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Petty Officer 3rd Class Raine Ni-ya

Name Raine Ni-ya

Position Science Officer

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cereijan
Age 32
Date of Birth Autumn Cycle (4th September) 2359
Place of Birth Rayetso Gestation Facility, Dereijan

Character Type

Category Secondary Character (PNPC)
PNPC Owner Aria Rice

Starfleet ID

Serial Number BE-244-0977
Rank Class Noncommissioned Officer
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Watch Team 2

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 132lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue (light blue with dark blue rings)
Physical Description Raine is of normal build, leaning towards almost stocky in comparison to taller and more athletic people. Like her people, her skin consists of pale, almost white, hexagon scales, with the exception to her lips and eyes, which are dark grey, almost black. She is bald, like her people, with greyish patterns where hair would be on a human. Her eyes are light blue, except an outer ring which is dark blue and some cross lines of dark blue from her pupil outwards. Due to the high sensitivity of her skin to physical stimuli, she wears gloves when on duty or amongst people. While hairless, her people still have eyelashes and hers are white unless she puts mascara on.
Body Art None
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Spouse None
Children None
Father None
Mother None
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None
Pets None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sarcastic and even cold to those around her, Raine comes off as a bit blunt. Despite this, those that come closer learn that she cares a lot about people and only want to do the right thing. She struggles a bit with finding her moral compass and following the rules of Starfleet to the letter. She finds herself reluctantly caring about the people she serves with and will, in her own way, offer advice…even if sometimes it is very blunt and not asked for.

She has a sense of humour, although a bit twisted and very sarcastic. She dislikes people wasting her time yet finds herself indulging people in it because she gets interaction out of it. She enjoys the comforts that Starfleet offers and what she considers luxuries, such as access to baths and the ability to replicate what you wish to wear off duty. Even so, she tends to go towards neutral colours the way her people have always worn their clothes.

She is a skilled scientist who struggles with knowing that what she did on her home planet was morally questionable. With that comes the need to atone for her actions, even if she keeps it hidden from everyone.
Strengths Raine is a highly intelligent individual with a good understanding of science and the capacity to learn. She applies logic and Starfleet regulations to what she does and will never really do anything on ‘a hunch’. If she ever says that, it means that she has some knowledge about it that she hasn’t spoken about.
Weaknesses Her background has made Raine somewhat social awkward and she will at times objectify people. She also struggles to think outside the box and will not do anything that would break a Starfleet guideline, simply because she is worried that if she crosses the line she will go a lot further into what is morally wrong. Her moral compass, so to speak, is somewhat broken and it is the guidelines that allows her to go on as a scientist. She will however do what she can to survive.
Ambitions Raine wants to atone for what she did on her home planet and sees the only thing she can do to reach that by serving Starfleet as a scientist.
Hobbies & Interests Raine has a love for music that has developed since she joined Starfleet. She doesn’t sing along though, having tried once and found that her species’ vocal cord range does not make for the prettiest music. She is also a painter, having picked up the hobby at the Academy. She finds it relaxing to have long baths as well, usually with music playing. She has developed an interest in martial arts, but rather than practicing it she likes to watch it.
Vernacular Raine’s voice is slightly deeper than an average human female and she speak Standard with a neutral accent that twists slightly towards American.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Standard, Cereijan.

Personal History Raine was born as part of batch Kappa-Beta-Zero-Six in 2359. She was placed in a group home where she would spend the first 12 years of her life. As a child she was curious, eager to learn new things. She had a love for colours and for storytelling, often the first to volunteer coming up with a new story to tell her peers. She was given the name Raine Kappa, her first name in honour of one of the old scholars from their now burned-out planet. Raine was close to those in her home, eager to please and full of joy. As is custom with her people, when she was 12 she was sent to an Academy to learn.

Based on her level of intelligence and, as happened so often, her infertility, she was assigned to become a Scientist. She was set to learn from the age of 12, studying hard and having to hit the goals set before her. She wanted to excel and as such put all childish things behind her, even her love for stories and colours. She poured her passion into science instead, specifically on the study of genetic structures in biology. That was however one of many duties she learned to cover.

When she was 20 she was assigned to the Birthing Facility, where the babies of her people were grown in labs. She was responsible for screening the cells as well as extracting DNA from those that did not mature right. She would then experiment on the cells, trying to find a way to change the chances of a fertile Cereijan to be born. The more she did it, the less she believed there was a way of separating it.

After a few years of it, as well as experimenting on those convicted of crimes in order to test the theories of her superiors, Raine came to the conclusion that the survival of her species could only be ensured by mixing their genetic materials with other species. That the Breeders needed to breed with humans, Klingons…anything else humanoid. That their own genetic material was now so incestuous it would not last many more generations. She found herself with a group of like-minded, who wanted it to end. They planned to sabotage the next Fertility Circle, to end the lives before they began to force the government to reach out for help.

The plans were never executed. A spy on the inside alerted the government. Rather than face certain death, Raine escaped with the help of her best friend, Naiera. Naiera had stolen a spacecraft and came to pick Raine up. In the firefight, Naiera was fatally wounded. Raine flew the shuttle into Federation space and claimed political asylum, which was granted. She took the surname Ni-ya, which meant ‘Years of Penance’.
Starfleet History After a year of interviews and trying to lobby for some intervention by the Federation, Raine finally had enough of sitting around ‘on my arse like an old woman’ and tried to join Starfleet. She passed the entrance exam and was accepted, although as an enlisted given her status. She accepted it, not really caring what she was as long as she could work and find a way of redeeming herself.

It became clear to her early on that her moral compass was compromised. She would answer in ways that other people wouldn’t. She learned to mimic the emotional responses of the humans around her, to fit in better. And she learned the Starfleet regulations, the moral codes. It was important for her to find a way to redeem herself for what she had done to her own species, following orders and done things she couldn’t even bring herself to speak of in the name of science. She was a monster. But she believed she could be redeemed.

She graduated in 2391 and her first posting was the USS Galileo. Suddenly in an environment filled with primarily humans, she saw the daily grind of sorting out things for the actual scientists gruelling and mind-numbing. It was recognised by Scarlet Blake, who challenged her to turn her mind onto areas of science she would not have accessed before. Even so, Raine tries to slot into the department seamlessly and occasionally even cracks a joke now.
Medical History To see complete biological background of species, see the wiki pages.

Like most of her species, Raine is infertile. As such, her hormone level is somewhat out of balance and she takes supplements. While able to eat solid food, her body can’t process it very well so she usually has her food in liquid form, either as soup or a shake.
Service Record 2389-2391 Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training
2391 Graduated
2391-2392 USS Galileo-A, Crewman, Scientist's Mate
2392-PRES USS Galileo-A, PO3, Science Officer

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