. Then, one day she suggested something more fun. A joking of dedication that she decided to take serious. She had volunteered to take four years worth of shore leave and days off in the form of implanted memories so that she could spend more real-world days working on the project at hand. The program was set up and then ready to go. But...

Then her incarceration occurred. A malicious adjustment in programming. Her vacation program had been switched for something much more devious and terrifying. The system was sabotaged to outwardly appear as though everything was going fine, but inside the young Valentina's mind she had been locked away. The program was replaced with engrams of being dragged away for crimes against the Argrathi and in a few hours real-time she served out three life sentences totaling at nearly a century and a half of hard time. She never speaks of what happened during her incarcerations, and with the destruction of the engram data and medical log of that day and only a sealed medical file of her psych evaluations the only on record data of what happened not much can be gleaned as to what she experienced, an experience she never shares lightly.

After the incident she was medically discharged from Starfleet and the project was scrapped, having been deemed too dangerous to continue. The incident was found to be intentional but the perpetrators or their motives were never discovered since all the data was supposedly wiped. The investigation had turned up nothing and the case was closed.

She returned to the motherland after discharge, though she did not keep contact with her family. She was a completely different person now. Cold. Aggressive. Untrusting. She had been hardened and jaded by her incarceration and she had little care to show people what she had become. She spent a couple years of turmoil in Moscow, but before succumbing to a life crime Valentina decided to direct her destructiveness into more constructive and useful ways. She had already served more time than even the most despicable of criminals for no crime at all. She wasn't about to serve another day of hard time. Instead, after a thorough pysch evaluation, Valentina rejoined Starfleet as a Starfleet security officer. She was now somewhat safe from trouble and punishment (aside from a visit to the brig here and there), her anger and fury now used as a means to an end. She now serves not only to keep herself free and on the straight and narrow, but to find out who sabotaged the experiment that made her the way she now is no matter how difficult those tasks may be.
Medical History General Medical Record: Valentina is in very good physical health. It is suspected that physical problems could arise from her programmed imprisonment but without accurate readouts of what her body went through in those hours it is not certain what exactly her body went through. She also smokes, a habit picked up during her prison time, but she doesn't do so often as they are hard to come by and not part of replicator programming.

Psychological Record: -SEALED-
Service Record 2384: Starfleet Academy
2388: Ensign; Experimental Technologies Division
2389: The Incarceration
2389: Medically Discharged (General; Separation code: MDB; Reenlistment code: RE-3)
2389: Return to Earth (Moscow, Russia)
2391: Medically Reevaluated; Rejoins Starfleet enlisted ranks as a security officer
2391: Assignment to USS Galileo

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