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Petty Officer 3rd Class John Hollenday

Name John Henry Hollenday

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27
Place of Birth Valdusta, Georgia

Character Type

Category Secondary Character (PNPC)
PNPC Owner Allyndra illm Warraquim

Starfleet ID

Serial Number OA-784-3050
Rank Class Noncommissioned Officer
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Watch Team 1

Physical Appearance

Height Just shy of 2 meters
Weight 102 kg
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Tall, heavy boned with muscles, strong chin


Father Jack
Mother Linda
Brother(s) Robert
Sister(s) Alicia

Personality & Traits

General Overview John has a good sense of humor. He pretty much can take a lot, and give it back but once he hits the fuse watch out. John learned to be quick with his hands and take a hit as growing up many made fun of his name. Before he signed up in Fleet he worked several several rough and tough kind of places.

Though he has a tough roughneck style look, underneath he is really mostly pussycat. Like his namesake he has both that tough talk, but has worked at trying to be that southern gentleman as well.
Strengths He is ready to work and has a good work ethic. His physical size has placed him mostly in jobs that require more heavy work.

He his forgiving for the most part and pretty kind and gentle in most of his interactions, preferring to just have a drink and talk over fighting.
Weaknesses While he has good control of his temper, when it gets the better of him, he can be a wild cat.

A lack of education means he mostly has done big labor jobs.
Ambitions Fleet has been something interesting and he has been secretly taking long distance learning classes to improve himself and work his way up a bit.
Hobbies & Interests American Wild West
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard

Personal History John did not come from a family with much money. He and his brother and sister grew up on a peanut farm in Georgia. The hard work but good home cooked food meant he grew big and strong quickly.

School was never a forte for John or his siblings, and what he did get he spent many a time after school getting into fights over being teased over his name. It was his name that started him though on his hobby and the one subject he found much interest in.

After the end of school he did not want to continue on the farm. He had started working at local garages and found fixing things to be more suited to his mind and hands. He soon became good at what he did.

A passing tourist took note of his work and offered him a job in working in mining ventures off planet. That was John's first taste of space and he loved it. The venue changed and he got to handle a lot equipment including ships.

He worked at that for several years before the company went bust and he found himself near flat broke back on Earth. Fleet had recruitment posters up and it seemed a good idea to a boy that could fix things and had the stars in his eyes to get back to space so he signed up.

Since his formal education was lacking but his technical and mechanical abilities were good, he was accepted into service. He attended the required basic courses and did alright on the theoretical exams but when it came to hands on, he got top marks by all the instructors.

For seven years he was assigned at dry dock work and he worked his way up from crewman to finally make petty officer. A chance came to move from the docks to an actual star ship so he put in his application.

Starfleet History After finishing Starfleet engineering John spent the next seven years working the docks at Starbase 25.

He then got assigned as an Engineer mate on a expedition to the Akkadian system. He met a pretty little Nekomi whom he has been trying to whoo.

After returning from that expedition he got assigned as prime engineer on the USS Schofield. It proved to be interesting keeping the old tub running. Upon returning from that he was assigned to the Galileo-A as an engineering mate.
Medical History A few broken bones but otherwise healthy as a horse.
Service Record Starbase 25 dry dock

Petty officer third class assigned to shuttle to explore the M class moon in the Akkadian system.

Prime engineer on the USS Schofield

Assigned as engineering mate on the Galileo-A

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